THE FLOOR IS LAVA at a Birthday Party!!

(record player scratching) (laughing) – [Woman’s Voice] Guess what Parker? Parker, guess what? The ground is lava. Five… Four… Three…two…one. You’re safe! (playful music) – In today’s vlog we
play the floor is lava. But before we get started
subscribe to our channel and give us a big thumbs up. – My house is full of
birthday decorations because It is Stevens birthday
party. Woo! So exciting. I have a lot of stuff that I am working on for this birthday party. And we have a lot of beach
balls that we need to blow up and a lot of things that we
are going to be doing outside. (playful music) – Alright so, the kids
have some friends over, and they are playing Xbox. [Mom] Hey everybody Guess what girls? The floor is lava! Five … Four… Three… Two… One… You left your safe spot to almost die, you almost sacrificed
yourself to be stunt devils. (kids talking and laughing) – Alright, Oh! Oh! Oh! Perfect Brayden you saved yourself. – They are sucked into that
Xbox. Good thing they survived. – [Mom] Alright here’s two other kids. They were outside playing. Guess what? – What? – [Mom] The floor is lava. Five, four, three, two, one. Lucky, you’re lucky you barely made it. Alright so we have a party in an hour and I have a lot of work to do. I haven’t really set anything
up. So, I need to rush. I have my tape and I’m gonna
build myself a beach ball arch. (playful music) – We are finishing up last
minute birthday preparations before the party guests get here. And the kids are having fun
with their water balloons. – They’re rubber water
balloons and if you fill them the water just splashes all over them. – They don’t pop. – [Mom] That’s cool. Guess what, guys? The floor is lava. Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Oh! – [Man’s Voice] The mermaid melted. – [Mom] What happened mermaid? She melted. Alright so Steven’s gonna
give you guys a tour of his birthday getup. Ready? Take it away birthday boy. – Okay. – [Steven] So first of all,
we got balloons. Awesome. Second of all, we have this
trampoline full of balls, Emoji balls, and that huge beach ball. And then, here comes the sitting area. That is where we’re gonna
sit at. Well, eating. This, I do not know what that is for. This, is where all the presents go. So, far there’s two. Yeah. – And this is where our
bounce house is going to go. Right here, we’re gonna set
it up when everyone gets here we need to take the pool cover off. It is a nice 88 degrees,
which is my favorite. I love warm water. We have all of our cool pool
floaties set up as decorations. We’re gonna put some food
out on our food table. And that’s pretty much all of
the decorations for the party. I’m gonna go get the food going. And Steven’s gonna tell you
about the cool water balloons that we have. – And we’re gonna have a
water balloon fight using these awesome Water Wubble
water balloon balls. They’re so awesome, you fill them up and they seal theirselves. And they don’t pop so you can reuse them. (playful music) – [Mom] Happy birthday, bud, guess what? The ground is lava! Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Barely made it. – Bounce house time. (playful music) – Planning a party can be so stressful. So, I am hanging out inside
the house where it is nice and quiet because outside
it is not quiet at all. (children laughing and screaming) – It’s pure chaos out here. (children laughing and screaming) – [Man’s Voice] Not a lot of
bouncing going on in here. – Present time! Guys before I open presents,
the ground is lava! One… Two… Three… Four… Five… – [Mom] Oh, barely. Cody’s safe. Oh, you guys are close. – I’m gonna open presents for real now. Yes! It’s the Lego StarWars game. – [Mom] Legos StarWars,
first new Xbox one. – Yeah! It is books. Whoa. This is melted and humongous. It’s a StarWars poster. – [Mom] Awesome. – It says StarWars Episode Four. It’s a remote control Batmobile. It’s an RC Batmobile. – [All] Happy birthday Steven. – Yeah! (slow motion) Let’s go swimming! (playful music) – [Kid’s Voice] You have to jump in. – Cannon ball! – Cannon ball! (playful music) (cheering) – They have a crazy whirlpool going on. (playful music) – I’m like a freight train. – Everyone is having a blast in the pool. The ground is lava.
Don’t touch the ground! Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Oh, is everyone good? – I’m good. – I’m good. – [Mom] Are you good? Okay resume playing. Taylor, the ground is lava. Five, four, three, two, one. – I made it. – [All Singing] Happy birthday to you. (upbeat music) – [Mom] Oh my goodness, is that cake so good
that you can’t handle it? Or is it so cold? Let me see Parker. – [Man’s Voice] Isn’t that a cool cake? – [Mom] Guess what Parker? Parker, guess what? The ground is lava. Five… Four… Three… Two… One… You’re safe! Good job. – The party is over
and we have cleaned up. Our backyard looks a lot different than it did a few hours ago. – [Mom] Parker, guess
what? The ground is lava. Five… Four… Three… Two… One… – Alright, so the birthday
party is officially over. We had a long, fun day. My feet are so tired from walking around. But, it was so much fun having
Steven’s birthday party, and having friends and family over, and playing the ground is lava. Steven is having a late
night with his cousin Collen. – [Mom] So they are playing
downstairs his new Xbox. And the girls are gonna
be going to bed soon. Guess what guys? The ground is lava. Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Oh, you guys are safe. – Hi Christi. – Hi Destiny. – Hi Hunter and Autumn. – Hi Guilianna. – Happy birthday Kaitlin. – Hi Musicday15 – Subscribe to our channel! – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And see you guys tomorrow. [All]- Bye! (playful music)

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