The ‘Burg & Beyond Episode 1 — Movies, Treats and Fun

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi there. My name is Helen Vu. I’m a student at
Bucknell University. Welcome to “The ‘Burg & Beyond,”
a video series highlighting places in your
campus that students like myself love to go to. Today, we’re going to
show you four places where you can relax, have fun and
enjoy great food and drinks. Let’s start close to
campus with the Campus Theatre in downtown Lewisburg. Just a few minutes
walk from campus. Its historic, single-screen art
deco theatre has been listed as one of the most beautiful
in the United States. There aren’t many like
it left in the country. It has stunning murals inside
that a Bucknell alum restored. You can come here to see
new releases, art films, documentaries and classics. Reserve a couch in advance
for the ultimate viewing experience. We’ve got a really friendly
staff who show great movies. We have incredible programming
that’s very diverse. There’s always something for
everyone at the Campus Theatre. Before or after a movie,
or whenever it’s warm out and you’d like
some ice cream, you can walk a few blocks
to the edge of town to the Lewisburg Freez. The Freez makes all of
its featured flavors, which change every Friday. It’s got an expensive
menu, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something
you’ll enjoy, from bubble gum soft serve, to a
chocolate vanilla twist, to a peanut butter cup
Sunday or a mango slushie. It’s a student favorite. If you’re over 21, head over
to Fero Vineyards & Winery, about three miles from campus. Fero offers tasting of its
award-winning dry and sweet wines made from
estate-grown grapes. They grow riesling, pinot gris,
pinot noir, and other flavors right here. Fero sometimes offers live
music inside or outside. You can go with your friends
and enjoy the beautiful views of countryside and
vineyards while you sip your favored variety. I learned about
winemaking back in college when I went abroad to Vienna,
and it became a hidden passion. And I went on to
have a lovely career, and decided to do
something else. So right in our little hometown,
planted a whole lot of vines, and are trying to make
world class wines right in Bucknell’s backyard. Finally, I want to tell you
about an awesome amusement park a little further from campus–
Knoebels Amusement Resort. It’s definitely worth the
half-hour drive from campus. It’s America’s largest free
admission amusement park. You buy tickets for whatever
rides you want to go on. Knoebels has a nostalgic
feel and great rides– six roller coasters,
a grand carousel built in 1913, a haunted
house and a flume ride that will drench you. The Travel Channel
rated it as number two on its list of top 10
family-friendly amusement parks. Knoebels has also won
awards for its food, which includes fresh cut fries, pizza,
pulled pork, cotton candy, funnel cake and even
alligator bites. If you’re there at
night, definitely go on the giant Ferris wheel to
see a great view of the rides all lit up. It’s an experience
you won’t forget. It’s always great seeing
college students at Knoebels. We are known for being
America’s largest free admission amusement park. There’s always something
fun here to do at Knoebels. I hope you enjoyed this small
glimpse of the many places near Bucknell
University’s campus in beautiful central
Pennsylvania. That’s it for this episode
of “The ‘Burg & Beyond.” See you soon.

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  1. The restaurants and cafes featured in this film are the WORST in Lewisburg. I've lived here 50 years and worked at Bucknell 35 years. This film is a great disappointment about a great little town.

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