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hey guys so today we are making a Pumbaa cake why because muttering that’s why so let’s get started now a couple months back the bait King posted a picture of him and his Pumbaa cake and I challenged Marty link to recreate this cake she challenged me right back and so this is my Pumbaa cake let’s see who makes a better Pumbaa cake let’s pretend like we don’t know damn it feels good to be against and to create this cake I’m using a cake frame I bought this from Germany or its expensive and fancy now I’m starting off with a six inch round cake the bake Kings pumba cake was like huge I’m only allowed to have one shelf in my apartment size fridge so it’s my cake is like this big very little very very little and I’m placing buttercream in between each layer of cake then placing on my second round kick and I didn’t nevel this cake off because the hump is actually gonna help me create from this body I’m adding some more frosting and I’m actually gonna add a little bit of a support system with some cardboard here to support Pumas big ol head that’s creating his head I’m using a six inch to do my thing I’m just adding some more butter cream and then topping it off with another six inch round cake you see Pumbaa yeah I think I think I see a winner damn it feels good to be given all honesty I really don’t know what I’m doing and I kind of panicked at this point so I decided to give this cake or crumb coat I didn’t even carve it but I was like okay well I don’t know what to do so let’s just crumb coat it for now so the thing that I love about my week is her followers are really funny and they are sarcastic and they’re kind of mean but that’s totally my sense of humor so when they comment something that’s really mean I laugh really hard I don’t take any offense I screenshot it and then I show it somebody because they think it’s really funny and then she just like apologizes for you guys she’s like I’m so sorry they don’t mean it in a bad way it’s just like funny I began to carve my Pumbaa shape using a ton of different knives I’m just very slowly very terrified no confidence whatsoever carving away at my cake I bought these two Pumbaa figures on eBay $9 what was I thinking I really wanted to win I needed like a 3d representation of the character so I could see how much I needed to carve from the cake cake is expensive you guys know I’m not even gonna lie I was really scared about making this cake everybody knows what Pumbaa looks like and if I’m screwed up just a little bit on the carving I wouldn’t be happy with this cake but this carving process took even longer than usual so I rounded out his body and gave him a huge belly and then I started to work on his head so I’m just enhancing his like huge chin and then I started to carve in between his eyes and his nose and then started rounding down his mouth at this point I was really like hating muttering hating the big King because it was too hard and I didn’t want to do it but naturality I really do like these two creators one thing I’m not good at is being uncomfortable and having to do this challenge put me in a comfortable situation and I actually learned a lot from carving this cake so I hated you in the moment I love you for life alright now when I was carving his face I realized that his nose needed to be taller so I added another layer of heat and just starts to carve out his nose shape then I added some buttercream and glued it down once I was happy with my puma shape I gave this baby another crumb coat this is the confidence crumb coat because now I kind of know what I’m doing no I don’t now have you guys seen the little shops for cake that the baking created this cake man I’m speechless I think it’s so beautiful also have you guys seen this beautiful piece of art that Mari we created this also left me speechless hey I feel good after I gave my boomba cake Ronco I added some more cake to create is legs and I didn’t know how much cake to add pours like so I added half of a six inch round cake this was a mistake now slowly just start to carve away a little bit at a time and I just ended up with this very very small piece of cake I wasted a lot of cake I’m sorry now I just repeated this process with his other line [Music] now place this into the fridge to set up and I actually took it out a couple times just so I could emphasize different parts and different features of Pumbaa that I didn’t get right the first time now once I was happy with it I gave this baby a final coat of buttercream yep as much time as I did spend carving this cake I wasn’t confident that it was gonna look exactly like Pumbaa so if I hadn’t fondant on top of this and I wasn’t happy with it then I would just cry there’s no way to fix the carving once the fondant on top so I decided that I was just gonna cover this cake and some Pumbaa brown buttercream that way if I screwed up on the carving in any way I could just shave down the buttercream in some places and add more buttercream and others it’s a really good safety mat I was supposed to do this with the Pikachu cake then I got scared then no fears now we’re probably gonna do this more often in the future so I covered my entire public cake with some brown butter cream at first I just gave it a rough coat and then I just started to refine all of the different lines with my offset spatula just making sure that I’m emphasizing his big old chin his very chubby body [Music] and I place this back into the fridge to chill for probably about thirty minutes and then I place on a glove and using a little bit of water I just started to smoothen out all of the buttercream now the outer buttercream actually got a lot darker I think the water draws out the food coloring from the buttercream which is why the top coat is darker you know when I do this in the future I think I’m just going to do all of this and just plain white buttercream and once it’s all carved and smoothened out properly then I’ll add like the colored coat of butter now once this was almost smooth and out I started to apply mo buttercream this is kind of like a fixative buttercream it’s great some of his features on his face I actually created some piles of buttercream so I can get his eyes his smile and the wrinkle on his nose right this actually really felt like icing art because I was sculpting like a sculpture I’m a sculptor first I was just adding clumps of buttercream but then I had to refine all the lines so that they looked exactly like the smile lines and the eyes of Pumbaa I was liking artists a little bit now I just shaped everything with my offset spatula and then I placed it back into the fridge took it out put on my glove and then start to smoothen out all of those features again with water he’s looking like it now huh he’s looking a little poom boy you know at this point I was kind of just referring to my toy constantly to make sure that I was getting all of his features right I’m very curious about how my wings looks because she’s talking a lot of smack talking about how she’s got so much game do you think you want Michael Jordan is alright is it the right basketball reference mmm Magic Johnson is that right this also ranked it’s Michael Jordan Magic Johnson right I shouldn’t talk about things I don’t know about now once I was happy with my buttercream my added some darker brown fondant to get his belly then I use some brown fondant to create all four of his pants now these pieces of fondant aren’t the same color as my butter creams gonna take a paintbrush and just blend in some buttercream to make it look like one cohesive piece you see so they don’t know it’s fun and it just looks like buttercream now it’s great as hair I’m using a very large piece of black fondant and then I just use some fondant tools to get the texture right I applied some skin tone fondant to the front to get his nose and actually got dirty so I replaced him when I was taking pictures of the cake I created his ears using fondant as well it’s the same colors as legs and also some skin tone wanted to create the inside of the ear [Music] can you do like a pedicure – so I’m attaching some black fondant to create his hopes he’s pretty flat guy he’s getting his nails done he got his hair did go into the club gonna have some fun [Music] now all of my fondant pieces are a different shade of brown than the buttercream so I took a paintbrush and I just applied a very thin layer of buttercream to his legs and his ears so that way they’ll just look like part of the buttercream cake you won’t actually even be able to tell that their fondant pieces it’s a lie I’m a liar I got it thank you thank you in the comments I get it now after I applied his tail I give the exact same buttercream wash then I am ffice eyes to smile a little bit more with some fondant and placed in two tusks using some toothpicks who they lookin good right they lookin so gay next I placed in Pumbaa eyes and these are actually too big so I replaced them when I was taking pictures too and voila ma Pumbaa cake I think I did an okay job I mean it looks like Pumbaa his legs could be a little thinner I think I could have chosen like a happier sort of smiling Pumbaa and also his tusks aren’t even ones higher than the other I didn’t notice any of this stuff until I started editing the video there are a lot of things that I just want to nitpick but this was a great learning experience I’m curious who do you think did better team Nene Oh Brody he’ll our team muttering I do have to give a shout-out to mutter linked in the baking I love these two they were so helpful well the baking was very helpful he creates awesome cakes you guys so make sure you subscribe one of my favorite movies is a Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and one of my favorite quotes from the movie is the only real failure is a failure to try and that’s why mother ink even though some of her creations she considers fails I consider them all wins because she didn’t let anything stop her from creating it and it’s funny to admit this but I don’t watch the video all the way through because I don’t understand it but I always like it so make sure you head over to their channels hit the subscribe button and spam them with love spam mati wink with Nina prodigy oh does it best do that do it now make sure you hit that notification button so you can see everything I’m currently working on in the community tab and also make sure you follow me on Instagram so you can see the insane amounts of love that modeling’s followers have been giving all my pictures you can also see all the trash she’s been talking in her story I hope you guys enjoyed this I love you I will see you very soon peace

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