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– My son Emmanuel and I have … we have been in and out of homelessness for almost 3 years now. If it wasn’t for the project, I assure you, not only would he not have
had a birthday party … sorry. Not only is my son a great kid, but he’s smart enough to know, even in times of trouble or in the midst of a storm, there will always be sunshine, and I think that the
party showed him that. (lively pop music) – The Birthday Party Project
is a non-profit organization, and we bring joy to homeless children through the magic of birthdays. Not every child has a home, but every child has a birthday, and if we can bring joy to them on the one day that’s only theirs and we can provide a moment in time that allows them to feel
on top of the world, I think that is so important. (lively pop music) – That was the most amazing birthday party I ever had in my entire life. Balloons like rainbows, plus we had games. We had a dance battle and everything. I felt like I was a real king. – [Paige] I have always loved being part of people’s celebrations and watching people come alive
when it’s their special day. (lively pop music) – Share your birthday is
an idea that came to us from one of our birthday enthusiasts. This is where me, on my birthday, I have the opportunity to
share the birthday experience that I have with other people. – I share my birthday with all the homeless shelters because I just like to give, and I like to be thankful
for what I have already. – Just imagine the world
with a Birthday Party Project happening every single night
in cities across the country. I think it can happen. – A child can be in the midst of a lot of trouble, but if it’s just one person or one event that makes them feel like there is hope, it can change their world.

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