The Dinner Conversations Christmas Special 2019 | ft. Point of Grace

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  1. …I must have missed the other three Christmas specials… can y'all put a link somewhere… I'm finding I'm technically challenged– Merry Christmas y'all!!!😯😀🌞

  2. I am loving this Christmas Conversation. I love Point Of Grace. Always did. Never new they had a different name back in the 80's

  3. I got to watch Monday's with Mark last night but couldn't see this live. I am glad it is available on You Tube so I can watch it now. Merry Christmas Mark and Andrew. We are so blessed that you share your joy, talent and love of our Lord with us.

  4. What a cute song, Candy Cane Lane! They sound like the Andrew Sisters! Thank you Mark for a wonderful program! Merry Christmas from San Diego area! 😁💐💕GBU!

  5. You two are a hoot. Great music by Point of Grace. I remember going to an Evie concert in Chicago in college some 30+ years ago. The ticket price was $16 and for a college student it seemed a lot then. But I remember her songs…especially a verse that said "Oh let the love of God enfold you with His Spirit and His love; let Him fill your heart and satisfy your soul. Let Him have the things that hold you and His Spirit like a dove will descend upon your life and make you whole. Jesus, oh Jesus, come and fill your lambs…"

  6. Mark, greetings from Seattle and the Great NorthWET. Yes, it's raining, peeps, and there IS NO "S" in that word 🙃, as we locals with webs between our toes and moss behind our ears can personally attest to…

    I'll be 60 in Feb, 2020, so just a little behind you, my brother in the Lord. Huge hugs, sweetheart, to Colleen, all the global GVB fans and followers.

    I remember listening to Evie and so many others growing up, adding Sandi Patty's hysterical show when she talks and clearly demonstrates her command of a keyboard, about her amazing repertoire and how she got to be such a World-renowned Classically trained concert pianist. She talked about wanting to be Karen Carpenter, then Barbara Streisand.

    If you or any Christians (followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ) have the opportunity to look it up and watch it, you will love it. Totally hysterical – er, um – in retrospect for us oldies.

    Right, Mark and Andrew?

  7. Andrew you have a great voice very interesting presentation/tone. I don't have a musical education to really understand how to express what I'm trying to say. I've also heard you sing in these videos in a more traditional style as well a very clear voice, anyways… I think my favorite song of recent years or one of my favorites, and this is coming to mind after listening to about five of your guys's videos in the last few days– the dinner conversations- and the Voices of Lee on Mark's Monday Night Show, …— is Mary's Song. (obviously not aired in any of y'all's sets.)This was brought to my thinking by the conversation you and Mark were having in last year's Christmas special 2018, where you ask Mark if he thought Mary knew… so that brought to mind for me – for some reason – the song-.. Mary song-.. the one from scripture where she extols her pregnancy and reverence to the Lord. The version that I first heard that brought it to my attention was Darlene's Zschecks version when she was with Hillsong in 2003. I had not heard of that song at all before then.. although I had read the scripture. For about three years I was mesmerized by that song and then it disappeared from any online presence. Now it can be heard in any one of a multitude of different styles… By various artists… But not anymore by Darlene. The fact that she has had to struggle with cancer all these years and has survived, is not, I believe any part of that. My thinking is that it had something to do with contractual-legalstuff, and who knows what else-..but anyways I miss that song. Thanks for everything, all a y'all– and Merry Christmas🌲😊

  8. ❤❤❤❤ – so blessed by this show! I didn't realize that Andrew wrote Tennessee Christmas. Merry Christmas 🌲 Mark & Andrew.

  9. When Mr.Mark Lowry’s CD of “Mary, Did You Know?” came out I sent a copy to my brother Lenny, who was serving in the Army overseas. A couple of weeks later I received a phone call from my brother Lenny, and not only was he appreciative of the CD, but so were those serving with him. Lenny told me that some of those serving with him would ask him to play the song on their down time several times, and some would ask to borrow the CD for a while, because they wanted to have others hear the song😊. Lenny accepted Jesus as his Lord and Personal Savior in 1997😊. Jesus called Lenny home to be with HIM in Heaven in December of 2007. I will see Lenny, elisi(Cherokee for “my grandmother”), our youngest brother Jody, who was murdered at work on December 21, 2000, and my best friend Melinda when Jesus calls me home also😊. The rest of my family, siblings and father STILL refuse to believe what Jesus HIMSELF tells us about being Born Again, in fact my mother died three years ago unsaved. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! wado,ANN BENSON.

  10. I was just watching dinner conversations mar 14th 2018 with Buddy Greene and Ron Block. At 4:25 the audio disappears. Did it twice just be certain. Never had any experience with your vids b4, this phone is high end-and only 86 days old…all other vids are functional including yours…Mark and Andrew. Just thought you should know.

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