The Lion Guard The Kupatana Celebration Part 5 – Grace Connor

Thank you very much! Sticky it’s okay. We’ve still got time to hit the watering hole and get cleaned up before the celebration Nothing to see here move along I’m sorry, kion. I just don’t understand why everyone’s so upset. Yeah, we didn’t take anything from the aardvarks what about all these other animals Oh them a Misunderstanding is that what they call stealing food and invading other animals homes and the Outlands? Well, yes, it is. Things are so different out there. How could we possibly know what’s acceptable in the pride lands? Gimme a break Cayenne. You don’t know how hard it is to start over in a strange place We just don’t know how to fit in we do so want to be accepted as part of your community Don’t you pride Landers have a word for that? We do it’s kupatana. We’re actually gathering a missing of Grove tonight to celebrate. Kupatana kupatana Donna It sounds lovely. Do you think we jackals can be a part of your kupatana Maybe but only if you can treat everyone in the pride lands worth respect. Can you and your family do that? Oh, yes I think we understand now right go I go I go I go Whatever you say dear Okay, now we should go we need to clean up for the kupatana celebration But I hope we’ll see you there. Oh They’ll see us there all right won’t they going going whatever you say dear Hey did Dogo and his family come I don’t see them it’s starting Thank you all for joining us We are here not just to witness the blooming of the bail Bob flowers But to celebrate our community our kupatana and to honor all of our roles in the circle of life It is time This is so unexpected, I didn’t think I’d be so moved what buy a bunch of flowers but all the options All these delicious little animals all in one place. How will we ever know where to begin? I don’t know that’s digging and Now let’s the kupatana celebration

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