The Jerk (1/10) Movie CLIP – Navin’s Birthday (1979) HD

l know l am. (Father)
And l’m ready for that. Here’s corn bread
and collard greens. And l cooked up
those hog maws you like. Mother, dear, ain’t we
forgetting somethin’? No, l’m not.
Today is Navin’s birthday. [all exclaiming] Happy Birthday! Today is Navin’s birthday. And l cooked you up
your favorite meal. Tuna fish salad on white bread
with mayonnaise a Tab,
and a couple of Twinkies. Here, darlin’. Gee, Mom, thanks. You’re gonna
like that shit, man. [all laughing] l got you a present. Gee, Elvira. l made it myself. We got you somethin’, too. A whole half bottle
of Lilac Vegetal. lt’s from both of us.
Gee. [chuckling] l drew you this picture. Here. [chuckling] (Navin)
Thank you. l want you to have my Zippo. Gee, Dad, you had this since the war. Thanks. [choking]
Thanks, everybody. God bless us, every one. Navin. [sniffling] Well
will y! ou pass me the potatoes
and the collard greens? Navin, darlin’? l’m sorry
l spoiled the party, Mom. Aw, you didn’t
spoil the party. Navin, l brought you
a Twinkie. l’m not hungry right now. You feelin’ different again,
huh? lt’s like l don’t fit in. lt’s like
l don’t belong here. [sniffling] lt’s your birthday,
and it’s time you knew. Navin, you’re not
our natural-born child. l’m not? You were left on our doorstep. But we raised you
like you were one of us. You mean
l’m gonna stay this color? [crying] Navin, l’d love you if you were the color
of a baboon’s ass. Come here.

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