The Mabunga family celebrates Fernan’s birthday | Pamilya Ko Recap (With Eng Subs)

– Hey! It’s my turn!
– Mom, I’ll talk to the kids. That’s enough. Give me that. We need to talk before
your dad comes home. Is there a problem, Mom? Yes. But it’s a happy problem. I need your help in throwing
a surprise party for your dad. – Oh!
– That got me good! Shh! That’s a secret. We can make it
a double celebration with Persi’s graduation. Good idea! How will we go about it? Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll take care of
the decoration. It’s going to be the party
to end all parties! Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll take care of– – Hey! Easy!
– I’m sorry! – That’s enough.
– You were saying? Pongky and I will make
the birthday card. – Right, Pongky?
– Yes! I’m sure your dad will like it. Let’s also rent
a karaoke machine. Yeah! Mabunga parties won’t be
complete without… Hearing Cherry sing! – You should sing too, Persi.
– Mom! That’s enough. Here you go. You first. I’ll try. Chico, how’s Dad? He’s okay. Doctor Pia said
it wasn’t anything serious, but he’s got a sprain
on his back. He just needs to rest
for a few days. What? But what about
the fruit stand? How about we temporarily
close it down? Never mind.
The fruits will rot. And what about the preparations
for Dad’s birthday? It will go as planned.
We just have to work together. Can I count on you guys? – One, two, three…
– Mabunga! Look, Lemon! That’s so cute! You can do it this way. Hi, we’re currently offering
new units. Would you like to… That’s all. Here you go, ma’am.
Thank you. Grandma? – And switch!
– Okay. Oh! Are you okay?
Does it still hurt? Take it easy. I got a message from Mom. – What did she say?
– Persi’s exam just started. That’s good. You know what?
Something feels off. – Why?
– What is it? Look, there are a lot of people
who just pass by our stall. Maybe we should come up
with a gimmick. I have an idea! Do you have
your phones with you? Take a picture and post it
online twenty times so people can know about us. Twenty times? Are you
some kind of influencer? Why? Do you have a better idea? Can’t you see we’re in
a public market? The more tacky
the marketing, the better. Tacky? Well, I won’t disagree. You know the market because… – …you are tacky, too.
– Here they go again. – Shade!
– Oh! – Fine. Think of something else.
– Whatever. How much are the avocados? That’s 150 pesos per kilo. Oh, okay. Hey, that looks tasty.
Where did you buy that? Here’s my payment! – It’s so delicious!
– How many will you get? Here you go. Thank you! The exam’s over.
They’re on their way out. Do you have some
money with you? Persi’s probably
hungry after his exam. Alright. Take care, my love.
Love you! Love you! – Fernan!
– Yes? Tell Luz your mango float
is a huge hit. It’s so delicious,
yet affordable. There are a lot of
customers waiting in line. – I will.
– Alright. Dad! Dad! – Dad!
– Hi, Dad! – Look at this, Dad.
– Wow! – Does it taste good?
– Here, have some. This is a great idea! One thousand two hundred!
One thousand three hundred! Fifty! Twenty! – That’s 1,370!
– Wow! You earned that much
in just a day? That doesn’t include
our sales from the fruits. Mom, I think this is our key
to a better future. – Yes!
– You know… We have to give credit
to whoever thought of… …making this out of
the mangoes I brought home. It’s a brilliant idea, I know. I just saw it on
the Internet, Dad. I didn’t expect
it would sell this well. My daughter’s so clever! – It was her idea.
– She really did great. You should teach me
how to make this, so I can sell this when
I don’t have a job anymore. Happy, happy birthday! – Is this for me?
– Yes, Dad. What’s this? These are your baby photos! How cute! We made it, Dad. When did you do this?
I had no idea. That’s because it’s a surprise. Exactly! Thank you. We can’t thank you enough, Dad. We can’t thank you
enough, Dad! – Hey!
– That’s how you said it. Anyway, Dad,
you deserve a big hug! – Thank you!
– Not you, Cherry! You can’t join our group hug! – Happy birthday to you!
– Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! – Luz…
– Yes, ma’am? Have the collaterals for our
Taft properties been settled? – I’ll double check it.
– Okay. Kindly call Beri
and tell him… – …we have to go.
– Yes, ma’am. – LVM.
– Oh, hi! – Sorry. It’s too loose on me.
– That’s too bad. Um… Luz? Try this on. Maybe it’ll fit. This looks brand new. Yes. I bought it online. The seller delivered
the wrong size so I can’t use it. Let me see. – It looks perfect on you.
– It suits you. You can have it. Gee, ma’am, you’ve already
done a lot for me. I’ll accept it, but
let me pay for it. Maybe in three installments. Oh, Luz! You don’t
have to pay me. I insist, ma’am. Consider it as a gift.
Take it. It’s not that expensive, anyway. It’s your husband’s
birthday today, right? – Yes.
– You can wear it for the party. Don’t you like it? – I’ll take it.
– No! Ma’am gave it to me. Besides, you’re doing me
a very big favor. Alright. So, what are your plans
for your birthday? Any birthday wish? I’m not asking for much. A modest salary’s enough. I want to feed our family
three times a day. And I wish for all your siblings
to finish their studies. Pretty simple stuff. We’ll make those
come true, Dad. I’ll treat all of you
next time when our fruit stand
business does well. Don’t worry about it, Dad. I’ll make use of my
senior citizen card. We don’t need a fancy
celebration, Dad. What’s important is that
we’re all together, right? You’re right. Thanks, son. – Surprise!
– Surprise! Happy birthday, Dad! – Happy birthday!
– Thank you! – Happy birthday!
– Happy birthday! You’re really full of energy! Come in, my love! – You really surprised me.
– Come in, birthday boy! Of course, Dad! Happy birthday, love! Happy birthday, son!
God bless you. I hope you liked
our surprise for you. I did! I was completely
surprised! Don’t be sad now. Okay! Let’s sing! Ready? Hit it! [CHEERING] Go, bro! Hey! Why did you start
without me? – Beri!
– Oh my gosh! – Bro!
– Dad, happy birthday! Mom! Beri’s here now! Roasted pig! Where did that come from? Beri, who bought that? Good evening, Chico. Good evening, Fernan. Good evening, everyone. LVM? Ma’am? Oh, you can go ahead, dear. I’ll just use the toilet. – The toilet’s over there.
– Okay. Hey, Dad. Fernan… – Don’t you want me to be here?
– That’s right, I don’t! Isn’t it obvious? before you ruin the party that Luz worked hard to prepare! I don’t plan to ruin your party. I came here to continue the
tradition we started in Italy. Don’t you remember… …the times I was the one
who made you happy? That’s all in the past now! Please go ahead, ma’am. I think they’re eating now. Persi… – Yes, Dad?
– Can you accompany Ma’am Loida? Sure. Is that enough proof my parents
truly love each other? Now, leave our family alone! [SOBBING]

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