The Marriage Foundation Reviews: David Answers More Questions

If someone asked me, if my marriage was
worth saving? I would say, absolutely but it should be saved in the right way. It should get on the right course. Living in a marriage that is not on that right path is painful, it’s difficult, it’s hard, and
it’s destructive. If you use a program which teaches you what The Marriage
Foundation does and you can put it on the right path where it’s
everyday incredible. That’s really the way to go. The principles are simple to
me. They fit, their common sense they truly fit how you should be with
the partner. They truly fit how you should treat your spouse. They truly fit
how you should feel about yourself. It really gives you a clear path on
what to do and how to make it work and I just work well but really work. Does The
Marriage Foundation program give me a temporary or a permanent solution? it’s
permanent, it’s absolutely permanent. Once you go down the path, once you learn this
it’s there; it can’t go away. You have to, you use it, and it becomes permanently part
of you. Permanently part of how you approach a marriage. Well, I thought like
most people that I had a good idea of what a marriage was. I had seen marriage
in all different forms growing up. I saw my parents in a marriage. I saw other
friend’s parents and marriages. I saw marriages on TV and everywhere else. But
truthfully, I had no thrill training in it and I could have used it. I’ve read books
and I’ve read a lot of things and seen a lot of things on having a good marriage
that have a significant amount of information. Probably as much information
as in The Marriage Foundation program it’s just the quality of the information
that’s so different. The quality information from the other programs just
doesn’t help. You try it, it doesn’t work and most of it even causes more
problems than you had from before. And that’s what I liked about The Marriage
Foundation program, what I got from it was a clear simple approach to marriage
with an understanding of it. That made it simple, made it easy, and it worked. What’s
in The Marriage Foundation program is so encompassing they finding in on my own
in the complete form that it was put in was impossible. You can’t find that. You
can’t find all of the stuff that’s in The Marriage Foundation program all in
one place, all at one time, and probably find it in one lifetime. Can you find
parts of it? Absolutely. When you do what’s in your
program with your spouse, it works so at that point, you learn it and you got it.
But to have what you have in the program all spelled out, all fully encompassing. No, you can’t stumble upon that all at once or even in
a quick time frame — take too long. You can’t compare. It’s apples and
oranges there are two different things. It’s literally like you
go to the marriage counselor and they’re teaching you how to play baseball and
you go to The Marriage Foundation and they’re showing you how to to make a
movie. There are two different things. But the big difference is the
moviemaking thing works, really does work. Is there anything about the teachings of
The Marriage Foundation that I disagree with? You know it’s so common sense. It’s so such a genuine approach that
I can’t think of anything that I would disagree with. The only thing I disagree
with is not getting it sooner. My wife’s impression of The Marriage
Foundation program was that it was unlike anything she had ever read before
and it was a wonderful scientific approach, and road map to making a
marriage work. Well, you know my first thought would be the wife because
you know you always think that it’s more the other person than you. But in reality,
it’s more valuable for yourself because the program teaches you how to make
what you have control of which is yourself how to make that work in a
marriage. You don’t concentrate on your spouse making it works and therefore
it’ll work in our marriage. You concentrate on making it work for
yourself. If you fix yourself marriage works. Would I recommend The Marriage
Foundation course? Absolutely, I just don’t know where else you’d get this
information all encompassed in one program like this. Yeah. You can try to go see
marriage counselors, you can try to do all kinds of different programs but this
program focuses on a new and what you can do to make your
marriage incredible and it works. And when you use the principles in the
program you have an everyday incredible life. It’s just amazing and it
is. I have an incredible marriage with an incredible
spouse and every day is better than the next.

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