The History of Gev: A Five Year Celebration

GEV07, that was my original name on YouTube. I left it like that for over two years. One of my inspirations back then was
DanTDM then known as the Diamond Minecart. In fact my original planning
for my youtube name was the Diamond Chestplate I wonder what that could be a
ripoff of- Wait what?! what happened to my script? I finished it, and all that’s
here is lorum ipsum dummy text- *Time travels* AH! Ow. That hurt.
Why does my bedroom look like the one from 2014? Whatever I’m just gonna get
out of here. I mean who knows what’s gonna happen out th-AAH! Is that me? Are you me? So your supposed to be me from a different time? I guess so *Flashing light of a portal* So who are you? No wait no. Nooooo! 2019 Gev: Where am I? 2014 Gev: My Minecraft world! 2019 Gev: How is any of this even possible? 2014 Gev: I don’t know. 2014 Gev: Who cares? Let’s go! 2019 Gev: Oh my god. *facepalm* 2019 Gev: Ha! The sucker punch isn’t even working
this is easy- *hit* Ow. 2014 Gev: Let me try! Woah *Collision* OW! 2014 Gev: The door knock
should be a piece of cake . 2014 Gev: There’s a one in three chance I can get this- Aah- 2019 Gev: Ha! We made it! 2014 Gev: *Face plant* Ow. Let’s go! I just got out of Wipeout in Minecraft. I have no idea where I am now. even 2014 Gev is gone. *breath* Wait a second… Oh no! I have to get out of here quickly! Buaaaah!!! What’s up dudes it’s Gev and it’s
been a while. And I’m in this prison cell right here there’s like
nothing here there’s like a chair and that’s it there’s nothing else. I don’t
know what to do. Wait. What’s that? it appears to be some sort of Nerf
pellet thing it might be used for something useful.
wait a second. if I put the Nerf pellet in here it might activate something and
I might be able to get out. I thought it was just a mailbox. *Prison cell opens* Hm. I’m right. Oh. I made it back. Ooh. Look. A coat! So your back huh. I’m gonna. I don’t know what I’m going to do but I’m going to do something. *Runs towards Reaper whilst screaming heroically* *Punches Reaper* What’s up dudes, It’s Gev and after that whole insane
weird time-traveling fiasco I’m glad to be
back in my own time and just in time for Christmas it seems like I already got an
early present to. It’s from the Reaper I wonder what gift he got me ever since
I beat him, he kind of hates me. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for Wii?!

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