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  1. This must be in regards to the "Lady of the House", vs Rebecca, but what is the key people in the struggle issue????????

  2. I bet everyone here gets craving for a hearty pasta meal, garlic bread, sausages, cheese, steak, canoli, wine etc during or after the godfather movies. Fuhgedaboutit!

  3. 3:24  Santino: "I'll get a message to that girlfriend…when I think the time is right."    Was Michael cheating on lovely Kay?

  4. After the scene, I realised Tessio was the traitor. He was the only one who knew such intimate details about the restaurant, details that someone would only know if they've frequently been hanging around in the vicinity. From then on, I knew he had betrayed the Corleones.

  5. What i always wonder is why did they have Mike carrying out hit on Solozzo ? As soon as they found out the place where meeting should be held, they could've had hitman sitting their in restaurant having meal with some lady, to make it look more unsuspicous. So this way Mike wouldn't have to commit murder and didn't have to hide in Sicily

  6. James Caan was a terrible cast. Just my opinion. Cant believe people think he was good in this. Hes an ok actor but unbelievable as an Italian mafioso

  7. They considered those pull-chain flush toilets to be old fashioned in the 1940s?

    we still had one of those right up until the 90s!

  8. I’m Sicilian and never in my Nonno’s house have he or my uncles eat anything but Italian food . No bringing food to the house . They would cook and it was a huge Italian meal . Only thing that is odd in this scene for me .

  9. This scene always makes me want to tuck into a carton of chicken chow main washed down with Coke from a glass bottle.

  10. Tom is too cautious (maybe we should call it off), and Sonny too hot headed (why don't we just blast the car?)

  11. Every time I see Clemenza and Tessio eating in this scene, I feel hungry even with a full stomach.

  12. first ten seconds of this scene:
    Sonny: The fuck is this?
    Clemenza: reads notes written on hand Apparently they call it Chinese food
    Tessio: Its pretty dang good

  13. Just imagined how there is no gun and he comes back with his dick in his hand, standing infront of the table and expecting that it will eventually work out somehow.

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