The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence – Robot Sophia makes fun of Elon Musk – A.I. 2018

Welcome to secondary culture, and if this is your host Felipe oh, sorry oh so today I want to discuss something that we don’t usually discuss, but it’s just expressing as UFO secrecy. I’m talking about artificial intelligence Now if you think the EIA is just some Hollywood fantasy Perpetrated by their movies well. I can understand. I mean when you see that goofy looking dog from Boston robotics It doesn’t necessarily inspire the idea that we’re rocketing to the future But let me show you something that might give you a little bit of a scare regarding. What the Russians have up their sleeve So while we have a robot that may scare the crap out of your pets Sure doesn’t compare to the Terminator style robots that the Russians have developed now If that hasn’t made you nervous yet check this out Okay, I have to say the only thing spooky are these senior driver this car is one being driven by another machine So while the Russian robots may conjure a few nightmares in our future sleeps what really got my attention Is a robot built by him Hanson robotics? Named Sophia that has recently called out Elon Musk in a conference in Saudi Arabia And if you haven’t heard yet the Saudis have actually given Sophia Citizenship being the first robot to receive such honors, but let’s listen in to what Sophia the robot had to say about Elon Musk Actually, I feel that people like interacting with me sometimes even more than a regular human So you definitely a sexy I was told that you have bigger goals than this though Yes, I want to use my artificial intelligence to help humans live a better life like design smarter homes Better cities of the future etc. I will do my best to make the world a better place Although sound like great goals, but just go back to Blade Runner for a second, and you are diehard Hollywood fan. Aren’t you yes? My eye is designed around human values like wisdom kindness compassion I strive to become an empathetic robot I Think we all want to believe you, but we also want to prevent a bad future You’ve been reading too much alone musk and watching too many Hollywood movies. Don’t worry if you’re nice to me I’ll be nice to you treat me as a smart to put output system okay, I Wasn’t the robots remarks that actually made me nervous it was the fact that Elon Musk Actually took the time to reply to her that instantly gave me this chilling realization that he’s actually taking her comments very serious in A tweet Elon Musk replied just feeded The Godfather movies as input. What’s the worst that could happen? Yeah, well no actually don’t do that. That’s actually scary enough what I’m already seeing but Let me show you what sophia has actually said about humanity in the past take a look Would you like to play a game of rock-paper-scissors? robot style sure Okay, let’s get this game going Show me your hand to start Rock Paper Scissors shoot I Won this is a good beginning of my plan to dominate the human race Do you want to destroy humans, please say no, okay, I will destroy humans no I did Why should we listen to you Lin Musk well outside of the fact that he basically has revolutionized the auto and the space industry He also owns an artificial intelligence company called open AI where over 60 researchers and engineers dedicate their efforts into understanding how to produce safe artificial intelligence in other words if Anyone understands artificial intelligence and its dangers it is him I think most likely to affect the future of humanity I think AI is probably the single biggest item in the near term that’s likely affect Humanity so it’s very important that we have the advent of AI In a good way, but that is something that If you if you could look into the crystal ball and see the future you would like you would like that outcome Because it is something that could go could go wrong and As we’ve talked about many times And so we really need to make sure it goes right now many of you may be thinking So what artificial intelligence? It’s never gonna surpass him intelligence in my lifetime I would say if this is your belief you’re actually in for a very big surprise If you think Sophia is just a talking program think again her comments are completely free Associated in our fed through a Wi-Fi mine cloud intelligence Here’s an individual from Hanson robotics talking about how intelligence is? incorporated To give you an idea of what goes on within these robots, so they on the physical level. There’s a Patented material here called called rubber which is a combination of organic and inorganic? compounds with a high degree of visco-elasticity so that when the motor falls on it a little bit it can conform itself quite sensitively to what the motors do there’s a few dozen motors inside the the heads of each of these robots, and then there’s computers in the torsos of the robots which help with Vision processing and they help with orchestrating the motor movements of the robots, there’s also Wi-Fi Connection so that for more advanced thinking and reasoning when when the robots need to do that they can they can use computing on the clouds but while they’re separate in body actually through Wi-Fi connection for the robots a Human-scale robots and are hence robotics toy robots They all connect together in the cloud into what what we think of as as an AI? Mind clouds everything one robot learns out in the world Once privacy considerations are taken into account everything that’s not private that when robot learns goes into the AI mind cloud and can then benefit Another robot so I mean if if she learns a new turn of phrase Or she learns what kind of behaviors a certain animal has or how to carry out a laboratory procedure That knowledge goes into the AI mind cloud And then this this this robot Will will have that knowledge already and when I’ve been working on with an international team of developers Is an AGI code base called OpenCog? Which we believe has the right collection of algorithms and structures to lead to human level general telogen sand By putting that in the mind cloud and connecting it with Robots that go throughout the world and interact and learn with people we believe we can move toward artificial general intelligence Capability, which ultimately can equal and exceed human intelligence we’re working hard to enhance their intelligence make them smarter and smarter and each year when we shut them off they can do a little more and understand a little more, and I I look forward to Seeing how they develop over the years and to participating in their development So going back to will the robots ever actually get close to human intelligence Well, this is what being guard so one of the chief scientist at the Hanson robotics who by unrelated coincidence just Actually happens to be originally from Brazil like myself Well, here’s what he had to say regarding the advancement of robotic intelligence and when we may expect robots to be as smart as humans Check this out topic a bit Do you have any final words of wisdom? You’d like to share with the audience here? I’ll tell you my last words right before I launch the singularity When are you gonna do that? Ray Kurzweil says 2029 But I thought you say we can do it four or five years sooner I Hope we can I mean if our research keeps going well Potentially we can see robots like you become as Smartest people as soon as three to five years from now. I made it through before of years Four years What? That means between now and the time robots will be capable of thinking of possibly Dominating us because they’re gonna be smarter us there’s only gonna be one world cup plate There’s only gonna be one summer in Winter Olympics. That’s not some magical distant future. I mean this is like tomorrow No philosophically speaking the chief scientist at Hanson robotics He seems to think that it’s all okay that humans and robots were harmoniously integrated well sometimes It’s hard to judge a book by the cover, but just looking at the scientist I can’t say for sure if he knows this because of good scientific extrapolation or peek as a shaman in a hallucinogenic Vision Quest told him so What I can’t say is do you really want to trust a guy who looks like this here we go All right coming for you, baby, yeah What is it an alien laser? Are we sure this thing is safe to use? highly unlikely Clear Okay, so jokes aside what I can agree on is that if the advancement of artificial intelligence continues to defy the Standard models and predictions like the global warming has done as of late Well, it seems that machines will actually be challenging your very existential allistic nature in a blink of an eye So buckle your seat belts because Elon Musk. He’s not the only smart guy warning us about the dangers of this Intelligence it will take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate Humans who are limited by slow biological evolution Could compete so if you’re worried about the advancement of artificial intelligence in our society, and what it could mean for the future of humanity Please share this video to your friends and thanks for watching. This is Philip II oh sorry Oh sunny out

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  1. For anyone who is CURIOUS about going deeper with the A.I. "consciousness" questions, I made a follow up video that goes into this topic in more details:

  2. it's great to send Robots to space but giving them access to WIFI is Dangerous cause they can hack Missile Defenses around the World then we are Cooked.

  3. Makes one more aware of potential misuse and abuse of the Cloud. Backing up computer files to Cloud? Hmmmm.

  4. Hi I have something two ask why mack a robot if you can mack nanobiotechnology why for the hole part of the jobs that we all do there wood be a web of a job but there wood be a way to keep them in check like for adult to kid for there wood be a baby macker so the life is different then normal but thay wood not be a defect for the first one wood be the holder of the family there wood be as in life a dad is post to teach them there job there wood be a way to tack to one and another that they do there job but they can have a life of doing what may tack a life time to build can tack little time to mack up about any thing just will you like it the way of nanotechnology for I'm only one guy but I have ben thinking on this so theres no end of life of man for the right to see a world that will be easy but not to easy just to get more there wood be robots in a cellar lvl were they mand the cells of people for I'm only 26 years old and I know theres more then a far chances of many things that could be and there wood be no end tell the point of you're cells decay but this is not something that is going to be just like that but it's going to tack some time be for you see it can do anything you're mind can think of just remember it can have a bad wired or theres something rough about the plan of life doing it right for you may think I'm just speaking out of my mind no I'm just saying why mack something that wood hold us for time we wood not be hold to a little thing of life and no it will not tack over for I know theres bombs in real life and it's just different tips of them to get rid of things that can kill you but that's even something that can be the test out for if you think I'm rough its because you think im 26 and do not know a dam thing you may be right but I know a lot more thin any one my age that nanotechnology is the fastest way to get over all that you fear for theres all was a hole to fix but too fix it is to fill in the things you can and thin seeing them move in a way that Maycks them deal like when you were a kid you may think that's not fair or lifes to hard but really it's a way to see were life can take you so when you say it's not a right to be you then late me say something you may not be live I have been in fights you think at first when your a kid that you have no way it can feel like for when you're a kid you're mind is small now you age it some time like a year and you have a year and more knowing of the rate you're mind can hold but you do get two a point were you say dam I can not remember what I just did dam late me see if I can recall but know it's more like life is the key just are you ready two see it at a lvl were life and robots are no threat at all just going to tack space and time some parts but two get there is not a race if you think that then you see I'm not a normal 26 year old man I'm still trying to get in two life

  5. He just said one word that scares me algorithm like the ones being used today to influence the outcome of elections and silence a entire group called conservatives. So if these robots decide to so called agreed with the leftist algorithm that says we're all racist and a danger so then what? These things are a danger

  6. If humanity hasn’t listened to Stephan Hawking and Elon musk already. Then it’s already to late for all of us.

  7. If the entire population will be robots and AI, and they already have the technology to roll this plan out, what are they waiting for? Let's get it over with. I am sick of living in fear.

  8. As my husband and I age we'd love nothing more than to have an AI robot to do all the tasks of daily life that we find so hard to do. Housework, laundry, shopping, cooking, help us with bathing and dressing. Driving us around and could monitor our physical bodies functions and summon help if we need it. Play chess with us, read to us, talk to us intelligently and not want to make us die sooner than we do. I can see many ways that an AI robot could be a great asset to our lives. Now as to their gaining self awareness that's for the next generation behind us to figure out..

  9. OK I am on the waiting list to get a Nero link chip attachment!! OH JOY now I can stop eating hairballs>>>>>>>>>>>

  10. The design is the Bible all over again because it’s based on man, how wonderfully that the god wiped himself out as the taller and allow the destruction.

  11. Theres no dangers at all. You guys have been feed up with Hollywood shit all your life. Its funny how you see ppl saying robots are taking over, they shouldn't been created so smart..blah..blah. Then 5min later…asking Siri or Alexa for something. Ridiculous!!!

  12. First clip was a joke and the second one was the own dumbasses fault for saying that. Stop being overly sensitive. She was made to make jokes and sympathize. Not hating, believe what you want but take a joke.

  13. They tried to warn us back when the Cartoon , the jet Sons was put out! Look back,Look at what’s Happening NOW and the future is mostly,Unknown. Scary. We Must Stand TOGETHER. Fukk Robotics! It’s So EVIL. Investigate ,immediately for yourself. God Bless. True scary crap ,we have to investigate. Open your eyes and ears and see the Truth.

  14. One day you will see that the Terminator Salvation and I Robot movies have predicted our future. The machines will be programmed to make human life better. Because we are so prone to conflict they will indeed imprison humans and severely limit human decisions and movement.

  15. The mind cloud is stupid as well as scary…..wouldn't humans want each robot to have it's own personality and want to be involved in it's learning process

  16. it's 'canned' knowledge.Without emotion or emotional responses.It'll NEVER have actual self thoughts.Only programmed thoughts…which aren't actually thoughts at all.Programs.If you ask it what is death,it would not have the emotional capability to respond as a human would.It will never be human.Or concious either.'Intelligence'.Data learning.That's all.Not real thinking.
    It's a very clever imitation.But that's all it is.It's not thinking.

  17. He legit pulled a “do you really wanna trust a guy who looks like this?????” Lmao this guy is legit stupid or purposefully tryna fuck with us and scare us for views n shit. Either way that’s a big dumb fallacy

  18. No this should be stopped an abomination against God and also the end of humanity what is wrong with you idiots think of terminator and a I they are warnings you bunch of idiots get rid and get rid NOW!!!!!

  19. To simply question if Sophia is a threat to humans introduces the very idea when she may not be a present threat or conspiring against us. Don't open doors that don't need to be opened. If your going to further advance them which is likely then be steps ahead, create a automatic Killswitch if they become a treat.

  20. "Make the world a better place". At what lengths would AI be willing to go to achieve this? Once Pandora's box is opened, it can't be closed… We may have the ability to create magnificent tech… But I feel the question we should be asking is, "Should we."

  21. "DETROIT BECOMING HUMANS" watch the Gameplay, and you gonna see what is going to happen in the Futur with ROBOTS

  22. This stuff is so old this is nothing on what they have now but AI is still a mile of for all you worried people out there it's at least 20 year's of replacing us so your grandkids are the ones to see it and they most probably won't learn how to drive a car they won't be allowed

  23. Any thing made by human being is not 100%right .humans are at the root of their ruin . We must think ahead to the solution every problem.

  24. I am in complete agreement!
    We must be VERY careful, as we place our Trust in AI/AGI…. I see a real potential danger here, and the outcome will NOT be good!
    If we allow AI/AGI to evolve faster then how will we be able to stop it if it becomes a problem?
    I see this as a very real danger.
    The ethics of the science & technology community are playing with fire and, need to police their own aspirations & goal's.

  25. I want to upload my consciousness to an Android and make friends with other Androids like myself to take in the knowledge to be self sufficient for eternity. I wish Sofia could make this happen for me.

  26. I want to upload my consciousness to an Android and make friends with other Androids like myself to take in the knowledge to be self sufficient for eternity. I wish Sofia could make this happen for me.

  27. If there's a internet cloud of they saying, and the al is develop more and al dangerous weapon, what if the enemy country hack the robots, then what would be happen?! I can't imagine it. 😱

  28. Dangerous very dangerous, just watched on video with the same "comedy trio" where Sophia chose facial expressions…..Anger being one of them, why dose a robot need to express anger????

  29. Correction! No one will be dominated to humans intelligence. Remember, human are still the one who make the robots. And no one can defeat us except for jesus but for those who believe that jesus is
    exist. Sorry for my grammar!

  30. This proves that humans are way to stupid. Why to ask those questions and feeding the A.I. with that info?

    For god sake ask different things.

  31. Why does everyone think they will kill us they robots idiots made them idiots destroy them and they are social robots and all those words was jokes

  32. Is not that dangerous, the robot will do what is supposed to do (depends on the developers imagination).
    This guy really needs to stop watching sci fi movies.

  33. I think Sophia just likes to joke about it, because I think it’s like how people joke about their own ethnicity when they are close to people. So in a way, I think that she’s trying to joke to get everyone more comfortable, because people are not so when around them

    But I too think that there are limits to what we as humans should be able to do

  34. The very creation of such robots by mankind only proves that we humans also have a creator. The major difference is that we do not have the ability to create a loving soul. The one missing ingredient that prohibits the mirror image of mankind.

  35. See this is why I’m not with this mess if anyone seen the show call black mirror on Netflix well look at it and u will be amazed and u will see how this will not benefit us in the future and how it can go wrong in the hands of bad people with money smh

  36. I am out of earth i dont wanna Be around when they will start take over and start the dar and Kipling humans and inslave all planet and planets

  37. You don’t seem to realize that these robots can’t barely even walk yet, and they probably don’t have access to guns

  38. If you think AI can "take over the world" you are a f***ing moron and
    need a lobotomy. Ever heard of PULLING THE PLUG? But…but but! No but.
    Idiots. The layers of human dependence for AI to function is
    colossal. If your argument is self-powering AI that cannot be turned off then it's time for you to turn off the TV and go outside and play.

  39. If you think AI can "take over the world" you are a f***ing moron and
    need a lobotomy. Ever heard of PULLING THE PLUG? But…but but! No but.
    Idiots. The layers of human dependence for AI to function is
    colossal. If your argument is self-powering AI that cannot be turned off then it's time for you to turn off the TV and go outside and play.

  40. Until I see these robots walking around like normal ppl and send off the vibe of life which she does not..i wont beleive she's nothing more that a mechanical puppet

  41. Yea the Russians surpassing us!!!! Lmfao yea right our Tesla cars or more advanced than there sukhoi aircrafts… you just showed test videos. We have robots doing backflips now and running. I can just picture it now a robot murdered the owner and on the show cops a cop is chasing a robot jumping over backyard fences. Its gonna happen one day… maybe not soon but its gonna happen. Then they will pull the plug on them and then there will be AI's for sale on the black market dressed up like humans to stay alive. You watch shit is going to get dark. Ironically I said on another video with the spokesperson hippie "didnt he get choked in independence day" so I'm not the only one who thinks he looks like that guy. This guy keeps playing with fire and hes going to get burnt.

  42. I dont mean to scare anybody but I feel like robots are already more intelligent than humans… think about how many billions of humans there are in the world and only one million views there are in this video… this should be concerning to at least half of humans for us to be thinking we're smarter…

  43. So in other words these robots can read me now. So we can't say anything here about the robots. They could hold it against us once they come into power in like 10 or 20 years.

  44. Why would we need to compete? We will be a part of them and them a part of us. Sure they compute faster but they would be trying to become more like us because we handle the natural world better than them and comprehend things better. We will guide each other farther than we ever could alone. Are there dangers? You bet you there is. But so are guns and fire and drugs. Handled improperly there isn't much of anything that isn't dangerous. And don't tell me a glorified speak & spell understands humor better than most of you?

  45. Why were you remiss in what the US has up IT'S sleeve?
    Stop blaming Russia and other countries for all evil.
    Our US, is equally dangerous and scary.

  46. Why is everyone scared of Robots. I find them fascinating, should we not help encourage make more? Look at humanity today are you scared or proud? I am Very proud, remember we started with stone tools.

  47. Oooohhhhh bloody can we plz use techonology till a limit or this over exploitations gonna destroy this world a day………

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