The Crazy Path of Nintendo Switch! – 3 Year Anniversary, My Top 5 Games & More!

What’s up everyone
OJ here and welcome back to another video and this one’s really special
because this is the official third anniversary of the Nintendo switch the
system came out on March 3rd 2017 we are now March 3rd 2020 so three years on the
market I can remember the first time that I went to go pick up my switch I
remember everything I was working at a company and I was actually in Los
Angeles and I had to drive all the way back so I can pick up my system that day
cuz it was a Friday not to drive all the way back so I can pick it up and Best
Buy completely screwed up how things work people who didn’t have pre-orders
and lined up actually got their systems before people who had pre-orders like
myself so I just remember it being kind of frustrating but at the same time I
was very excited to get the system and play it and it was magical from the
first time that I ever even opened up the system and I started playing legends
on the brother the wild I was hooked I thought that this system was just going
to be phenomenal I knew it was gonna bring so many more elements to the table
that we haven’t seen before with the HD Rumble and the portable nature and on
the TV there was just so much great stuff that the system did so with this
three year anniversary what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a look at some of
the amazing paths like just the warpath the destruction of amazing sales and
things that the Nintendo switch has done that’s just incredible and it’s
three-year span it’s broken so many records for Nintendo systems whether
it’s portable or home console Nintendo I just kind of crushed a lot of stuff up
there so we’re gonna talk about that and it’s into my top 5 games for the
Nintendo switch so I’ll be going over my top five all-time favorite games
currently on the Nintendo switch so let’s go ahead and start off with some
stats here guys so here are the big numbers for the Nintendo switch so in
three years 52 million consoles sold so far that’s actually right behind the NES
that system has I think like 60 to 61 million so 52 it’s gonna pass up the NES
which had already pass up the Super Nintendo the n64 the Gamecube so many
Nintendo systems obvious we you and everything like that so
pretty good there with 52 million in just about three years three hundred and
ten plus million games shipped that is absolutely crazy there are so many games
on the system people are just buying games like crazy whether they’re little
indie shop games or they’re bigger games out there or they’re third party games
first party games are selling like crazy on the Nintendo switch which has caused
some craziness on the eShop in terms of how its structured and everything but
games are still selling so that’s definitely a good thing
now here’s another really cool stat at least five exclusives have sold over 16
million units and that might be a record and its own right I’m not sure if any
other Nintendo system has done that well in terms of exclusive selling that much
with the install base that it has that is a crazy type of thing that really
only Nintendo can do right when it comes to exclusives five exclusives selling
over 16 million units each that is absolutely crazy that is absolutely
crazy to see exclusives do that well with the install base that the system
has not if it’s like the DS install base or the PlayStation install base or the
ps4 install base deck okay but the fact that it’s only at 52 million systems
Plus that is crazy to see that people are buying a lot of exclusive stuff on
the Nintendo switch so that’s great to see – now here’s some other stats for
you guys that’s actually pretty crazy kind of building off of the whole 16
million for five different exclusives things we’re gonna go over the top 10
best selling games on the Nintendo switching you guys can let me know how
you guys like these games are not so starting at the bottom here is Luigi’s
Mansion three with a five point three seven million news from Mario Bros new
deluxe with five point eight five million Super Mario Party with nine
point one two million splatoon two with nine point one eight million Pokemon
let’s go Pikachu and let’s go Eevee with eleven point seven six million at number
five is Pokemon sword and shield with sixteen point zero six million at number
four is the legend installer breath of the wild with sixteen point three four
million at number three is super mario odyssey with sixteen point five nine
million at number two is Super Smash Brothers ultimate at seventeen point six
eight million and at number one is Mario Kart 8 deluxe at twenty two point nine
six million now one thing to note here guys this is physical sales and also
digital sales and these numbers are as of January 30th the end of
January 30th so it doesn’t include February and going into March Aires so
these numbers are all obviously higher than what they’re here but those are the
last reported numbers from Nintendo’s financial reports so crazy stuff there
right and even games like fire and blew three houses that game is over 2.5
million units yes stuff like my old tennis aces that’s over two million arms
it’s over two million Nintendo has a ton of million sellers games like astral
chain and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 those games are over 1 million so there
are just a slew of multi-million selling games and it just goes to show you what
a turnaround at the Nintendo switch was from what they did with the Wii U and in
some respects the Nintendo 3ds as well in terms of content and how they’re
delivering on there now don’t get me wrong the Nintendo switch definitely has
some areas that it can prove obviously the features Department stuff like
themes and folders and voice chat that stuff could all be improved and maybe
they’ll improve it maybe they won’t I’m not really sure at this point it’s been
three years and we haven’t gotten too many good improvements in terms of some
of the feature sets but there has been some sort of thing to add it in and the
Super Nintendo games and all that stuff that they’re adding those ones are
starting to build up a little bit more maybe the pace will pick up in a bit
here we’ll have to wait and see but overall the Nintendo switch is a great
system and it’s my favorite Nintendo system of all time it really is because
it has like the Holy Trinity of games for me it has Xenoblade right and that’s
actually over I think 1.7 million and at the include torna that’s definitely over
2 million so that Xenoblade has Super Smash Brothers
it has fire emblem those are games are just so good Legend of Zelda better the
Wow but let’s go ahead and get into my top 5 Nintendo switch games of all time
as of right now as of March 3rd 2020 Animal Crossing is coming up so that
couldn’t be added in but I’m not so sure about that so let’s go ahead and start
at the bottom here or not even really at the bottom I don’t even want to do an
ordered list here guys I don’t want to do an ordered list then you all have a
top 10 all-time Nintendo switch games for you that’s actually ordered but I’m
just gonna go to ramble off 5 of my favorite games on the Nintendo switch
I’m gonna start off with astral chain this is an action game that’s exclusive
to Nintendo switch from Platinum Games and it’s just amazing the action in
there is just so good I love the different Legion switching I
the depth within the combat I love the story I love the aesthetics everything
about actual changes whose’s style and grace and that classic PlatinumGames
combat that just gives you more depth and more depth as you keep playing and
unlocking and leveling up so it’s fantastic game makes you go out there
and pick a faster change already over 1 million units and definitely counting
more people are picking up at that game so the next game on the list here is
Fire Emblem three houses this is easily one of my favorite Nintendo switch games
and what is there to say about this game that hasn’t been said already or at
least I haven’t talked about from my new subs here by over three houses is the
epitome of great strategy RPG design it does so many things well in terms of
combat in terms of what you can pick how you can choose your comrades how you
recruit what you do to build up your people what you do to fight it’s just a
great smooth interactive fun game that’s going to build a I would say an
emotional bond between you and the students that you like with the story
which is a grand story so much content in there for your $60 you get so much 80
hours plus of gameplay there’s multiple paths Fire Emblem 3 houses is the real
deal it’s going to be if not already the best-selling fireman game of all time
and it’s just one of those games that’s just an instant classic for me the next
game up for me is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 torn of the
golden country I’m actually combining those as pretty much one game since
their stories are linked and there’s a lot of flashbacks and stuff like that to
me torn up plays the best right out of those two but torn is so much shorter
whereas Xenoblade is the base game so I’m just kind of putting those two games
together and it’s just phenomenal I mean there are some issues with some of the
core crystals and stuff like that but once you get a hang of the combat and
you start fighting and especially in turn of the building country where they
add in the vanguard and all the new stuff there it’s just a blast to play
through it’s a ton of fun and it shows you why monolith soft is one of the best
RPG makers of all time it really does have a great story great combat great
gameplay and it just keeps you going it just keeps you going with all the
different stuff that you can do in the game and there’s so much content in that
you can literally thousand hours plus in those caves it’s
crazy there’s just so much stuff to do so great game once again and I love the
aesthetics and visuals too I love the anime athletics and the cutscenes are
great too the story just kind of intertwined and I love the ending of the
game not gonna spoil anything but the ending was great the story just ramped
up and it hit those nodes man so really enjoying it and I can’t wait to see what
model of soft does next but for my next game I’m gonna talk about Super Smash
Brothers ultimate this is the greatest fighting game of all time to me this is
the greatest roster crossover of all time this is the greatest collaboration
of all time Super Smash Brothers ultimate has pretty much shattered every
single fighting game record that you can think of when it comes to things it’s
shattering viewing records it’s shattering crossovers in terms of
the biggest crossovers and different franchises that you can do whether it’s
amiibo outfits or costumes and just actual new characters being announced
the fighters pass the combat is really good in the game the mechanics what
they’ve done they changed up so much stuff to where yes it looks like smash
but there’s so much stuff in there for the in-depth gamer to play through and
have a lot of fun if adding a ton of new modes in the game and it’s just one of
those games that you can just continuously go back to over and over
and over and play and play and play and at one point dude I played the game so
much I actually had the self-imposed me stopping playing the game I have like
self-imposed me to stop playing the game because I wasn’t getting work done
that’s how much I was playing the game because I wasn’t getting my work done
because I was playing Smash Brothers and the other day I was playing so much that
I actually got a hand cramp like I got a hand cramp that’s never happened to be
in other games but I was playing so much I got a hand cramp I have to really pace
myself with this game otherwise I would just play it all day it’s one of the
most addictive games that I’ve ever played in my life so I have to just kind
of say okay oh just like calm down you know like yeah forget work done – you
can’t be sitting there playing Super Smash Brothers ultimate all day but it’s
that good the amount of different guest characters they’ve added in the
mechanics changes it’s just so so good there’s really nothing like it on any
other system it really is one-of-a-kind and that’s why it’s one of my favorite
games of all time and the last game here is the game that started it all it’s the
game that really got people to buy the switch and that is
the Legend of Zelda breath of the wild this game is amazing it is the most
innovative game in my opinion for this generation so far it is fantastic all
the stuff that you can do with the physics the sheikah slate that stuff’s
just amazing it’s a real open-world game it’s not just open-world just because
open-world is the trend it’s an open-world game that actually lets you
or forces you to use the open world you can use the environment to your
advantage you can use the environment to hide you can use the environment to get
across places you can chop down a tree you can cut grass you can catch fish you
can go across rivers it’s not just there just to be there and that’s what I love
about breath of the world it truly is an open air as they say our open-world game
you can climb up mountains you can scale different places you can soar across the
sky you can do all sorts of weird stuff within the physics it really signifies
to me a change in my thought process when it comes to open-world games
because before then open-world was just like okay yeah it’s cool but I mean you
really just see a bunch of stuff see people do whatever grab the bottle you
just shoot them whatever the case is it’s not really anything much more to it
but breath of the wild changed my opinion in terms of what an open-world
game could be and the potential and everything just kind of sits right there
with that game to me games that don’t have that level of interactivity to me
it’s just hard for me to go back to them when it comes to open-world games so
breath of the wild completely changed my eyes when it comes to that so what are
you guys’s top 5 games on the Nintendo switch what are your favourite memories
of the system what are you playing on your Nintendo
switch right now let me know your 3 year memories of the Nintendo switch in the
comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here check up
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