The First Couple on their First Meal Together: Dinner with Barack and Michelle

[Music] [First Lady Michelle Obama] It was a cool
date, actually. We spent the whole day together. Um, he was showing me all facets of his character.
So we went to the Art Institute, and… [President Obama] Art, art guys out there
– it impresses people. It shows… [First Lady] He showed his, his cultural side.
And then we took a nice long walk, uh… [President Obama] Kind of romantic. [First Lady] down Michigan Avenue. And did
we go to the movie first? [President Obama] Uh, well we… we didn’t
have dinner; we actually had lunch. [First Lady] Oh we had lunch [Couple] at the Art Institute. [First Lady] That’s right. [President Obama] There’s a little courtyard,
with a little fountain. [First Lady] Yeah, it was nice. [President Obama] Yeah, it was very nice.
And, then we walked. [First Lady] Then we walked. So our first
meal was a, a lovely lunch. It was very nice. [President Obama] And then we went to see,
uh, “Do The Right Thing.” [First Lady] Spike Lee. It had just come out. [President Obama] It had just come out. [First Lady] He showed all the sides. He was
hip, cutting edge, cultural, sensitive – the fountain, nice touch. The walk – patient. [President Obama] Take tips, gentlemen. [First Lady] (Laughs). [Music] [Laughs] [Music]

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  1. Really nice video and great couple.
    I really hope you can secure the 4 more years, we really need you at the wheel!
    Thank you for being a great person and president.

  2. I just love the chemistry of President Obama and the first lady. Beyond the love you can see they are each other's best friend.

  3. Whether or not you like the guy, it must be said that he's incredibly charismatic and probably a cool dude to talk to.

  4. I was especially impressed when the president said โ€œGuys out there, it impresses people.โ€ Not women, not girls, not ladies, not females, but PEOPLE. That's right, Mr. President, you clearly get it. Thank you very much.

  5. Obama went on a date… so therefore, he should be re-elected? I don't get the point of this video.

  6. I don't care how Barack "impressed" Michelle. Fix the economy and get to work on the deficit and that will impress me.

  7. Beautiful couple. With hard and deliberate resistance every step of the way, you'd have a hard time fixing the economy too.

  8. I have problems with President Obama (escalation of war on drugs and deportation of undocumented citizens + way to friendly with the big banks ect) but he's 100% right in this video lol

    I am always very impressed with the First Lady. The way she caries herself is the perfect balance between classy and approachable.

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