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Kirk: Walter had his
military service, next he ended up
fighting wild fires. He’s been to
Burning Man 11 times, he’s worked events for
Google and Space X. You don’t see something like this every day, makes you wonder how the heck did that thing get created. Kirk: Walter is a
two to one scale Volkswagen bus. But Walter certainly
wasn’t built this way. Assemble as a fire
truck in 1963, Walter saw years of
air force service before moving to the New
River Fire Department, in Arizona. Kirk: A couple of us found Walter in an old abandoned junkyard, parked, never to move again. Kirk and a few friends set about an
incredible conversion. Kirk: In his original form, he kind of look like a
giant Volkswagen bus. He was boxy and had
a split front windshield. And the driving position was out in front of the front wheels. Which was very very
helpful in ultimately doing the design and pleating the fabrication. The team that assembled to turn this old fire truck in to a Volkswagen bus, has just really become kind of family. Nate: I am Nate Matzenbacher. I am the lead mechanic behind Walter the bus. Original chassis of the
fire truck is still there, it’s all underneath this
shell of what is the bus now. When you’re in the, I call it the observation deck, the big party deck’s on top, you’re actually walking on the roof of the original fire truck. When you’re in the cab, when you’re seated
in the driver’s seat, you’re seating about
five feet above where the original
driver’s seat was, and all the controls
are just extended up through the floor and you’re able to drive like that. From fire fighter, to party starter, this vehicle is packing a
serious sound system. Nate: Walter actually
has 85 speakers on him. It takes a lot to be able
to compact 85 speakers, so we had to hide a few. I can’t say for
sure how many people we’ve ever had up
here is the max. But I can tell you that after one
event we had to take the rear springs off
and have them re-curved. Because they were
flattened out from so much weight and so
much people up here. I have backup cameras, and cameras all around so I’ll be able to see what I’m
doing anything in tight spaces or with a crowd. Essentially kind of
be able to drive a two storey house from the second storey window. Quite trip to be able to drive this thing. At 30 feet long
and 13 feet tall, this vehicle makes
a big impression out on the road. Kirk: Take the whole lane here. We need the whole road. There we go. Walter drive a lot
like a Volkswagen bus. There’s just something
special about the way you drive a vehicle, when you’re over the front tyre. Whenever anybody sees Walter, it’s a smile, a wave and you don’t just see
something like this driving down the road every day. I think the coolest part
of Walter is just like, like that. It’s like, whoever that was, they certainly weren’t
expecting to see something like this today. It brightens your
day, opens your eyes. Makes you wonder what else might be possible. And just wonder how the heck did that thing get created.

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  1. Cool idea but poor execution when you consider end result amazing how the finish job on a vehicle makes or breaks it in my opinion…Its missing canvas roof, side windows, nice paint job and inside (obviously there's space below upper deck) but sure there are reasons why…..Maybe we need Dave Kindig haha

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