The Lion Guard The Kupatana Celebration Part 4 – Grace Connor

Thank you very much! You can see that Come on man, the Rhino he’s trapped in a mud pit all the way over at Lake Mike hoping we’ll need to get moving Okay ray you and your family have to stay away from the aardvarks tents and food. Got it Oh, yes, and I’m so sorry for any misunderstanding Come on kids, let’s leave these nice aardvarks to their business. We’ll find someplace else to go You were right ray ray, the bride lands is filled with great things to take just wait for that big old kupatana celebration all the pride lands animals in one place Now let’s help ourselves to more of the pride Landers Generosity, but mom won’t calm in the lion guard get mad and kick us out. Don’t go Dogo Dogo Today is the one day these silly pride Landers will let us get away with anything right boy boy. Yeah, because it’s kupatana We can do whatever we want as long as we do it shackle style Our kind is born a bit smarter than other creatures you might know We’ve learned how to beat the system everyone else does our work for us Pretend then we can take them Jackals down Or fill the hole there’s plenty here for us to take Thalia And just wait for kupatana Animals gathered and bees Will stroll in and eat at our pleasure It’s gonna be one amazing feast Later Oh dear has there been another misunderstanding Thank you so much hakuna matata, I’m there happens to all of us sometimes Maybe next time you could get stuck in mud. That isn’t so

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