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Did you speak to Dad? Shit! Sorry, Avani Rahul! Only when we have a wedding date can we begin the rest of the arrangements. Listen… We have so much to do, how can you take it so lightly? Listen, I forgot because I was mad busy with those creatives for that noodle brand. I’ll talk to him today. Definitely. We’ll see that. Hi. How are you? What’s up? Hi. This is for you. You guys took so long! I know. The traffic was insane. You guys made us wait so long, even my single malt turned double. Let me switch that off. Here it is. Thank you. Thank you, love. Hey, isn’t he the same fellow? Aren’t you reading this guy’s book? Are you? Yeah, yeah. It’s the same book. Uhh… very interesting actually, a woman finding love outside marriage. Finding love outside the marriage or lust? Whoa. Strong words there, baby. By the way Rahul, what’ll you have? Whiskey. See, what I am trying to say is finding true love, emotional connect and all are just alibis. Infidelity by any other name is still infidelity. Well said, Shakespeare! Glad she’s not a judge in a court of law. She’d end up pronouncing the judgment even without a hearing. But, no, I mean seriously, what’s wrong in it? Really Barkha? Yeah, I mean she’s said something, I am just asking her opinion. What’s wrong in it? Tell me? I feel marriage means commitment. Fidelity. Those seven vows we take, those vows mean something. Don’t tell me, you actually believe in those ancient outdated vows? Of course. Rahul, we are getting married really soon. You better start believing in them as well. See, some priest just mumbles “Mangalam Mangalam” in Sanskrit and then you chant “swaha swaha” and add random ingredients to the fire. I mean it’s just a ritual. Don’t think of it as sacred. I just don’t understand. He has no value for anything. I just don’t understand! Hey, one minute. Lets say some one is dissatisfied in their marriage, then what should they do? Dude, they should search for satisfaction within their marriage, not outside of it. I totally second that. But what if they try, but still remain dissatisfied, then what do they do? Guys, America found Osama, I am sure if we search hard enough we can find “satisfaction”!! That’s really funny. I mean, we have multiple needs right? How fair is it to expect that your one poor partner will fulfill all your needs? In fact, I feel, the more the expectations, the greater the disappointment. Exactly. Actually post marriage there are lots of needs that remain unfulfilled. Like what? For starters – sex? Well, I don’t think, we’ll have a problem there. Cheers to that! Interesting. But, sex is not everything. There are more important things in life. Sumit, you must be the first man to say that. See, after marriage, sex dies a slow death by the hands of monotony. Obviously. That’s because sex works on the law of diminishing marginal utility. What? What do you mean? Economics? First year?!! Yeah? Two years into marriage and there’s no distinction between Sibling Day and Valentines Day. Eww, disgusting! That’s so regressive. Sounds like a line out of a TV soap. I think there are ways to spice up things. Like? Role-play. Fantasy. BDSM. She’s currently reading Fifty Shades Of Grey. But still, it’s like an old wine in a new bottle. I am talking about ordering a new wine. Your new wine is called “cheating”. No, it’s not. It is. It’s not. If you do it openly, with complete honesty, then it’s not, is it? It’s not cheating. You mean open marriages? For lack of a better term – yeah. So imagine your marriage to be a beautiful house. But you always keep all your doors and windows closed. You’ll obviously feel stifled right? I am just saying open a window. Let some fresh air come in. That’s all. If you feel stifled, then why get married at all? Buddy, because marriage has many advantages. Like what? Like security, companionship… But there are some disadvantages too. Like? Like no freedom. So, what I am saying is, actually what the author is trying to say is, that if you change the way you look at marriage then you can enjoy the best of both worlds. I think I am incapable of being in an open marriage. I am one of those people that get possessive even about the neighbour’s dog. Rahul is still a person. Thank you very much. I am sorry, I didn’t mean it that way, but, without monogamy there can be no marriage. Without Freedom there can be no marriage. See you. See you, man. Bye. Rahul, our thoughts about marriage are distinctly different. I was thinking the same. I think… We shouldn’t get married. You agree with me right?

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  1. What the fuck is wrong with this author…i mean can u even provoke people to cheat …u are an influential author many people read him wrong msg you are giving to the society…breaking realtions ..and trying to break others families tooo..chutiya…

  2. Without marriage is like a relationship between whore and it's customer. Yes this relation moves for few months or 2 ya 5 years and then eventually breakup.. Marriage is mandatory to live altogether through journey of life…

  3. If you know that you are not going to be satisfied with your marriage and you already have a notion that at one point of time you will start searching for someone else, it'll be best not to get married.

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  5. Mtlb shadi kro.
    .. Or kisi or k sath bhi… Relationship m rho….or use cheating mat bolo… Wah yrrrr….😕😕😕😕😕😕😕

  6. Marriage has lots of pains and no joy…is it true ,spoke by Elizabeth….in Pride & prejudice…?
    It's true marriage has some privileges and some Boredoms that any couple must have undergone..

    While married made union of two souls,gives licence to walk or roam around with your partner,do sex , permission to produce legal child, speak of your liking and disliking in life,enjoying every moment with partner,again,there you will not find any freedom after marriage ,you can't stay night without permission,you can't roam single in abroad without your partner,u can't chat with your opposite sex for long duration…you can't come and go at your own favour …so is not it true ?

  7. He was not serious in relationship with his girlfriend for the marriage. It was just a game for him .
    He wanted to flirt and believed in infidelity for him monogamy word didn't exist.
    Thank god they did not get married. Good both dumped each other.
    The girl was serious in relationship and marriage and knew the meaning of marriage.

  8. sorry but do you really expect me to believe that a couple in love, about to get married doesn't know what the other person feels about getting married?

  9. Although the idea of open marriage sounds interesting ,like why would a man deny such opportunity , but the truth is most men don't support it because by the time a guy somehow managed to find a girl outside marriage ,her wife might have been banged by 10 already , because no matter what we say it is much easier for women to find partners than men ,this also brings problem because of ego issues , a guy will not be able to handle. Although open marriage sounds all cool and fun ,it is better not to promote it. Divorce the guy if he is not able to fulfil your needs. Or if you still want to pursue an open marriage ,set him up with a girl😁.Atleast decide on some ground rules. In conclusion open marriages are much more complicated

  10. There are boundaries in life that everyone should respect. If we tend to give into all our urges there will be pandemonium. Discipline in life is a must. Discipline in thoughts, discipline in actions.

  11. Yaar bahaot Normaly moments haoti h Aapks Direction me jo bahaot hi Bahetaring lagta h i like Direction &All Team -Nice sir

  12. What's the meaning of marriage if u can't be loyal with your life partner.i think there is an emotional connect between two partners living together.. it's just ridiculous to cheat like dat

  13. One relationship at a time helps, unless one can control one's feelings, multiple commitments very rarely work out.

  14. You can't challenge the basic root of marriage. By making such videos and spreading it public, everyone would found cheating is ethical.

  15. Betichod ko mna karo pandit ke bare me ese wese na bole samjha warna betichod tere channel me itna report karenge ki tu bhul jayega YouTube bolke bhi kuch hota hai

  16. Actually going against root beliefs or being with unconventional life style is very much an 'EDUCATED' type feelings most younger generation are upto.
    Marriage is a very crucial decision of life, its always better that ideologically the parteners be the same, may the opinion differs at times and in order to lead a happy married life but not a circus.
    Equations of marriage dont go right always but if one expects to find a 'REAL LOVE' after few years of having a child or two, does not it place the meaning of 'LOVE' under trial ??

  17. Human Desires have no ends
    What's the guarantee that extra marital affair give you pleasure for whole life because after some time time u feel boared from that also
    "Everyone wants Rights but no one wants responsibility"
    And their the problem originated
    If someone takes responsibility with whole heartedly, Rights follows you

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  19. Its just a bulshit. By reading a book, if you reach on conclusion which is just a single man thoughts. Like after watching a movie you start thinking some times killing innocent people should be acceptable. Nd this story written by one person. Then how could it possible, things will goes in right direction.

  20. I mean. Thousands of time scientist proven. that things which is follows by illiterate people in hindu religion its damn scientific. Ho sakta he ki jo manyata he Hinduism me shadi ko lekar wo small picture me aapko galat lagti ho. Lekin jo dharm science, psychology me proven he or upper hand rakhta he wo itne important scenario me gakat kese ho sakta he. Matlab ho hi nahi sakta ya ho sakta he ye science dekh legi lekin, one big family concept jo sadiyo se chala aa raha he or sare gore jealous hoke indian family ko dekhte rehte he. Wahi hame leaving relationship me rehna he. Maa baap k sath nahi rehna he. Iski wajh hi yehi he ki hame western shit bhi unique dikhti he. Or waha ki books yani fir to uske samne Hinduism to bakwas hi he hena. Yehi hota he jab aapko apki hi history naa padha k dusro ki history ko badha chada k bataya jata he.

  21. Awesome.. I support monogamy why cheat your partner.. You can always get married again if things are not working.. Open marriage is bullshit why get married? #ultramodernization #crap

  22. Why even gwt married buy someone to spent time with and yes buy new hot chicks everytime sometime bigger ass or boobs or sometimes a perfect balance, sometime german or italian or russian .

  23. The heavy importance dat dis generation gives to short-term pleasures z why we (dis current generation) end up in such problems…!!….Sex, z just like 2-mins maggi,good for instant gratification,no doubt….but obsession with instant gratification,leads an individual along a path which may completely screw up his/her long term goals,or even plans…..!!….also itz a trait in most successful ppl z dat dey trade short-term sensory titillation for long-term satisfaction…..

  24. Public is inspired by these kind of short movies. And then we blame to society. Wha wha……..

    I don't understand, Why there is a need to make such kind of movies ..

  25. This was boring and I hate reading it they speak English why did they not just talk in English the whole time

  26. Isint it that hard to comprehend….please guys get out of terminology like open marriage, security, monogamy etc….we enter into a relation bcos WE like it…rather I like it…I like being with him/her, I like his/her thought process etc etc….& so since the initial stages are so blissful… both compromise in something here & there early in the courtship not to loose each other…after few months.. years for some…one can't continue the acting of compromise…the wall cracks….& the ME or I traits or wants reappear…. overpowering the blissfull love feeling….!! & It leads to misunderstanding leading to break up….guys guys….in today's scenario if you think you can change a person with love …forget it….we all are selfish & there is no harm in it…. society has made the word selfish to be derogatory….first accept what you want from life …accept your personality traits….& Then act accordingly & be transparent to oneself & to your partner right from the beginning…it's best to part ways in the beginning rather than after getting involved…you want open marriage..go for want monogamy..go for it…thank god…both the parties realised & accepted the fact what they wanted & stuck to it & parted ways… guys please true to yourself ..before gei into a relation…btw..yae Gyan 4 peg vodka Kae baad Nikla hai….cheers if you agreed…yo

  27. Watch 2 or 3 episodes of paternity court, you will then get to know the outcomes of enjoying both worlds😂

  28. If you're reading it then plz read it till the end.
    Ofcourse we should go for Open Marriage but our partner should know about it and he or she should also be allowed to do the same which we are going to do. As Food, sex is also our body's need. Do we eat food just for keeping us alive? No naa.. Now a days people are health conscious because no one is forcing them that you won't get this or that to eat. On another hand why a poor man doesn't think of being healthy, it's Quite simple! circumstances are not allowing him to eat whatever he wants to eat so he's fighting for the food. In both the situation people are getting pretty same kind of food, but one is happy with that food another one is sad. Why so? A person who is having freedom will reach to the another level earlier.
    If we wanna see what's above the Sex then we should have full freedom for the sex, without any guilt. Then in no time, sex will become very small thing for us. By doing this I think love and respect for our partner will last for ever. Freedom is the only thing which we all want.

  29. There is a difference between being educated and being a person with IQ , these dumbtards are the perfect example of educated people with zero iq. What makes us a man of virtue? If we become so selfish that we see only our likes and dislikes and give Into temptation in the name of freedom and all then i feel its the lowest of the low one can go. Maybe wana be modern people can go to any limit to prove themselves to be modern … good luck thank god there are still sensible people in the comment section. Good bless humanity. Getting evil day by day.

  30. I will go with the girl's way …. There is nothing that we can't do and marriage is a commitment in which we Devote ourself to someone.

    What freedom she meant with ?? Isn't living life on term is the only definitive of freedom but i don't think this definition will cross the meaning of Marriage, how can you feel suffocated in marriage when you Devote yourself to someone.

    What is need of human being ?? Isn't food, cloth & shelter the basic need of human being ?? People are making Everything complex only

  31. Itni hi freedom Chahiye to who is asking u to get married, people like this deserve to live single all their life, the author of the book is like he is seconding the bakeas story of Kabhi alvida na kahana

  32. Sahi h though aur thinking aalag h do logo ki to sadi nahi karni chahiye. Warna aage chalkar bahut problem hoti h

  33. Marriage is more than sex. Responsibility commitment , LOVE, Also important we hv same thoughts beliefs directions.

  34. Where do you stop d freedom of expression? When do you stop bit of breeze from open window? We hv wife swapping now as limits of freedom extended…. Indians ready??

  35. Xactly underatanding is the base of. Relation…our thoughts…should be same upto 70%..other 30%can be manged

  36. Sorry the video was not only waste for me but through the concept writter has probably stirred up the insane thought of having sex outside marrige in the minds of most of the devoted happy couples , is this cunning mindset you want to encourage .

  37. I am a muslim but once I listen about krishen and meera and I was sooo soo much impressed by the story but now I am seeing in the new world lust is given a name of right😶

  38. If you look up to an open marriage,then it's just better to not get married then there will be as much "azaadi" as you want…marriage means commitment..a promise to not leave the person

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