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HAPPY F***ING HOLIDAYS YOU FILTHY HUMANS. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to dress
Pasc in, so I just went with… Uh. Everything. So what do you think, Pasc? [Please kill me, is it so much to ask for,
I want to die, there is no suffering greater than this, please just let me die-] Today’s holiday episode was actually suggested
by a couple of people around this time last year when the first Christmas video was released. So a big thank you to Thomas The Dank Engine
dropping me this idea first. I’ve always wanted to say that name out
loud. Don’t worry, this vid’s gonna be a lot
more wholesome than last year’s pornographic snowmen video. Don’t take that out of context, it wasn’t
showing actual snowman porn, I’ve been a good girl, please don’t ban me, YouTube- I’m Vibi, and on this episode of A Space
Alien Explains, The Christmas Truce. Christmas 1914 on the Western Front. In the 4 years that World War I raged in Europe,
25 million people would be killed or wounded as a result of the fighting. But on the first Christmas after the start
of the war, something… strange happened. The first signs that some s*** was about to
go down came at around 8:30 PM on Christmas Eve, when an Irish officer reported: “Hey, so the Germans on the other side are
caroling loudly and yelling compliments at us. The hap is f***ening?” Somewhere else along the line, there was more
singing coming from the Germans, but this time the British were actually singing back. Scouts from both sides had a meeting in No
Man’s Land between the trenches, and they had agreed not to fire as long as no one was
fired at first. And in other random spots all along the front,
soldiers were somehow coming to the same understanding, despite the language barrier that existed
between them. It was hard to find German-speaking British
soldiers, but many Germans had worked in Britain before the war. Well, maybe except for that one guy on the
German side with a sign that said “You no shoot, We no shoot.” He almost had it. Accounts in other areas say that troops from
both sides had met to exchange gifts of food, buttons, hats, cigarettes, and alcohol. There was even a British soldier who claimed
he got a haircut from a German barber. The truth was, these spontaneous truces were
unofficial and illicit. Pope Benedict XV had begged the warring nations
to hold a ceasefire for the celebration of Christmas earlier that month, but his pleas
were basically ignored. A lot of higher officers didn’t want a truce
on Christmas because they believed it would kill their troops’ “fighting spirit.” So you mean to tell me that if everyone puts
their differences aside to just be bros for a while, we’ll be less inclined to fight
each other? Who the f*** would ever want to do that- In the future, they would take steps to make
sure random unofficial truces like this wouldn’t happen ever again. But you know what Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
BI- Now, the big thing to come from the whole
Christmas Truce legend were football games- Or soccer for you Americans-
That allegedly took place in No Man’s Land. Yes, I SAID GAMES.. It wasn’t just one small isolated incident. Several groups of people who probably weren’t
even in direct communication with each other all just decided- “Let’s play football. F*** IT. Invite the other guys too. I wanna get weird in here.” There was a match played between the British
and Germans, which the Germans won 3-2, or so they claimed. One of the most detailed accounts of these
games comes from the German side. Story goes that the 133rd Royal Saxon Regiment
played against Scottish troops. Lieutenant Johannes Niemann recalled in an
interview: “Us Germans really roared when a gust of
wind revealed that the Scots wore no drawers under their kilts—and hooted and whistled
every time they caught an impudent glimpse of one posterior belonging to one of “yesterday’s
enemies.” But after an hour’s play, when our Commanding
Officer heard about it, he sent an order that we must put a stop to it. A little later we drifted back to our trenches
and the fraternization ended.” Too much information regarding the kilt thing,
Johannes, but whatever floats your boat. Germans also won that match 3-2, despite the
kilt distraction. But a sergeant in the Argyll and Sutherland
Highlanders reported that the Scots won their match 4-1. Cannot say if they were wearing kilts. The Royal Field Artillery played a game with
a German team near Ypres, which ended in a draw. Soccer matches and gift exchanges were not
all that went on during the truce. For some other places, the temporary peace
was used as time to collect and bury the dead, or to make repairs to the trenches which were
really not in hot shape to begin with. Fighting erupted again the next day, but in
some sectors, it was held off until New Years. In other areas, there was no truce held on
Christmas at all, and fighting just continued. There would be no truce again until the armistice
of November 1918. It’s likely that the majority of the men
who celebrated the 1914 Christmas Truce didn’t survive to see the end of the war. But for those who did make it, it was one
hell of a Christmas never to be forgotten. Because of the oddity and uniqueness of the
Christmas Truce, people tend to see more of the romantic significance of the event rather
than the political. It’s been the inspiration behind songs,
movies, tv shows, and stage productions. Cause y’know, Christmas is a magical time
of year, and when s*** like this happens you gotta milk the magical teat of Christmas dry. So, Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you enjoy your holidays, and I’ll see
you again after the New Year. [Can I please get out of this stupid outfit
now?] I put you in it. I’ll decide when you get out of it. [Kill me.] Hi everyone, thank you so much for watching
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  1. I was sick for part of the audio recording, so if I sound weird at any point, thatโ€™s probably why.

    Happy Holidays, my lovelies~ โค๏ธ

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    The day that alien enemies became friends on Christmas

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    seriously tho love the vids happy alien #whateverthefuckyoucelebratebecauseeveryoneissosensitive

  5. Troops: Plays games with the enemy and ignores petty nationalist and tribalistic differences
    High Command: "We can't have them interacting! Cease this at once and resume the killing!"

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    (Teleports) Codnex: Sure buddy, let me help you out of there.

    (All if it comes off)

    Pasc: Wait how did you get here?


  8. Imagine if something like this happened during the 2nd world war

    German soldier: merry Christmas
    American soldier: I'm Jewish
    German soldier: oh, ok. writes down which soldier to kill the next day

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    Also thanks for featuring my fan-art this is probably the best Christmas present ever (or probably the best thing that has ever happened to me)

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