The first ones to celebrate Jin’s Birthday!! vlive 191203 eng sub

– In the waiting room, I said, “Guys, it’s my birthday after 2 hours” – Time’s up. -Okay. 5, 6, 7, 8. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Jin, happy birthday to you. – What? – As you blew them out, you’re thirty now! – No! – You blew them, so you’re thirty now. Okay? – I mean, I’m not thirty yet. After my 28th birthday, – And then I shall have my 29th birthday. Don’t say that I’m old. – No, you’re not… – Happy birthday, Jin. – Happy birthday Jin! – 30 is not old. – Guys, I’m so moved. – You shall eat it. – Okay, I shall eat. – You made it. – Eat this. – That’s not… – You shall have a bite. – It’s been so lone since I stopped swearing… – You should try one. – Happy birthday to you~ – Your birthday always falls in the awards season. – Right? – I awlays had my birthday in Hong Kong. – That’s what I’m saying. – Happy birthday to you~ – But I had it in Korea last year. – You got so many cakes! – That’s a hat, don’t get mistaken. – Oh, right. – I was so surprised. – It’s not a cake, it’s a hat, guys. – Jin! Whose cake is this? – That’s BTS… – Can I eat this strawberry? – Eat it. I’ve prepared it for you – You… I thought all of you would come, so I prepared a lot. I grew them myself. – Wait. – No, don’t bring them here. It’s fine. They must have fallen asleep as they’re so tired. Don’t bring them here. It’s okay. They must be sleeping.

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