The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party

When you think about racial equality and civil
rights, which political party comes to mind? The Republicans? Or, the Democrats? Most people would probably say the Democrats. But this answer is incorrect. Since its founding in 1829, the Democratic
Party has fought against every major civil rights initiative, and has a long history
of discrimination. The Democratic Party defended slavery, started
the Civil War, opposed Reconstruction, founded the Ku Klux Klan, imposed segregation, perpetrated
lynchings, and fought against the civil rights acts of the 1950s and 1960s. In contrast, the Republican Party was founded
in 1854 as an anti-slavery party. Its mission was to stop the spread of slavery
into the new western territories with the aim of abolishing it entirely. This effort, however, was dealt a major blow
by the Supreme Court. In the 1857 case Dred Scott v. Sandford, the
court ruled that slaves aren’t citizens; they’re property. The seven justices who voted in favor of slavery? All Democrats. The two justices who dissented? Both Republicans. The slavery question was, of course, ultimately
resolved by a bloody civil war. The commander-in-chief during that war was
the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln – the man who freed the slaves. Six days after the Confederate army surrendered,
John Wilkes Booth, a Democrat, assassinated President Lincoln. Lincoln’s vice president, a Democrat named
Andrew Johnson, assumed the presidency. But Johnson adamantly opposed Lincoln’s
plan to integrate the newly freed slaves into the South’s economic and social order. Johnson and the Democratic Party were unified
in their opposition to the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery; the 14th Amendment,
which gave blacks citizenship; and the 15th Amendment, which gave blacks the vote. All three passed only because of universal
Republican support. During the era of Reconstruction, federal
troops stationed in the south helped secure rights for the newly freed slaves. Hundreds of black men were elected to southern
state legislatures as Republicans, and 22 black Republicans served in the US Congress
by 1900. The Democrats did not elect a black man to
Congress until 1935. But after Reconstruction ended, when the federal
troops went home, Democrats roared back into power in the South. They quickly reestablished white supremacy
across the region with measures like black codes – laws that restricted the ability
of blacks to own property and run businesses. And they imposed poll taxes and literacy tests,
used to subvert the black citizen’s right to vote. And how was all of this enforced? By terror — much of it instigated by the
Ku Klux Klan, founded by a Democrat, Nathan Bedford Forrest. As historian Eric Foner – himself a Democrat
– notes: “In effect, the Klan was a military force
serving the interests of the Democratic Party.” President Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, shared
many views with the Klan. He re-segregated many federal agencies, and
even screened the first movie ever played at the White House – the racist film “The
Birth of a Nation,” originally entitled “The Clansman.” A few decades later, the only serious congressional
opposition to the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 came from Democrats. Eighty percent of Republicans in Congress
supported the bill. Less than 70 percent of Democrats did. Democratic senators filibustered the bill
for 75 days, until Republicans mustered the few extra votes needed to break the logjam. And when all of their efforts to enslave blacks,
keep them enslaved, and then keep them from voting had failed, the Democrats came up with
a new strategy: If black people are going to vote, they might as well vote for Democrats. As President Lyndon Johnson was purported
to have said about the Civil Rights Act, “I’ll have them n*****s voting Democrat for two
hundred years.” So now, the Democratic Party prospers on the
votes of the very people it has spent much of its history oppressing. Democrats falsely claim that the Republican
Party is the villain, when in reality it’s the failed policies of the Democratic Party
that have kept blacks down. Massive government welfare has decimated the
black family. Opposition to school choice has kept them
trapped in failing schools. Politically correct policing has left black
neighborhoods defenseless against violent crime. So, when you think about racial equality and
civil rights, which political party should come to mind? I’m Carol Swain, professor of political
science and law at Vanderbilt University, for Prager University.

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  1. Overall, we rate PragerU Questionable based on extreme right wing bias, promotion of propaganda, the use of poor sources who have failed fact checks and the publication of misleading information regarding immigration and climate change.

  2. So I’m just looking for some medicine and I put and it takes me to this YouTube video with a bunch of dumbasses saying just since the democrats started the KKK that they’re still racists today. Funny thing is the republicunts are the ones today backing the KKK. I just wanted some weed shit

  3. This is a horrible video, yes the history of the Democratic Party is terrible. If this channel was so ignorant they would know that the parties had a “switch” in views that became identifiable during the depression. The parties have changed much over the last 3 centuries so don’t make the party look bad over something outdated and false.

  4. Lyndon Johnson let minorities in and we took over. The Dixie Democrats are dead and now the GOP is the advocate of the confederacy. The most racist states like Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas that used to belong to the Dixie Democrats now belong to the GOP. Abraham Lincoln died after defeatng the Confederacy. Now the GOP is for the preservation of the confederate legacy. If you cant tell that the partys switched swides and now the Democrats are on the left and the RepubliKlan is on the right. Isn't former Grand Wizard, David Dukes a registered Republiklan? Didn't Over Neo-Nazi Arthur Jones run for congress as a Republican? Prager U is leaving out the back half of this story.

  5. Carol Swain is complete sellout. You should be ashamed of yourself, Miss. No amount of boot licking will make them accept you. They're only tolerating you while you're a convenient tool.

  6. Typical trumper b.s dont care who started it i care whos doing it now….and the ugly is coming from the republikkkans at this moment…see you at the polls in november..thank you

  7. The racist Dixiecrat Democrats, 200 of them, ALL REMAINED DEMOCRATS EXCEPT 1…
    the big switch is garbage..

    In 2020, DEMOCRATS are against school vouchers…
    Let that sink in

  8. I grew up in the Democratic south in the 60's and 70's and almost all of the KKK members were white Democrats. Funny how the story got turned around! 🦉

  9. Here's why what I know of American History always felt unfitting or inconsistent with narratives of current major news outlets, regardless of the platform used. History does have its way of crawling back to limelight. Thank you, Carol Swain!

  10. One black person said it so it must not be racist or sexist also because she is a woman!!!
    Hahaha wtf stupidity is this shit?

  11. Democrats also shot down Universal Basic Income when Nixon and Republicans passed it. Martin Luther King was killed while trying promote Universal Basic Income. Coincidence??

  12. The liberal party and the rhinos [ liberals in sheep clothing ] are and have always been domestic terrorist plain and simple, it's always amazed me how so many can be duped by things as obvious as the nose on your face. Maybe everybody needs to understand nothing is free, the spending of taxpayer dollars should be benefit all the CITIZENS of the Nation. The squandering of taxpayer dollars should be replaced by those that pull stunts, our Government is not suppose to be UNSUPERVISED DAYCARE. Repetitive lies are only repetitive lies, this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NOT the divided states, the liberals most used tool division of CITIZENS.

  13. Racism question didn’t like democrats and republicans flip their beliefs for example JFK (D) and LBJ (D) the ones who brought to the table to give blacks rights and Alabama was more rep. At that time

  14. I love how no one realizes how both sides have changed over many years. Also Lincoln wasn’t the greatest president ever or smthng, hw actually tried to appeal to both side in order to merely gain support.

  15. Wow I can't believe how many idiot's there are that actually believe the Democratic party from 200 years ago is the same Democratic party. For those of you who don't know the party's switched, and this is coming from a American history professor that said he was a Republican. I mean look at modern conservative ideology its no wonder Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies. If you don't believe me your always welcome to do some research.

  16. Great! Thanks for the history lesson. However, the Democratic party broke away from racial inequality and no longer reflects it's atrocious, ugly history.

  17. We all know this to be true but I decided to check the liberal fact checker and guess what, I wasn't able to find who created the KKK.

  18. What happened to not penalizing someone for something that they did a long time ago? Brett Cavanaugh sexually assaulted a woman and still became a Supreme Court Justice. Trump's deragatory remarks against women still allowed him to become a president. By demonizing someone or something for a small moment in their history is such a cheap shot. How frustrating to see Republicans whining about how Liberals are so petty about past mistakes and yet they stoop themselves down to the level of those that they oppose. PragerU is becoming the very thing that it swore to destroy.

  19. The Republicans have gotten significantly worse over the past century, so don't go getting on your high horse… also this video doesn't look at all of the horrible things Republicans have done over the years therefore it is biased

  20. It’s funny how I don’t hear about how Andrew Jackson was a democrat and how the Democrats were the ones that wanted to keep slavery in my history class or textbooks.

  21. It’s almost like a critical election happened that caused party realignment in the United States where the democratic south switched to the republican south like it is today. Crazy how that happens isn’t it.

  22. Let me guess. Conveniently ignoring Nixon’s southern strategy and the Party realignment of the late 60s and early 70s… How convenient.

  23. So, I have exited the Democratic Party (Blexit), but this video is a bit misleading to those who don't know better. The Republican and Democratic parties of today are NOT the same two parties that Professor Swain speaks of. Throughout the history of the nation, ideologies have often crossed party lines – whether it were The Whigs, Federalists, Jacksonians, Jeffersonians, etc. they were all intertwined and/or offshoots of one another's political movements at some point in U.S. history. For instance, the Republican party of today was a creation of President Nixon's "Southern strategy", which encouraged those in the south (white southerners), to enter his party as a means of gaining political strength in the South. So, when we hear that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican, which is true, we all must realize that the Republican party of his day were Liberals, and the Democrats were Conservatives. It is true that the Democratic party founded the KKK and carried out numerous lynchings throughout the South, but they were, in fact, Conservatives at the time. This post, by no means, is an attempt to steer free thinkers to the Left, but is simply intended to clarify (to some degree) the past of both parties. This information was brought to my awareness during my academic endeavors at Liberty University and can be found within the text of: "American Stories: A History Of The United States" (Brands, Breen, Williams, Gross – 2012). Also, it should be noted that Lincoln was NOT an integrationist and only freed Southern based slaves as a means of weakening the Confederate military. He DID NOT free all slaves, as there were many slaveholders present in New York and other so-called free states. That said: #Trump2020

  24. Anyone with any intellectual integrity knows that the kkk has always been a far right organization. Democrats May have started it, but republicans definitely finish it. To find out is easy, go to any white supremacist group, any white nationalist or outwardly racist group and ask them what their political ideology is. To deny this means you’re either lying or incredibly stupid. Those are “prageru” fans.

  25. They actually switched, Republicans are now the nasty ones, Democrats are the good ones now. Prager U is conservative propaganda

  26. Is anyone aware of the Political reform that has happened in America. At the surface your claims are correct, but put into the correct context we can see that the statements being made aren’t exactly correct

  27. Dims can handle the truth .i hope good dim open their eyes and see and the bad ones would get their heads out of their ass. A men.

  28. …Exactly why great people back then, felt the need to infiltrate, and take over the Democratic party, hence, what we have today. There was no need to infiltrate the republican party, hence, what it is today. Get it?

  29. …Exactly why great people back then, felt the need to infiltrate, and take over the Democratic party, hence, what we have today. There was no need to infiltrate the republican party, hence, what it is today. Get it?

  30. This video is very late. Danish D'Souza beat you to it, he already aired the Democratic party's dirty laundry on a high flag post. He is such a threat the Democrats found something to charge him with and throw him in jail, while others like Rosie O'Donnell publicly admitted she did the same got away like many others. D'Souza challenge others to disprove his research, so far , none can. It is also difficult to pin a racist label on D'Souza, since he is Indian (India) You cannot erase history, but some tried, like the Japanese who tried to paint a picture their troops feed the hungry and cure the sick in China in 1930s.

  31. Same thing,when you try to explain that fasism is a form of socialism ,same as nazism, do people still educate them selfs ???

  32. I love how PrageU says we shouldn't criticize America because we use to be racist and have slaves since all of the world use to be racist and have slaves but at the same time they criticize the Democratic party for formerly having slaves and being racist. They also refused to give any recent examples of the Democratic party being racist.

  33. Andrew Jackson, the founder of the Democratic Party, was the largest slave owner in Tennessee and a paternalistic SOB…he knew how to improve the quality of life for the Native peoples of the Eastern US…he forced them from their homes in the forests of the East and sent them to Oklahoma…FDR knew how to improve the quality of life for the population of the nation that had been most affected by the Depression…he tripled the size of Government and actually extended the Depression until after he died…guess what is not taught in Survey History classes in College…

  34. Your political position shouldn’t define you as a person. Your character defines you as a person and should be the primary trait when selecting a political official. Character is not the same as personality, although personality seems to have taken more value in the US when defining a leader.

  35. Mam you are one of my new heroes. Keep doin what your doin for all of us Americans. Get the truth out there. 😀

  36. God Bless Carol Swain and PragerU! 🙂 I love truth videos. Inviting everyone to my YouTube channel Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction playlist to watch two documentaries, Agenda: Grinding America Down and Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit; they're both outstanding. God Bless Everyone! 🙂

  37. I love how you guys always bring up the past as a Christian i hate this im a democrat and im not changeing cuz of the past you homobhobic comunity hurting peaces of shit

  38. The facts and truths of American history right here. If you don’t believe it do your own research and you’ll realize this video summed it all up in much less time. Great video👍

  39. I get that the Confederates were Democrats. But why is it that in the South, only Republican conservatives fly the flag?

  40. I learned a few new things here today from this pretty lady. I had all but given up on professors because 9 times out of 10 they are insane or deranged far-leftist douchebags.

  41. This was a great video explaining the history of the two parties. All of what was said in this video is true, however it’s also important to note that the ideologies of both parties had been shifting gradually for many years. Starting with the FDR Era in the 40’s, the Democratic Party started to split between progressive democrats and southern segregationist democrats. A good example of these two ideologies would be JFK and George Wallace. Then once LBJ singed the Civil Rights Act, many southern democrats started to vote Republican. By the 1980’s with Reagan, the parties essentially flipped ideologies. Regan opposed the Civil Rights Act and MLK Day, and called black people “monkeys” during a phone call with Nixon. The Democrats ended up giving this country their first black president.

  42. 🇺🇸I've had all of these facts swarming in my head and have pointed them out to people but this is a gem of truth and has neatly streamlined the subject for quick consumption. So many people don't realize this history especially with the massive ongoing propaganda and misinformation of the fascist leftist Democrats.🤐

  43. And today? Which party NOW supports equal rights for gays? Which party does not suppress the vote? Which party now works for the poor and the minorities? Somehow, somewhere, sometime, the place of the two parties on these issues got switched.

  44. There's racism is in all parties Republicans Democrats independent nationalist /socialist white supremacist Nazism all white. I'm a Child of God who so to come don't belong to neither political party

  45. Let's not also forget the 19th Amendment which prohibits the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens of the United States on the basis of sex. 

    The role call on the Senate floor was… 

    Vote for adoption: Republicans – 36; Democrats – 20. 

    Vote against adoption: Republicans – 8; Democrats – 17.

  46. It's very sad that someone whose credentials look legit is so willing to spread untruths as this lady is doing: the political parties switched platforms between 1860-1930. She's claiming Republican values and views that morphed into contemporary Democratic ideas and attitudes. Anyone gullible enough to consider listening to this speech should look up the history of the two parties and see what I'm referring to. This message is not factual; it's very slanted and as close to disgusting lies as one can get.

  47. I'm democrat, but I have never in my life met a racist democrat. I know that doesnt represent the democratic party as a whole, but I can say with certainty, that the democratic party has ceased its racist values.

  48. it blows me away that so many of the most die hard leftist people dont know any of these points in the above video. one could argue that all the welfare being pumped into ……….never mind, i told my self youtube is not a place of politics for me

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