The Melissa & Doug Anniversary Video: 25 Years – Official Video

(upbeat ukulele music) – Um, does that look natural? – Not really, if people know you. – Okay, alright, pull back, we’re ready. Do we look ready? Alright, remember your script, Meliss. (man laughs)
(beep) Action! Alright, I just have to recall my lines. Give me a moment. Let me capture myself.
– [Melissa] Line. – Line, where are– (hand claps shut)
there it is. (gulps loudly) Hi, I’m Doug, and welcome
to Melissa and Doug. You know, it’s hard to believe that it’s our 25 year anniversary this year. It was only a very short 25 years ago that I, completely on my own, started this company from nothing with no one there to help. Oh, hey Melissa. – Hi, I’m Melissa. – No, I’m Melissa, actually. It was 25 years ago that
Melissa and I went away to a little bed and breakfast
where we brainstormed what do we wanna do? And we decided, what? – To focus on children.
– Did you forget? It looks like you forgot.
– ‘Cause the future– (beep) – We’re gonna try it again, action! We decided that we wanted to make educational products for children. And that was literally 25 years ago this summer in Lenox, Massachusetts where we went and made that decision. – I know everybody finds
that hard to believe ’cause we barely look older than 25. (beep)
– Cut! – Him.
(beep) Is there anything more to say? – Well, yes, and I will say it. – We started because we love children, and we believed that there weren’t enough great products on the
market that made learning fun. – That was our motivation 25 years ago. We started with one little
educational product, which we sold out of the
back of our station wagon. 25 years later, the station
wagon’s still doing fine, and we are still working together with our great team of people
here at Melissa and Doug to make as many wonderful products for you as we possibly can. We both come from families of educators. Our parents were educators, our siblings, everyone related, our aunt, our uncle. Everyone was in education,
and we wanted to make educational products for children. So we decided to– – Do exactly that! – Wake up. Are you with us or what? Are you with us? – When you speak, I tend to fall asleep. – Okay.
(beep) We teamed up together, and it’s
been a great collaboration. We’ve been married for, um– – Certainly a long time! – A long time. – We’ve never cared about
anything else other than creating great educational
products for children, and creating an atmosphere here where people can give great
service to our customers, take great care of our retailers, take great care of the moms and dads, and the kids, and everyone
who has our products. And we have six children,
so we have children. So when Melissa said we love children, she really means it. We love children, we
love our own children, we love your children. – And we’re trying to lead by example, so please have more children. – Right. So we thank you for
being part of our family for the past 25 years, and we look forward to the next 25 days. – Hope you’ll be part of it. – I mean 25 years, excuse me. – What is wrong with you? – Thank you very much. (beep) Alright, cut! Hi, I’m Melis– no, I’m Doug. (beep) In all seriousness, which
is hard to imagine, but– (beep)
Hello, do you talk? (beep) I was basically the eye candy for Melissa, let’s be honest about it. (beep) Am I the only one who
noticed that sometimes she has difficulty getting
her thoughts communicated? – I’m never certain when
you’re gonna stop talking. (laughter)
(beep) – Feeling very youthful
after 25 years actually. (beep) – It’s pretty much what
it’s always like with Doug. – Thank you so much for
being with us for 25 years. Mmm, ya, love ya. (Melissa laughs) (upbeat ukulele music)

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