The Clone Wars | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts

For three years,
the Clone Wars raged across almost the whole galaxy. On land, Republic clone troopers
and their wise Jedi generals fought Separatist battle droids. In space,
swarms of starfighters
squared off and massive warships
traded turbolaser blasts. The Republic went to war
with the Separatists because they were from planets
whose leaders wanted to leave the Republic, threatening the stability
of the galaxy. The Separatists
were led by former Jedi
turned Sith Lord, Count Dooku, and the cyborg warrior,
General Grievous. The Jedi led
the Republic’s military effort
during the Clone Wars, and two of its greatest heroes
were Obi-Wan Kenobi
and Anakin Skywalker. Anakin would train
his own Padawan learner,
Ahsoka Tano. But the Jedi didn’t know
that the Republic’s leader,
Palpatine, was controlling the Separatists,
all to create
a war so devastating, people would
give up their freedom
in return for security. And though Palpatine
used the Clone Wars to turn the Republic
into the evil Empire, the Clone Wars still produced
many great heroes. Which hero of the Clone Wars
is your favorite?

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  1. Oh sure, completely gloss over one of the most important parts of the Clone Wars: Darth Maul's return and reign of the criminal underworld and Mandalore. He created a faction large enough to engage both the Republic and CIS forces towards the latter half of the war. His plans even challenged Sidious, according to But yeah, just ignore how big of a threat he was and how big of a role he played during the Clone Wars.

  2. Isn't it easier to make a full-fledged animated film? if you collect everything you did, you’ll get a third of the film …. It seems to me that the neural network can help with this in order to draw storyboards …. Who would mind seeing the Star Wars from these guys, becoming like under this comment.

  3. Wooow, just droppin that Palpy spoiler? This is for kids, and they don't always know that part. Even the animated shows never go there, because they don't want it to be spoiled for the kids. Super cool.

  4. Because I'm part of the most pivotal moment in the history of the Republic. If we fail then our children and their children could be forced to live under an evil I can't well imagine.-Captain Rex

    Leave a like if you want more clone wars videos!

  5. Please animate more Clone Wars era scenes. I want to see the Battle of Umbara or other eps about the clone troopers. It'll be nice to see them with this animation

  6. Disney/Lucasfilm: "I wonder what other Star Wars content we should make aside from the sequels."
    Literally everyone: CLONE WARS CLONE WARS! CLONE WARS! CLONE WARS! (taken from the first episode of Lego Star Wars Droid tales)

  7. The few seconds in which Ahsoka was mentioned were the happiest anything in this series has ever made me. I hope there will be a video dedicated to her too!

  8. What edit program did you use for that video? Because it looks fascinating, and the slides… Mmm perfect.

  9. Commander cody and genreal grievous are my top two favorite characters in star wars. Could you guys make a grievous short?

  10. Amputations!
    THAT'S what the new trilogy is lacking!

    Severed limbs.

    Someone should lose at least one appendage per movie.

    Especially the main characters! When there is so much lightsaber action going on everywhere, arms, hands, no extremity is safe in the original and prequel trilogy.

    Star Wars just feels incomplete without a good, healthy amount of body parts getting chopped off lol it's a huge mistake to deprive the fans of such a FUNDAMENTAL element of Star Wars!

    And, they only have one film left to make up for it! Fingers CROSSED, people! 😂

  11. Pls do a general Grievous fight against a Jedi team, like the one in 2003 clone wars series. I would love to see it in your animation.

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