The Guys Crash A Fireman’s Bachelor Party | Season 17 Ep. 15 | FAMILY GUY

[cheering] OK, guys. Now, this is a bus for a
fireman’s bachelor party. So just follow my lead,
and we’ll fit right in. [cheering] All right, 9/11, Boston Strong. Never forget. How about this guy? You forget? No way. You’re too Boston
Strong to ever forget. Let’s roll! I– I mean, civil servants
with hero complexes! [cheering] Yeah, all right! Welcome, other firefighters. Bring us the man of the hour. Come on, Smitty! Woo! To my last night as a free man. [screaming] Hmm. Unfortunate timing. Now, which one of
these scumbag firemen will go after his fiancee? Already happened. We’re very happy. [music playing]

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