The Last of Us Part II – Reveal Reactions | Anniversary Video

can’t thank you enough, all of you, for your support in
making 2016 such a special year for all of us at PlayStation. Thank you very much. [APPLAUSE] But there’s one more thing. The team behind it wanted to
share this with you guys today. So this is from their
updated engine running on PS4. Please be Last of Us 2. All I’m gonna say is
thank you for coming. Please enjoy. [APPLAUSE] Let’s get this started.
Let’s get it. Oh my god.
It’s so pretty. This looks insane. So beautiful. No, no, no, no, no. I’m so excited.
Oh my gosh. Oh my god. Why does this look
like the Last of Us 2? Shut up. Shut up. [CHEERING] Freaking kidding me right now. Yes. Let’s get it baby.
Let’s get it baby. Shut up.
Okay. Okay. I’m so excited. Oh my god. It’s real. This is not your average
video game trailer, is it? Wow. The quality. With a little bit of
blood on the fret. Oh my god. It looks so amazing. Holy crap. That is beautiful. God. Look at that. It’s good. It’s happening. It’s amazing. [CHEERING] I’m almost ready the cry. What the heck right now? Ellie! Oh my god. Ellie is back, bro. Ellie.
Oh my god, yes. Oh, this is so good. Look how good it looks. Look at the window.
It’s the window. This has got me emotional. Man, she’s messed up. Oh my god. If that’s Joel, I swear to
god I’ll start crying now. Please let this be Joel.
Please let this be Joel. Please. Oh my god.
Dude, I’m so excited. [CHEERING] The bond is still there. Please tell me this is Joel. Oh my god.
Please tell me it’s Joel. Damn. JOEL: What are you doing, kiddo? It’s Joel! I’ve missed that voice. JOEL: You really gonna
go through with this? Naughty Dog, man. I love this game so much. ELLIE: I’m gonna find… …and I’m gonna kill… …every last one of them. Last of Us 2, baby. [CHEERING] Wow. My head’s gonna explode. You guys have no idea how
happy that made me just now. I got goosebumps;
you’ve got tears. How does Naughty Dog
just keep doing it? I want this game
more than the original. What? I’m tearing up.
This is insane. I’m a grown man. I’m sorry if your
uncomfortable with my crying. I cannot wait. This is the reason
to live right here.

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  1. My hormones imbalanced when they released this trailer…its been almost 3 years just release this masterpiece already

  2. When I thought it was a release date and new trailer 😂😂 but I still love it!! I can’t wait for it!! 😍❤️

  3. People, people, please, listen. This is a game trailer. It’s CGI pre-rendered. As with almost any newer game, the trailer will look amazing. So does this one. Don’t get it confused with actual game play graphics, until it’s in your home on your screen. Okay? Okay.

  4. Why dafuq you include the reaction of Magnus Tyrone, someone who third party claim original videos of others, he hinself only reacted too? Disgusting.

  5. Интересно эта игра появится на консоли пс4? Или с самого начала это будет игрой на пс5?

  6. Who’s here after seeing the New trailer And Release Date!??? 😁😁😁

    Also I loved that one guy that was all “No, no, no, no” 🤣 like he’s just figuring it out…I’ve been there.

  7. “This is not your average video game trailer, is it?” Understatement of the DECADE………
    Troy Baker & Ashley Johnson were in that audience…..they said they were in TEARS……

  8. Naughty Dog one of the greatest devs in the eco system LoU was the greatest game I've ever played. I really cannot wait for this any longer.

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