The Green Lantern is making fun of Batman | Justice League: War

[WATER SPLASHES] Yeah, I noticed,
but fire is no problem for me. As I was saying,
Green Lantern can do anything. Except shut up, apparently. Wow, someone forgot
to take their Tru Blood tonight. – I’m not a vampire.
– Seriously? I thought with the darkness and the vanishing,
and the, what, super strength? No. GREEN LANTERN: Can you fly?
– In a plane. Wait, you’re not just some guy
in a bat costume, are you? Are you freaking kidding me? What, nobody asked you to prom… …so now you dress as a bat
and prowl around your parents’ basement? What’s this do? Huh? No buttons.
I assume it works off concentration. How did you do that? You weren’t concentrating. – You won’t do that again.
– Unless I want to. That’s it. Let’s rumba, spooky. [GRUNTS] Shh. [GROWLING] [HUMMING] Hold fast. We need more info. – Bull crap. That’s a bomb and he just armed it.
– Lantern, wait. For Darkseid. – Darkseid? What’s that, a band?
– Some kind of death cry. It wanted to take us with it.
All to protect this. I’m on it. Ring, scan and identify. RING:
Initiating scan. [BEEPS] Processing. – Unable to identify.
– That’s impossible. The ring knows what the Guardians know
and the Guardians know everything. It doesn’t scan like a bomb.
More like an alien computer. Alien? Like the guy in Metropolis? Superman. – You’ve met him?
– No. But I’ve researched him. – His power levels are–
– Not gonna be a problem for me. We’ll see. In the meantime,
we need to know more about this thing. SILAS:
Nothing on the markings or the design, Sarah? SARAH:
No, Dr. Stone. Dozens of tests and we’re still unable
to learn a single thing. We know less now than when
the Flash brought it to us days ago. Maybe we’ll catch a break
with the metal scan. [COMPUTER BEEPS] You’ve been working around the clock
on this, Silas. Perhaps if you got some rest. I’ll rest when we know what this device is… …and why that creature needed it planted
in Central City.

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  1. Take note DCEU. This is how you quip as Batman. Have him do something difficult and when confronted about it he just gives a quick sly remark as if it was no big deal.

  2. "Justice League you to Batman you"
    Gueen Launer to not me sat to "gueen leuner you to power sat
    Villain one my cat women hew " you villain Captain Frozee to power "To Villain Captain Frozee you to girl"

  3. The Joker spent his entire career as the crown prince of crime trying to make batman smile. Green Lantern does it twice in a minute. Poor Joker!

  4. I understand why Hal Jordan acts like his former obnoxious and ego Guy Gardner. Because Robin quits Batman and he creates his own teen titans. That he acts like Batman.

  5. Green Lantern: You're just a regular guy in a bat suit.
    Batman: And you're just some guy wearing a magical ring. You have no real skill outside of magic. You suck Hal.

    Imagine if Batman said that.

  6. I love when Batman is portrayed as almost being playful he’s just so much better than you that he doesn’t even have to try to be menacing.

  7. Green lantern: Holly shit! He took my ring. Priority No1, get my ring back and then flex.
    Batman: Accumulating info. His name, occupation, how the ring works, etc.

    What people don't get is batman using the fact that people underestimate him. Case in point.

    That's what's amazing about batman. His always 5 steps ahead. Towards the end of the film he calls GL by his name cuz he saw it then.

  8. 1:50 i love that the safe had deposit boxes and a working vault door. The sheer brilliance of Green Lanterns imagination at work here is wonderful

  9. Not a big batman fan
    But damn dont underestimate the dude. You dont hang with the Justice league without any super powers without being sharp as a batknife

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