The Invisible Cloak Joke! Fun April Fools Disappearing Magic Camo!

– Boys, it’s time to go
to Aunt Jenna’s house in five minutes. Cole! Cole! Can you hear me? Cole. (groans) We’re leaving in five minutes. – What? – We are leaving in five minutes. – Okay, Mom, you don’t have to shout. – Make sure you’re ready
in five minutes, please. We’re leaving for Aunt
Jenna’s in five minutes, I need you to be ready to go. – Okay, but why are we going there? – Because I have to watch the baby while she gets some work done. – What, why do I have to go? I’m 10, I’m practically an adult. – You have proven yourself
irresponsible alone, so you’re coming with. – Mom, I’m a changed man.
I’ll be responsible, I swear. – Yes, you can be
responsible at Aunt Jenna’s. – Cole! Cole! Great, there goes my whole day. – You say something? – Just forget it. (doorbell) Don’t worry everyone, I’ve got it. – Ethan! Can you get the door please? – I got it. – No, I said get the door. – I got it! – Thank you! Gosh, why does everybody
have to shout in this house? – It’s finally here! (sneaky music) O.M.G. this took so long to get here, I really hope this works. Adaptive camo, fool all your friends. What is that little smudge? Do not get product wet. Who would get this thing wet? (laughs) That’s definitely working. Whoa. (laughs) This is awesome. It’s like a Harry Potter cloak. Oh, I’m going to have
so much fun with this. – Boys, it’s time to go. – I’m gonna have fun at
Aunt Jenna’s with this. – Cole, are you ready? – Yeah Mom, I’m ready. – Ethan, it’s time to go. – Coming, Mom! (knocking) – Hey guys!
– Hey. – Hey, come on in. – Thank you. – Thanks for coming to
help me watch the baby, she’s sleeping right now so it should be pretty easy. – Oh, no problem, anytime. She’s a breeze compared to these two. – Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom.
– What? – I have to use the restroom,
I have to use the restroom. – All right then, go. – [Jenna] Yeah, it’s crazy,
I have so much work to do, I don’t even know where to start. (laughing) – I don’t think they know. – Okay well, make yourself at home. Have you guys eaten lunch already? – Yeah, we ate, but thank you. – Okay, sounds good, let me
know if you need anything. – All right, sounds
good, we’ll be all right. Okay. (laughing) (sneaky music) – Hey Cole, you gonna
be okay for a second? I’m just gonna go right outside, okay? – Yeah. (sneaky music) (footstep squeaks) – Hello? Huh, oh well. (gasps) Oh gosh, it’s not even
windy, what happened? (laughing) I’m so wet, I can’t believe that. (meows) (meows) – What? (meows) – Okay, what is that? (boy making ghost sounds) – Ah! A ghost! (laughing) – Oh no, oh no. (screams) (firing) Okay, okay, I give up. You caught me, whatever. – What is that? That’s awesome. – It’s my invisible cloak,
we got it for $9.95, best investment I’ve ever made. – We can totally mess with
Aunt Jenna with this thing. – Oh yeah, okay, let’s go do it. – Come on, let’s go. Wait, wait, I have an idea. – Okay. (laughs) – We can have some fun with this. – Oh yeah. (laughs) (typing) – This’ll be awesome. – Do it. (laughs) (screams) (laughs) – Why do boys always do that? Come out, boys, who did that? (making ghost noises) (ghost noises) (panting) – Where is the ghost? Where is it? (screaming) – Hey guys, Instagram comment comes from Carlton. Pretty much what it is is he got blasted in the
eye by his little brother, and that he’ll never
underestimate the accuracy of him ever again. Same with him, I’ve actually
got blasted in the eye by him before. It’s so sketchy, you never
know when he’s gonna blast, he’s like. – Anyways, picture of the week comes from Larry. – Larry is the coolest grown up ever. – Yes. He looks super snazzy with his gear. – We’ll challenge you
to a nerf blast fight any day, Larry, and
thanks for your picture. Check out the amazing, the greatest, extreme toy store. We have new stuff coming,
very, very, very soon. – We’re totally ordering new stuff, we always say that, but we’re
actually doing it this time. – See you next time, bye. Okay, I need to pull out the chair.

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