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Friends! You must all know that on 25 December, the Lord Jesus Christ was born. This day is called Christmas Day and the whole of December is also known as Christ Month. The new year begins with this. The word Christmas is derived from the word Christ My or Christ. It is estimated that the first Christmas was celebrated in Rome in 326 AD. It is celebrated on 25 December all over the world to remember the birthday of Jesus Christ, the son of God. It is one of the most important festivals for the Christian community. According to a story related to the birth of Jesus God was born from the womb of a virgin girl named Mary. The angel sent by the Lord came to Mary and said “Jesus son of God is going to be born on this earth and God has chosen you for this work” After that this angel of God also went to Joseph and told him that you have to marry a woman named Mary who is going to give birth to the son of God, In this way, you have to protect the woman and her son as well. Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth,
Nazrat is in present-day Israel when Nazrat was in the Roman Empire The then Roman Emperor Agastya had announced the census, at which time Mary was pregnant. Everyone was required to go to Bethlehem and write their name. Therefore a large number of people had come to Bretchlehem. All the dharamshalas and public dwellings were completely filled with people. Joseph kept wandering from place to place for refuge. On the night of the birth of Jesus Christ, Joseph and Mary were going towards Breathlehem. As it was too late in the night, Joseph stayed in a stable, the same son of Jesus was born. This event is very important for Christians because they believed that Jesus was the son of God, so Christmas is a festival of joy and joy. Because on that day the son of God came to this earth for welfare, since then this day is celebrated as Christmas Day. Today Christmas festival means Santa Claus, Who come in red-white dress with long white beard and long hair and carry a Christmas bell in their hands with bags full of chocolates and gifts for children And then give children gifts and bless them to live life happily The children of Santa Claus wait for the whole year, while Santa is also called Christmas Father. Because the children are confident that their beloved Santa Uncle will come and give them chocolates and gifts at the holy festival of Christmas On the other hand, special programs are organized on this occasion in most schools. Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus Friends that’s all in this video Like the video and share it to your dear friends on WhatsApp Facebook If you are in a good mood then be sure to subscribe to the channel and also turn on the bell icon So that you get my new videos notifications THANKS FOR WATCHING

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