The Girls Show Off Their Party Tricks! | The Bachelor CA

I don’t want to go home by any means, and
I want to get to know him I need to go to this guy opportunity we said yeah I
was actually hoping you’re still there there
oh yeah I just want to intrigue him enough to want to keep me around I would
like to get past a two-minute mark of conversation
well I remember your shot yes I just remember being like I knew that’s
refreshing right isn’t it so weird like it’s such a
unique situation it’s almost like you learn stuff about yourself you learn how
you react how do you decide who’s nice kill you for a second
I’ve had one minute can you just give me one more minute I swear I haven’t had
any time with this man okay but in it I’m pissed off like I have two
seconds with this guy and then somebody comes in and it’s like you know can I
steal him now yes enjoy the rest Aaron I know you come
with me I guess so we’re gonna go outside okay I don’t know
about rusty with that knife she’s got a knife and a bottle of
champagne in her hand get his attention I had something cool to show on it’s the
best party trick that I know how to do was she doing ready here it goes hey pop
right off with the saver what a way to make an impression I hope he remembers
me by it maybe toast to a fine nameless
incredibly hope they’re jealous so Kelsey just cracked the top off a bottle
of champagne but barely recovered from that when
Rebecca comes walking over wearing an apron I just don’t know what to expect anymore
I need you like are you serious you baked an apple pie like you’re such a
sweetheart is it good mm-hmm I’m so happy that you
liked it it was something that my grandma always did and I was the only
grandchild to take it over and so I thought this would be a good occasion
when I’m over with hi I hope it’s working so you took like
all your grab your grandma’s recipes and yeah she’s upstairs and she’s super
proud of me right now I want to get a rose she will be I hope that my pie
Karen teased me rose I think that at least I stand out a little bit first that girl cut the top off a bottle
of champagne and in the pie house the girl supposed to compete party tricks don’t really impress me but
at the same time we’re all trying to vie for his attention so whatever works I know the other girls want to talk to him
but I am a vocalist I am going to sing for The Bachelor so I wrote a song for
you I start to wonder what’s going on out there when all this will unfold I
start to ponder she made a song
what are we gonna do let’s take it slow so we can really know heart think fast
wait I want this to last me I’m not sure what he thought about it I mean I think
it’s a personal style and width I do that’s it he’s like I’m out of here right on so the time in the evening has come for
me to give out the first impression rose there is someone who just took a big
risk I feel like I want to do the same so I’m gathering all the women and I’m
gonna offer her a rose a rose based on the first impressions and so christine except ourselves I would love
to thank you Tim I got the first rose christine got the first-impression Rose
I can’t help but feel insecure and jealous
what does him like about her that he doesn’t maybe I see it me just like a
surreal situation to let compete for a guy like I say something when you were
going from your interview you know what the girls said when you were going they
went wow she’s such a beautiful fresh air of
energy no you aren’t awesome it’s true I’m not just saying this
look everyone who loves you but you have to love yourself and show him who you
truly are and that’s it I’m gonna be honest 15 that’s not about winning it’s
not about losing it’s about being who you are I’m feeling it
I don’t or maybe not feeling it you might not feel anything and heat might
not feel anything it doesn’t matter just be you have fun with it it’s about the
experience being the now being the present don’t think about the roses
don’t worry about it it’s the first night have fun with it be good to
yourself and take a chill pill you

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