The Library Minute: Fun Things at the Libraries

Oh! Even in the libraries we have to take a break and have some fun Ahh! [laughs] As the pressures of the semester continue to rise the libraries are also a great place to relax and unwind All of our libraries have comfy chairs and tables So you can relax with a good book Enjoy an ice beverage of your choice And surf the web with our free Wi-Fi We also have an extensive DVD and video collection So we’re a great place to get FREE movies [cheers] Some of our libraries have board games you can check out an play with your friends We also have a lot of CDs Or you can stream music online and have a dance party in the library Both Hayden and Fletcher have cafes in the libraries So you don’t even have to go outside to get your frapachino or your blueberry scone If you need a snack several of our libraries have vending machines For you art conosiurs visit the Vault Gallery at the Downtown campus library Checkout a Culture Pass for free admission to museums around the valley Thank you for taking a Library Minute ASU Libraries, shaken… not stirred [James Bond theme] Oh! [laughter] [music continues]

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