The Dish | Celebrating 100,000 Participants and New Program Features!

So, hi everybody, it’s Eric. I am back. I did take an unintended vacation
from doing these video updates, but I promise to do
better going forward. And certainly I needed to get back on
the video to celebrate a huge milestone. Over 100,000 participants have joined somewhere in the process of joining
the All of Us Research Program and over 50,000 of those have finished
the entire Version 1 Protocol. Now, you may think that’s a long way
until we get to a million people, but that is a huge milestone
to do so quickly. Many people who work on
big projects like this are like, “You’ve done this in record time.” And the great news is, over 75%
of the people who have joined really come from groups who are
underrepresented in biomedical research. This is our goal and one of the
differentiating aspects of our program. Let’s make sure that we’re focusing
on a diversity of people. So thumbs up on that. We’ve been really busy. I’m going to use it as an excuse because
I haven’t done my video updates, to say we’ve been increasing
the number of clinic sites so there’s 75 new clinic sites
that we’ve been brought online since the national launch on May 6th. There’s two new surveys: one on
health care access and utilization so your history of have you had
access to doctors or not, as well as family history just like
your doctors trying to understand what kind of health conditions has
your greater family been through. And that’s really important
data for the researchers. There’s another survey coming soon
on just your personal health history. And then there’s a cool little feature
that we’re going to add in that will allow you after
you’ve done your surveys to go back and look and say, “Hey, let me see how other people like
me have answered this question.” So it’ll just be kind of fun
to give you some insights on what’s going on with all of your
peers who have also joined in the All of Us Research Program. And then lastly, we’re working on two
pilots and I’ll do video blog updates on both of these as we’re closer to time: one around wearables with Fit Bit
and one around genomics and the return of genomics
information to our participants. So that’s it for now. I promise to do better in terms
of my regular updates and I will see you soon.

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