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  1. Friend: what’s the incredibles?
    Me: explains entire movie
    Friend: wow thanks for spoiling it but imma watch it anyway.
    (Btw could you do something The Greatest Showman themed? I really love that movie ^_^)

  2. I love this channel my favorite snack is ice cream sandwiches yummy this making me hungry for ice cream sandwiches😂😃

  3. SPOILER ALERT SPOIL—oh my Nevermind yum nom nomnom oh my this is so delicious nom nom no- oww oops i almost made a mess with the ingredients

  4. So this little kid walked up to my sister (Which is five years older than me) and said was the first Incredibles in black and white?

    True story bro!

  5. Do you know what's the people's names the big guy's name is mr. Incredible a girl's flexiblest name is mrs. Incredible and the two kids are Violet and dash incredible is strong mrs. Incredible has flexibility Dash who can run fast and violet she turns invisible and has a force field and the guy who is who wants to join their team was named syndrome in the beginning of the movie he was a little kid and the ball your son about that has legs like a spider called the omnidroid syndrome named it and he created it is three of them one that's in the forest one that's in the force again but different place and the third one is in the city that destroys and goes out of control and the guy who can freeze and have different types of cold stuff name is frozo so now you know that Incredibles names are and I know what's going on so thanks a lot in a good way

  6. Last Friday, was movie night at my school. When the movie started, my friend noticed the movie started backwards. She has seen the movie before, so that’s how she knew. She also said that some of the parts they played weren’t even in the movie! They were just mini movies. And I have very sensitive ears, and they turned the volume all the way up! No one could hear the movie since how loud it was. At least the popcorn was good!

  7. hi ro! I just got your cook book today when i opened it I screamed!and for me its very motivating because I want to start a youtube channel and you making that book and just being you just makes me think if you can do it so can I! thank you

  8. My friend has a birthday coming up soon and we just got done filming a superhero short film of his. This may be the perfect treat to replicate in the style of his superhero!

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