The Campaign for SDSU Celebration

(Music) This day has been 10 years in coming, and tonight we celebrate. (Music) You are the heroes of The Campaign for San Diego State so please give yourselves a hand because you really deserve it. Remarkably students have raised over a $185,000 thousand dollars and as a result we recently awarded seven Aztec proud student scholarships. It’s because of this wide range of experiences that I’ve been able to learn so much here in my three years at SDSU. And each and every one of these projects has been greatly enhanced by The Campaign for SDSU, so thank you very much for the opportunity. We are excited to announce that we have raised $185 million for student scholarships. Athletics has inspired our entire Aztec family to believe we will win. We are Aztec Proud. San Diego State University’s ability to track superb thinkers, researchers and educators defines our future as a university committed to research. Weber Honors College has been fueled by donations in excess of $14 million and will provide opportunities for students to study abroad and for experimental learning. Don’t we have a beautiful campus? During the campaign we had a lot of structures that we named or rechristened to honor major donors, and they’ve become part of our university’s history and legacy. The Campaign for SDSU has changed the face of our campus forever. With your support, we have launched new programs new research and culminating in our most ambitious capital project, The Engineering and Interdisciplinary Science Complex. Thanks to you, our MFA and musical theater program has flourished into one of the top programs in the world. And while most universities measure their faculty and staff contributions in the thousands of dollars, we measure ours in the millions of dollars. The staff and faculty and the students have contributed over $80 million to this campaign. (Applause) We have one last bit of news to share. The final total of The Campaign for SDSU (Applause) (Music)

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