The Color of Marriage – Marriage Intensive Interview 2018

And that’s the same thing with a marriage intensive. That’s why it works. We help you to get back to the person that you want to be, we help you to get back to the marriage that you once had, or the
marriage that you want to have, and most importantly, I am I always going to say
this: It’s going to help you to get back to the marriage that God wants you
to have. It helps you to get to the root of the problem, helps you to resolve
what’s going on, so that you can leave out saying, “I have definitely been
replenished.” I was praying and asking God for a name
for the blog, and one day while riding home from work,
the Lord spoke in my heart and said, “The color of..” and I’m like, “The color of what?!”
The color of blue? The color of orange? And so He came in and um kind of helped me to
understand it: “The Color of Marriage”, and as soon as I got that like, “Wow that’s it!
That’s totally it.” He came home with The Color of Marriage, I was like, “That sounds great, I mean people will really see, you know, that all marriages are
different, they’re unique, they blend…I mean colors do all of those things, and some
are vibrant and some are duller than others, but The Color of Marriage I think
that that was a great concept. Really what The Color of Marriage is really all
about, it’s about us lining up the things that we do in our marriage with what God
has to say about marriage. Some people may not be aware what a
marriage intensive really is, but I believe every marriage that comes to
see us, every client, they should do a marriage intensive first. With a
marriage intensive, you have three to four hours where you’re there and you’re
able to share your heart your spouse is able to share their heart, we’re able
to give you some great feedback and we’re able to come up with a plan as to
how you can move forward. So when you’re able to come to a marriage intensive,
you’re able to capture the things that’s going on and you marriage in a good amount of time. Now, the first thing that people think of when they say okay three hours,
five hours, or even two days of intensive, “What are we really going to do?”
What we’re really going to do is help you to transform your marriage from
where it is today, to where you want it to be tomorrow. So, marriage intensive
first and foremost, are for couples who are at a critical point in their
marriage, where it’s very delicate, very fragile and they really need to get
to the heart of what’s going on in their marriage. Most men decline counseling because they feel that they don’t want someone telling them what to
do, or how to do it, but it’s really not us getting into your business, it’s us
helping you to get your marriage where you want it to be, but most importantly is where
we help you to get your marriage to where God wants it to be. We’re asking
questions where a person can’t retreat you know and they can go ahead and get
everything out, and that is one of the things that we find you know, we are getting
right to to the edge where the person is finally ready to say something, and then, oh!
the session is over if you’re in a regular session, but when you’re in an
intensive, you go all the way through. You get so many more tools that
you can take home that will help you to sustain yourself to the next session
that’s in two weeks. You’re not only getting one person that’s knowledgeable
of the Word, that can speak to you, you’re getting two, and we’re not just us
speaking to you out of theory, we’re speaking to you out of our own
experience that we have to live every day. A great marriage is not a marriage
where you have no troubles, but a great marriage is where you are able to resolve
the conflicts and challenges of your marriage without giving up. I agree. And it’s not just giving up, it’s when you do have problems, because the Word says that in this life we will
have trials and tribulations, okay, so it’s the fact that when you have
those difficulties, you don’t stay mad at each other long, you know, where we
sometimes we used to take days for us to communicate with each other because we
had such difficulties in our marriage, but now we both go, we have difficulty, we
both go in prayer, immediately. We go, he’ll go to his corner of the
bedroom, I go to my corner of bathroom or wherever, and I’m like, “Lord, what’s
going on?” and God speaks to us and so where we’ll see okay now I see his point
because the Lord has shown me. And that’s the whole thing: it’s about teaching
couples how to go to God with everything like the Word says, with everything you’re
supposed to go to God in prayer. I know you feel like you haven’t been heard. I know that you feel like maybe God hasn’t even been hearing or even answering your
prayers I know you feel maybe embarrassed
about the situation, about even considering this, but at the same time,
know that God has been hearing you, that God, He knows all about the trouble and the
situation He knows about the disagreements, He knows about the crying, the tears in the midnight, and He loves you, He cares for you. Even though
may not think that God knows where you are at, you may not even feel that God hears you
right now, but that’s only because your feelings and emotions are all in the way
right now. You’re like a roller coaster: you’re up, you’re down, you don’t know
which way to go, and so God truly wants to help you. He truly wants to help you to work through the situation that you’re going
through right now. So, all you need to do is reach out and give Him your heart,
give Him your hand, and allow Him to walk you through this crucial point in your
marriage. God doesn’t want your marriage to end in divorce, and neither do you.
You just don’t know what to do at this particular moment, but God knows exactly
what you need to do. So, you need to just go ahead and and click the link that’s
below this video, schedule your free consultation, so that we can dig a little
bit deeper, find out what’s going on with you two, and then schedule the intensive that
you are in so much need of at this particular point in your marriage. We’d like to
invite you to go ahead and schedule your free consultation with us. You can either
go to our website at, or you can pick up the phone and dial . 678-218-9955. Let’s explore and see what a Marriage Intensive can do for you and your marriage. Hey, I’m Joe. And I’m Rhonda. And we’re with The Color of Marriage!

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