The Empathy Challenge 🎂 BIRTHDAY SURPRISE | Barbie Vlogs

Alright. You guys have been asking
for it. Ken: And finally. Barbie & Ken: The Baby Food
Challenge! Ken: It’s gonna be my rules,
okay. Barbie: Yeah, okay. Ken: So you have to keep your
eyes closed for each bite. Barbie: My eyes closed? Okay… Should I trust you? Ken: And also we need to switch
seats okay. Barbie: What? Ken: Just trust me. Barbie: This is all very
strange, Ken. Ken: You’re going to be eating
baby food. It’s very strange. Come on, come on. Barbie: You are way too excited. Are you up to something? Ken: First thing… Barbie: Cause you were gonna
do it, right? Ken: No no no no…you’re gonna
be the one who’s eating. Barbie: No no no… Ken: I don’t think I need to
taste any of these. Nice try though. Barbie: Thanks. Barbie: Eww gross, it’s slimy. It’s it’s like okra, or… Ken: Wait… Barbie: Or eggplant or
something. Ken: This is going to be
a tough one for you, cause that was bananas.
That’s a very easy one. Barbie: Banana?
That’s not bananas. Ken: You eat bananas every day. Barbie: Banana okra maybe. (Laughs) Ken: Now this… I think you’ll be able to get
this one if you just… Barbie: Okay, my eyes are
closed, I’m ready. Ken: I’m sorry. I couldn’t
find your mouth. Barbie: (Laughs)
Couldn’t find my mouth? Barbie: Um carrots, easy. Ken: Easy. Carrots are easy. Ok, number three. Close your eyes, close your
eyes please. Barbie: Ok, Ok. Ken: And can you just… Barbie: Are you there? Ken: Taking a bite now, sorry. Barbie: Oh, it’s kinda rubbery. Tofu.
Do you give tofu to babies? Ken: Hardboiled eggs, but just
the white parts. Barbie: Oh. Oh, that’s so nice, you know
I only like the white parts. Ken: You’re never gonna guess
this one, I promise. Barbie: Alright. Ken: Okay, this is a very
special… Barbie: OK. Ken: …bite of food. Barbie: I’m ready. Ken: Okay.
Barbie: Yeah. Ken: Okay, open up
Barbie: Okay. Ken: Good. Barbie: (Mmm) This is my favorite are you
kidding, Red Velvet Cake! Ken: No, no… Barbie… It’s Birthday Cake. (Laughs) Barbie: What! All: Happy Birthday, Barbie! (Laughs) Barbie: Oh, you guys! Stacie: Make way for… Chelsea: Blow out your candles! Barbie: That’s so sweet. Okay!
(Blows) Stacie: Whatcha wish for? Barbie: That’s so great. Skipper: What do you want for
your Birthday? Barbie: You know I’ve been
thinking about it a lot. And this is what I want for
my Birthday. I would like to start
The Empathy Challenge. Challenge each other to do an
act of kindness every day. You know compliment a stranger. Ken: Tell someone how much
their smile uplifts you. Stacie: And help your sister’s
with their chores. Chelsea: Make someone laugh. Barbie: Share your umbrella. Ken: Do the dishes when
it’s not your turn. Stacie: Tell somebody you
like their haircut. Skipper: Give a stranger
a flower. Chelsea: Give Mrs. Donnell
a cupcake. (Whispers)
That’s our neighbor. Barbie: When someone makes you
angry before you react, think about how they’re feeling. You know, put yourself in
their shoes. Barbie: Well I can’t wait for
this Challenge to take off! All: P.A.C.E.

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  1. Happy late birthday .🍰🎁🎉💗🎊 Sorry I couldn't write this on your birthday.🙁But I have good news at my school if you are not kind you can get kicked out ! 😮That is why kindness is a BIG deal at my school. 😄

  2. Hey Barbie, When is your sisters birthday? Btw i really love your attitude and personalities. P.A.C.E. ✌

  3. Ok so actually I’m obsessed with these videos. I don’t even care that I’m in high school, Barbie is my new favorite vlogger!

  4. you should have created a hashtag to go with your challenge so people could talk or post about the experience they had and feel more motivated doing it because people will know exactly what thing they are contributing to

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