The Hardest Part of Marriage: 10 Year Anniversary Surprise Trip Day 1

All right. Wait… Hey babe, do you know
there’s no handle on your suitcase? I forgot to mention that… Tiny little suitcase. There we go. Handle good to go. Crisis Averted. All right, beginning of
our anniversary 10-year ish anniversary trip is about to start. She’s outside
getting kids’ sunblock on right now. She doesn’t know where we’re going.
She thinks we’re driving someone really far today. I told her not to get your
passport or anything like that because I snuck in got it ready because we’re
heading to Europe today. So this is a start in all this in the
car she’s not gonna know till we get to the airport, get our passes where we’re
going so we’ll see how it works out Y’all gonna have fun while we’re gone?
Yeah! Are you sure? Yes. Come here you kids. Come here. Oh, I love you little girl. Give mom a kiss bye. Do you know we’re going? No. You sure? I’m positive. Where do you
think we’re going? I think we’re going to some type of airport.
Probably Atlanta cause that’s the way we’re headed. I think. I’m not very good directionally,
but I saw some signs. What are all the places that I said
we’re going? Djiboutit, Afghanistan, Iceland India Japan Antarctica, Canada, Mississippi. You’ll find out soon enough. You ready to get dinner? Let’s go. We’re eating at Starbucks? No. Where are we going? I don’t know, but I hope it’s going to be good. Wait maybe I should lock the car. Oh yeah it’s not like our van. Yeah, I’m so used to we just got a new
van and you don’t even have to lock the doors anymore and yea, I forget to lock your
dad’s truck and then all our luggage gets stolen A Brazilian, Yum! Are you surprised? Yea!
All right, let’s find the entrance. Was that so good? It was really good! As good as I remember. It was quite good. Not quite good not quite so on the wallet but… It was worth it. So that’s one surprise that
worked. See if can surprise her again. Next place… What do you know, the airport! Any idea where? Maybe Europe? We’ll find out.
Or New York. Are you ready to find out where we’re going? I’m ready! All right. I get your confirmation number. G L U E L 9 There you go. Uh, need a passport… Did you bring yours? I hope you
did. I don’t know if she has one. Got mine. Oh, what do you know…
Looks like your passport. Oh man, oh man. Still don’t know where we’re
going yet though. Where are we going? Where are we going? Ahh! Where? To London! Is it a straight flight? Yep.
How many hours? I don’t know. What do you think? I’m excited! Did you know? No, I didn’t know. This is why it’s
good to get these new kicks. Woohoo, we made it through. Look, there’s E. So, what’s the occasion? Our 10th anniversary, early because we had child care. Yeah, we don’t know what’s going on in 6 months so we’re having a nine and a half
year anniversary cause with four kids we have the opportunity to do it so, where are we going? We’re going to London! So, 10 years of marriage. What do you think is the most difficult thing.
The hardest thing, but the best thing that I had to learn at least in the first couple years of marriage is differences don’t equate to bad. You grow up with different backgrounds and families, and then you try to mush them together. And that can be hard. I think for me it’s the selflessness on
the… It’s the same with the kids, like I want to get something done so I get annoyed when something else comes up that I need to do and I start getting mad, but
it’s really kids being kids or things that you be done. Or your wife just being your wife.. Yeah, that too. And just realizing that whatever I want to do at that moment maybe isn’t necessarily
the most important thing so… Congrats, made it almost two years you can’t leave
me at least until we get the 10-year mark since we’re on our ten-year trip. I will never leave you. And almost time to board. An hour late because of maintenance, but it’s all good. I’d rather be safe. See ya soon in London!

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