The Boar’s Head Dinner

Welcome to the orchestra that is Boar’s Head. This
is the 78th annual Boar’s Head Feast, and we have about 500 people coming to dinner tonight. Can you help me with this one? We make
it look really pretty in here, so we transform what is a bland dining
hall into a pretty spectacular place. You gotta have muscles to do this, you can’t be weak. We try
to take it back a couple hundred years or so. So this is a typical dining hall on campus and we’re
transforming it into a more medieval themed feast. The dining hall is open until 2 today so we
can only work with half the dining hall, and then at 2, the other half, we will start working on. This one looks… Pretty good. The dinner starts at 7, but obviously we started setting up
at 10, so it’s an all day process. Beautiful. Take ye your seats. The feast of the Boar
celebrates the escape of a young student, perhaps such as yourself, from the jaws of a menacing, terrifying boar. This is probably one of the longest standing traditions
on campus, aside from probably convocation, so it’s really one of those special things that
people keep on coming back for more. Whilst walking through the woods reading a volume of Aristotle’s philosophy, the young student encountered this wild, risk taking boar, a hungry pig. The boar charged, the student reacted, quickly thrusting the
volume of Aristotle down the boar’s throat. The boar immediately died of its dryness. It is a tradition and it’s something that a lot of students feel
that even if they’re not exactly sure what they’re coming to, a lot of students feel it’s something they
need to do before they graduate. I have my mugs from when I was a student attending the dinner. Senior year, my group actually received the boar,
so that was really special for me. Hark, I smell something foul. Part of the
dinner is the actual boar’s head. We have a roasted boar’s head with an apple stuck in his mouth. The idea of the passing of the boar’s head is
that one student organization recognizes another student organization. So it’s kind of a way of saying, “we think you’ve
done a really great job of contributing to campus, really contributing to the community of campus, and we
want to recognize you for that.” We are pleased to pass the boar’s head to the D’Lions organization. I’m just really happy. We are pleased to accept
the boar’s head. Even though I’m vegetarian. It’s really just a time for everybody to get
together at the beginning of the holiday season and have some fun with each other before finals start. A production of the University of Rochester. Please visit us
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