The Christmas Dinner Spinner | Jamie Oliver & Colin Furze

Whattup Food Tubers, it’s Christmas time and
we’ve done loads of turkey recipes, we’ve been basing them, brining them, roasting them
but now it’s time to think outside the box. And to help me do that is only the best inventor
on YouTube, yes everyone give it up for Colin! My channel, weird machines, contraptions,
world records. So you’re going to give Food Tubers something special today, you on your
channel have been developing not Christmas dinner but Xmas Spinner. Yeah. So how did
you come up with the Xmas Spinner? Well I kind of thought like Turkey is normally quite
a dry meat, tend to stay away from it so I’ve come up with this. Basically I’m thinking
if you spin it around, pump water into the center of it then through gravity water will
have to pass through the bird keeping it moist the whole time of cooking and cooking it in
it in the same place. And you’ve made this on your channel? Yeah. That’s alright that is! Don’t
take my word for it let’s go and see what Jamie Oliver thinks of it. This is a turkey,
Kelly Bronze, he’s done a special small one so it fits in your box. Slide this on, then
what are we going to do with these wings, shall we just chop them off? No we tie it
up darling. Lovely jubbly. We need to spin with flavour, spin with style. Rosemary and
thyme. My knowledge of cooking before this was very very minimal. What next? We need
to fill it up with water now. Why just circulate water when you can fragrance it, so I’m going
to think about it as any sort of good basic broth or stock, so we’re going to go lovely
root vegetables, carrots, you know if this cooks in a decent amount of time these will
be nicely cooked as well. Put some celery in there as well, half a garlic, oh that’s
a garlic? Thought it was a weird onion. Put this in here, okay. Let me just give you a
little, I’m not keen on lemon. I’ve got some nice chicken broth. I’m also going to add
a little cider, there you go. Then I’ll fill it up with some more water. Okay so, what
do we do now? Turn her on. That’s it right, that’s going to heat the water up, trumpet
of steam coming out, this is going to go a bit wrong. Once it gets going, there we are
boy. Look at that skin blowing up! That’s going to explode, alright. Cool! Alright.
Let’s close it down brother. You ready? Right, see you in a bit Mr Turkey. Let’s have it
a bit quicker than that, not that quick. What’s that noise? It’s probably the wings hitting
something inside. What now? We just wait! How long? About an hour. Jamie it’s suppose
to be like a Christmas thing and I don’t feel very Christmassy in your kitchen, it’s a little
bit too bright. A bit more like that! Okay so it’s a bit more Christmassy now. So first
up we’re going to make a lovely glaze for this turkey, got some whisky here. Going to
set fire to this and we’re going to pour that onto our cranberry sauce. The zest of some
clementine. Stir this and I reckon now is a good time to check our turkey. That’s had
about 35 minutes. There we go, look at it! This is the most bonkers cooking apparatus
that I have ever seen. So here she is guys. It’s not every day you see a small turkey
like this getting put next to a set of tools. This has had high velocity steam pumped from
the inside of the turkey straight through the bird. We’ve cooked it in an unconventional
way, it’s cooked very quickly. Really what we’re missing out on is that lovely caramelisation
that you get from a roasted bird. I do have a plan for that, bring it out this way. Outside?
Yea, outside. Sure? Yeah. Mate, that was an amazing way to rotisserie a turkey. Well I’m
trying to give you the whole Colin Furze experience. You were flaming, that’s flaming good. All
I’m going to do now is just glaze this bird, that boozy cranberry sauce. There we go look
at that, caramelisation machine. A glazed turbo cooked turkey. Yeah. It’s like butter.
It’s incredibly juicy. That’s good that is. I think there is actually something in the
next 10 years in this bit of technology. I really do. That really is a juicy turkey.
It is probably juicier than any turkey I’ve ever had, and I really mean that. Well that’s
a statement. So there you go guys, if you want to check out how Colin made this amazing
Xmas Spinner, there’s only 1 in the world. Go and check out his channel and subscribe, it’s a brilliant channel. And of course you can’t make this turkey, this technology doesn’t
exist yet, we’re like hundreds of years ahead of ourselves. But if you want my fail-safe
turkey recipe then click up in the i box and you can have that recipe and I’m talking you
through how to carve, how to prep, how to cook it, all the cooking times per kilo. That
was a successful event, I’m happy. Yeah you did good. It was juicy, it was lean, well
done mate.

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  1. cajin turkey sliced up nice thin at the local walmart god YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! and key board wariors chill trust me it really is top tear

  2. AIGH'T, give me the product, and take my money! Where do I sign up to get one of your machines?! I'm tired of my family making bone dry birds!

  3. Jamie: "Its missing the carmelization"
    Colin: "Oh dont worry, I just happen to have a giant flame thrower in my van."
    Jamie: "Do you always have this in your van?"
    Colin: "Gotta be prepared for the apocalypse"

  4. I need one of these. you could use it for more than just turkey, too. I bet you could do this with chicken, maybe fish…

  5. Apparently there is barely a hair's width between genius and madness. I think this one is perfectly balanced in between! You truly are a mad genius Colin!

  6. My moms favourite person meets my favourite person, interesting. They don't like each other, this is my relationship exactly.

  7. hope he trademarked that… i could see posh restaurants far and wide utilizing such posh cooking methods for delicate and juicy meats..

  8. OR< You could just do your turkey up in a SLOW-COOKER! Use the broth in it, it will take several hours of course, but WILL (I do this) come out very juicy….but perhaps not as much fun.

  9. Jamie whats going on? needing more publicity AY. Go on Colin you and your dad do great engineering… Its brilliant to watch!!!!

  10. That has to be so bland they didn’t season it at all they literally used water to season it 😂 they are playing into the stereo type well I love it 😂😂

  11. I would love to see what the camera crew was doing during this. were they doing nothing, in awe, or trying not to laugh at the sheer absurdity happening in the kitchen?

  12. Found my way here from Colin Furze channel. Love this colab! Didn't know "Food Tube" existed, Jamie Oliver is great! Subbed!

  13. Jamie points out the safety issues

    Me and (probably) Colins brain: That’s why you’ve got to wear a safety tie!

  14. Now scale it up slightly and make it so it doesn’t need a wrench to release what holds the turkey in place and you’re done!

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