The Birthday

♪ music ♪ * SNAP * {Phone vibrating} Hello? Hey, Lori, sorry to
bother you at work… I just wanted to
make sure you’re not going to be too
late for the party… Dan, I wouldn’t miss our
son’s birthday for the world! Is James having
fun, at least? Yeah, he is… Everything’s okay. The only thing we’re waiting
on is the clown, though. Then the party can really
get started, hah hah hah. Really…,
Dan…? I still don’t know why
we’re even getting a clown? Have you ever seen, It ? No, but come on, who
doesn’t love clowns? Everybody. Everybody
hates clowns. Anyways, how are
things at the office? Oh, you know… busy… … being manager
means I’ve got a lot of bodies
to take care of … Even though I’ll be
late, don’t start singing ‘happy birthday’
without me, okay? Sure. I’ll leave
you to it, then. Just don’t kill anyone
to get here, okay? Yeah, yeah,
I’ll try… …bye. * GUN SHOTS * … If you’re looking for the boss… …he’s… that way. Thanks. [ Muffled speech ] …help? [ Urgent muffled speech ] { Ear rending ’squeaky’ noise } Who the hell are you? You really don’t recognize me? Mildly offended… Vlad… Got to be kidding me… I must say Larissa, I’m quite surprised you
fell for this little trap. It’s excellent that I
positioned my most cowardly and incompetent
guards, today. Did you really think you were
going to get away with it? Now, what to
do with you… You have been a thorn in my
side for quite some time. Killing all my associates and
business partners… I mean, I could kill you right
here, and right now. But that would be too easy,
wouldn’t it? ’sides, there is a very
important birthday party that’s in need
of a clown… … isn’t that right…? No, no! This is between you and
me, damn you, if you touch anyone of those kids I’ll
break your damn neck! Given your current situation,
I wouldn’t count on it. Rest assured, that despite your
not attending I will make your son’s birthday very
memorable in your stead. When my work is
done, kill her. ♪ music ♪ Hey, buddy, all the
kids are having fun why don’t you
go join them? Look… I know your Mom’s been
busy at work lately but she does
care about you. And she will be here… Okay? … she’s just probably just tied
up with work, right now. ♪ tense music ♪ * SNAP * ♪ ‘dopey’ music ♪ Hey, everyone, it’s finally
time for the main event! Are you guys excited
to see the clown? O-kay then… … Well, let’s get
things started! Wait! Hey kids! … sorry I’m late… I was busy getting
ready for the big show! Want to see
something cool? { meat-smacking noises /
intermittent grunting noises } * SNAP * [Children cheering] Hope you all had fun! But me and my
friend have to go, he’s dead tired after
the performance. [Children giggling
in background ] Mom, you won’t believe it! These two clowns did this whole
fight routine and it was awesome! Well, buddy that sounds great! I wish I was there to see it! I’m sorry I’ve been so
busy with work lately. It’s okay, I understand. Thanks, birthday boy! Now let’s get you some cake. ♪ music ♪

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