The Enhanced Block Party: Creative and Innovative Ideas

Creative and innovative ideas. The child tries a different or uncommon
approach when playing with materials. Or builds an object in regard to shape or
functionality. For example, using a circle block as a steering
wheel instead of using it to build. Let’s watch an example of a creative or
innovative idea. Carefully observe and
think about what you see.>>I wanna make it, I wanna make it.>>I wanna make it, I wanna make it.>>What are you making right now?>>This. Is what?>>A satellite. [LAUGH]
>>Satellite. This is super heavy.>>Did you see examples of creative and
innovative ideas? Take a few minutes to think about this
example or discuss amongst your peers. Now let’s watch the example again. The crisscross blocks are design to be
cross together by children during play. And use either with wooden ramps,
rubber ramps, or unit blocks. This child used his imagination
to cross the blocks and pretend they were a satellite during his
building of the airport and rocket ship.>>I want to make it.>>And I want to help you.>>I want to make it, I want to make it.>>What are you making right now?>>This.>>Is what?>>A satellite.>>Satellite?>>[LAUGH]
>>This is super heavy.>>Creative or innovative ideas
require a strong imagination. Creativity skills and
the ability to think outside the box. It is easy to fixate on
the obvious use of an object yet this child has created a new idea. In other play sessions,
we’ve observed some amazing creations, such as a tall structure designed to
replicate our camera on the tripod. Again, make note of
the teacher sitting close by. But allowing the children to interact
when it is not necessary to intervene

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