The Harris Family Comes Together for Dinner | T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle

don’t we?
– Yeah. – Can everybody come
and be seated? – I really want
some, um, ice cream. – Let’s eat some green beans
first and then we’ll have
some ice cream. – [whines]
– No? – But you love broccoli.
– I know. – That’s a vegetable. – [laughs] – Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa,
don’t start eating. What y’all doing? – I just licked the fork.
– Nah, watch out, man. What’s y’all doing? Go sit next to your brother–
your hair is in your food, baby. Hmm. Major, Major.
Shut it down. Hmm… – I like the renovations, but I wish I could be here
by myself right now. Everybody is so loud. – T.I.: King,
go get you some vegetables. – Okay, but, for the salmon,
do we got any, like, teriyaki-type sauce? – There’s a lemon caper sauce.
– Is that, like, teriyaki-like? – No, it’s not,
it’s like lemon capers. – So…there’s no
teriyaki sauce? – Lord have mercy, Jesus. Well, would you believe? We spent all this time
renovating, getting the furniture so we
could get all the family here to the table, just so I can kick them out,
they gettin’ on my damn nerve! Oof, I am telling you. Welcome, everybody,
back to the first dinner in the new and improved
lake house. We are please to have you
in our presence. – TINY: Look at Heiress.
– MAJOR: You okay, baby? Mad? – Don’t worry, it’ll pass,
okay? – T.I.: So now
can we say grace? Can we say grace?
– But I can’t do it. – T.I.: Yes, you can, why not?
– Take Major’s hand, take Major’s hand,
and take mine. – T.I.: Alright, there we go,
now we got it. Our father who art in heaven,
thank you for the food, thank you for our family
that we use to strengthen us throughout every day,
in God’s name we pray, Amen. – ALL: Amen.
– Alright. Mom, if you need to sit down,
there’s a chair right here. – By you? No.
He’ll be telling you how to eat, what to eat. – You need somebody
to tell you what to do. – Don’t start that [bleep]
– [laughter] – LITTLE GIRL:
Don’t start that [bleep]. – Oh!
– See what you did? – ALL: [laughing] – Do you see what you’re doing
to the youth?! – Look at that! – T.I.: See?
You’re a bad influence. – TINY: Do you like
family dinners? – Yeah.
– You do? Why? Why do you like ’em?
– Because I love them. I love them this much. – That’s a lot.
– Yeah. – King, how was your tour? – T.I.: How many groupies
you brought back with you? – Zero.
– Left ’em all out there on the road, huh?
– Right there. – Oh! So he admits it!
– [laughing] – I’m so proud of all
the kids. All of you guys
have grown so tremendously. Messiah, hey! He’s moving out of the house. – [applause] – My mother has dropped
her new single. – [cheering and applause] – TINY: It’s times like this
that reminds us that after all is said and done,
after all the shows, the tours, the albums and the singles,
that the most important thing is family. – Well, I will say I’m proud
King made it through his freshman year of high school
with a passing grade, he is now a sophomore. – TINY: I’m proud of you, baby. – I’m going to school
when I grow up. – Yes, you are going to school.
You ready to go? – I’m extremely proud
to be a part of this family and proud to be the maker
of this family. [laughs]
Nah, nah, seriously I am extremely
proud of my family. Everybody is just growing
in their own life, doing their thing and, you know,
they’re gonna be something, and I’m excited to see
what that is. – Now, Heiress, tell us
how your day’s been going. – [laughing]

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  3. I'm so happy for y'all y'all have a wonderful family even though it's crazy but it's your family and that's most important

  4. OMG I can't take your awesome children w/intellect oozing out of them. Thank you for the smile I have on my face & laughter in my heart. Watching a healthy family trying 2 attain the value of loving each other & having each others back! Heiress is toooooooooooooooooo much talk about SMART! She smart like Major and has personality like King. Amazing how they are growing. I miss Precious trust she is looking down on her family. I'm soooooooooooo glad that T.I. decided w/Tiny that another baby would be another JOY glad she is here for us folks 2 watch grow. I love the special relationship that King has w/his baby sister. I'd love 2 hear his gorgeous daughter play the piano. Your older sons are adorable & very respectful while also not cocky. T.I. & TINY YA'LL ARE BLESSED IN MORE THAN 1 WAY. I also give credit 2 your family members who helped w/the rearing such as Precious & Tiny's mother. Clearly it takes a village and ya'll are doin' it! LOVE YOUR #1 NY FAN

  5. How fast they grow up! It seems like the baby was born a few months ago and King is so big now I wouldn't have recognized him in a different setting.

  6. Did Tiny ruin her eyes with the coloured occular lenses or was that a rumour? Gosh I hope she enjoys seeing the family now as she'll be blind by 60….

  7. Omg this beautiful baby girl only 3 and can hold a very good conversation you can understand every word she says!!! I love that too many speak that baby goo-goo bullshit!!!! I love the entire family!!!!!!!

  8. when i see tiny i just imagine why t.i with being prettier then her richer and more talented would ever have side ass.

  9. Such a great family strong hardworking loving and beautiful
    And miss heiress is just a doll I hope I get a daughter as smart and sharp as she is

  10. I hope Zonique and deyjah are good, I never see them together in a video I really hope they’re not fighting or something. 🙁

  11. I love you Tiny. ❤️❤️❤️ Your Strength your support and your spirit is absolutely amazing. You need an empowerment Conference. Just you speaking or better yet a podcast as well

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  14. The baby is 3 years old. Can for complete sentences. Articulate her thoughts into words. Super smart.
    My son just turned 7 4 days ago and cant speak like that. Ugh.

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