“The Last Ride” USS CONSTITUTION 217th Birthday Celebration

USS Constitution is a 44 gun frigate. 3 masted
square rigged frigate. Built to out run, or out gun any thing she
came across. Which she was successful at doing 33 and O in battle. It’s the last underway the ship will have
for over 3 years. She truly is a lens through which we can examine
the importance of having a Navy. The role our Navy has had in our nations history. This ship was built as a result of acts of
piracy against our nation. That made it very clear.In order to defend
our national interest and economy. We would need to have a Navy. That was true
2oo years ago and it is evermore true today. And just as our Navy defended our nation and
our freedoms and our national interest in the 1800’s.
So it does tooday around the globe and it will in the future. (Music)
Once we watched the small free birds fly. Her love was on the way, we had dreams and
songs to sing. Well it means it’s a period in the ships life
where we take the time to do, right by the ship.And while that might mean visitors don’t
get to have the same experience they can have today, for that the period she is in drydock.
It allows us to do the restorations, repairs to do the work that needs to be done. So that
we do preserve the Constitution for generation and generations to come. So we will stay open, but the next time she
will be open the way we see her today will early 2018. Any folks who have been thinking about visiting
Boston and visiting Old Ironsides they should absolutely get down here some time this fall
before March 2015 when we take her into drydock.

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