The Lion Guard The Kupatana Celebration Part 6 – Grace Connor

Thank you very much! What is going on it’s raining or jackal family jackal family sorry dad, this is my fault But I know what to do everyone Kion is right if we stand together no Outlanders can defeat us. We’ve got a round of these chocolates Affirmative Holly I see going on behind the other Boy boy, that’s what you think – a jackal pups near the trash Where are you a Joke oh, you know what? I don’t think you’re cute anymore. I’ll be over quick What’s got you so upset You lied to me ray, oh no, did we make another mistake of his pride land rules Sake you’re coming back to the Outlands all of you. Just one more chance You heard my son leave No Oh Simba I think there’s been a misunderstanding Kion Sorry, dad. Don’t forget kion. I encouraged you to save that. Jackal pup this morning Yeah, but you didn’t tell me to invite him into the pride lands you made a mistake kion But you made it in the spirit of kupatana you gave strangers a chance to fit in then tonight We saw kupatana in action all the animals of the pride lands standing together as one Thanks, dad I guess this year’s celebration is over you kidding Usually we just get to look at these things Bunk is right. These bear bad blossoms are delicious You see Kyle Everything has its place. Yeah It’s the circle of life happy kupatana, dad happy kupatana, cuyana

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