The Moment You Knew I Wanted To Marry You | {THE AND} Rachel & Kristoph

Hey guys, it’s Anndi here at the skin-deep We love the work that we do and if you do too – please consider supporting us at enjoy Describe the moment you knew you loved me Oh boy Well was-there was an initial love like I said at the very beginning when I first met you the first date remember You’re wearing. I think it was a dress Or a shirt or something. And there was like an aura around you, you know like this Like an angel or something it was really weird And I remember smiling and looking and feeling my – I couldn’t even feel my body kind of thing you know. so There’s definitely something there, but There’s a couple things, I mean it was mostly had to do with when we were traveling I think. Sun Valley for sure No, you know. It was Norway/ I think it was Norway because everything went wrong. Everything.(everything) Everything went wrong and That sleeping moment (yeah). Where It was dark 20 or 20 hours a day and everything was canceled and We just slept. And it was just very content even though everything was wrong, even it was cold and rainy and snowy That whole trip. Mine was Alaska. Feeling like I was gonna die on the mountain and you being there. Like so there, so there (yeah), I mean just Kind of giving up your day – (there was no question). Yeah It was the most intense Love I’ve ever felt in my whole life. Like feeling You know for eight hours that you’re gonna die, but you were there. (Yeah) Making sure I made it through every run (yeah). Yeah, I was automatic. And I knew that and I felt that and I didn’t feel any negativity from you because of it you didn’t make me feel bad you just were there. From the moment you realized that I wasn’t a helly skier. You’re not a helly skier, no. Who would’ve known? Yeah, that was that was cool (yeah). How have your feelings for me changed? They’ve been all over the place. From complete disinterest at the beginning to fascination – You called me fascinating for a while. You are, I still think you are. That’s such a cool word. I know then you hear me say it for someone else – (yeah I am fascinating). I think at one point I felt like I could help you. And that was and that made me feel good. And And that changed when I realized it wasn’t me helping you, it was us helping each other. And That In ways that you weren’t even aware of you’ve changed me too and Made me a better person too – and made my days brighter And I think that realization was huge for me And then the feeling of, that I’ve never had before of just complete surrender of you’re my person. Actually my Person that I want to have a family with, the person that I want to grow old with and When did you surrender? When? (yeah) I would say Alaska (yeah), and That was the moment Where I stepped into new whole new world for me that I’ve never stepped in with anybody else of complete, surrender to To trust you. (yeah) How do I make you better? How do you make me better? I don’t know, I feel more connected to myself, From being with you. You don’t let me hide That was my whole thing whenever conflict or anything would come up. I would hide, not deal with it and You don’t literally don’t allow that. You just don’t. And at first I hate it. I actually I kinda still don’t like it. (It’s not easy) Yeah, it’s not easy. And so you’ve made me more Been able to connect with you and connect with other people. And now I understand how people connect. Being perfect is not the way they connect with somebody, it’s being real and conflict and Sometimes the rawness it might not be perfect underneath is what actually connects people. (yeah) And I didn’t really know that. Yeah, yeah If-if you could go back to when we started our relationship, What advice would you give yourself? Buckle up Buckle up, baby As much as we’ve been through I kind of wouldn’t give myself any advice because I think we talked about this a lot where We had to go through everything that we’ve been through and I had to have the learning experiences And you had to have the learning experiences to get to where we are and I think if any little thing if I had had any piece of advice that might have changed it and I think We have to be here so buckle up, right I think that’s the only advice. Yeah What do you think that I need from you? And a second part of that and are you providing it? Umm I know what you need, and I’m probably not, I could probably do a better job of providing it giving you reassurance that you are enough. Because I know you struggle with that, that you’re enough and Communicating that to you in a meaningful way as opposed to just saying it. And I know I need to work on that but you are enough. You will always be enough. And I love you and I love the- where we are and that we’re doing right now. And that I need to do that more It’s hard for me to but When I sink into myself Which is rare Is when I really really really fall in love with you. And when I’m sitting there. I can feel it and um I know I can do a better job, though. So I don’t think I’m doing it enough, but I will do everything I can to remind you that you are enough. and that I love you very much. And that I don’t want anybody else And that you’re my person. (forever?) Forever. Yeah. Thank you. I like this. Why are you in this relationship? Because you’re the only person I’ve ever been with or ever met Where I Can fully be me. Where my I am gonna get emotional- but my dreams are reality and And I’ve met my other half, it’s just this. It’s, I told you the other day, it’s so right. It’s so real, and it’s you know when I can’t sleep at night, and I look over and I see you sleeping peacefully I feel nothing but grateful and I You’re somebody that I never thought that I would meet. This is the type of relationship that I never thought I would have. I think that we have room to soar. I think that we – the best is in front of us. I really, I think – I think the exact same thing (yeah) It’s [of] a really exciting picture, it’s- you’re the only person I met where I don’t have to Give up a piece of meat in order to be with you. It’s really, you. Enhance the best parts of me, and you You know sand down the worst parts, and it’s it’s really cool, and I really just I’m super super excited about the future like I’m so sure it’s Awesome, I think we can make it do anything. Yeah, I think you bring out parts of me that I didn’t know we’re there That I’m really happy you’re there. Yeah, you know. Yeah, I Love that Christoph. I like him, too That’s who I’m marrying Well, all parts of you. When was the moment you knew I wanted to marry you? Oh I guess that’s not one you knew I think it’s when I need to I mean you told me one time and When we were falling asleep That one day you wanted to marry me So do you remember that I don’t yeah, you were like falling asleep Was it in San Francisco at the denouement? Yeah? We were just falling asleep at one time you like whispered in my ear Oh, I did I do remember that So I think that was the first time I mean you were pretty clear about it And then we just never really brought it up again until we were both ready It kind of I think after about eight months or so it was just It just kind of kept moving in it. Yeah felt like we were gonna push through all of it If there was a reason behind it there was like a an end yeah an end, but a beginning goal yeah This is the person that I want to fight through everything with yeah For both of us What’s something you never want me to forget? What’s something that I never want you to forget? I will always be there, always And I won’t ever abandon you and I never leave you out in the cold I’ll just always be there to hold your hand through everything To carry your bag, to make sure you have water next to your bed And that we’re gonna be in this forever I know that I know it sounds corny, but it’s like No but it means the world yeah I’m so excited. Yeah What excites you the most about our future together? The possibilities. Totally yeah, and I think you and I have the same dream have the same vision and that’s so exciting because I don’t think it will be that difficult for us to Agree on wherever we are whatever We’re doing we tend to be very on the same page about what we’re looking for in our lives, so yeah I’m so excited about being married And I’m so excited about building a life together Way more excited about that than the actual wedding like it’s gonna be the best wedding ever yeah Why do you love me? I knew that question was going to come up. Barring an answer For all the reasons that were we’re here right now doing this You know you just you pull out all these amazing things out of me that I never knew were there You’re just you’re an amazing woman like literally like nobody else I’ve ever met and I feel extraordinarily lucky and fortunate to be with you and then found you You’re beautiful. You’re strong you’re smart smarter than me At least you know that That was mean, I’m sorry (yeah, it’s alright) You make me into a better person You make me into a better person (yeah) And I love that I love me the way I am with you. More than I ever have but it’s the it’s the deeper things for me that really Really really make me love you Hey guys Andy again Thank you so much for watching if you’re curious about the end experience Check out our card game that you can find at the skin-deep calm slash shop and play with your loved ones friends anyone enjoy

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  1. I fucking love these two. They are the epitome of what a couple should be! Wishing you all the best Rachel and Kristoph!

  2. I would LOOOVE, just absolutely love to see them giving an interview about 3-5 years after they divorce. His balls are in her ego's hands and she is too insecure to own her problems which for some fucked up reason thinks it's his job to solve. Reassurance ? Of what ? Who does he thinks he is to assure her of anything from the future? Is he a psychic or a magician? I can also see the burden of this relationship on his face. He is too obsessed with making her happy it's cringy as fuck. Too many promises and too many reassurances from two people who are very different and are desperate to put in a box something that can never be in a box: THEIR RELATIONSHIP.

  3. You are enough,, an you will, always be enough,, an I love you,, Wow that's just made this, so I thought tough guy gulp for air,, these 2 are,, made for each other,,

  4. I need a relationship like that. I’m ready. They are such a beautiful couple. I wish them all the happiness in the world

  5. I just love these two so much and I so want them to be forever and ever!! Just wanna protect them like a mama bird… and give her a lozenge and some tea.

  6. Man… that guy has been through a lot. There is so much pain in his eyes, it's rather intense. My feeling was confirmed when he expressed that he's not good with expressing his emotions, aka letting her know she's loved and more than enough. You can tell he's very guarded and reserved. He has a tough exterior that I'm sure he shows more often than his vulnerable side. I love that she's bringing out pieces of him he never knew were there. I hope that continues to happen and that he can heal from his past traumas. They're such a lovely couple. I hope they last their whole lives.

  7. This is so cringe! I bet he is a control freak- she will find that out later on! I don’t trust this “perfect couple!” Something smells funky.

  8. Red flags of an abuser: 1. Saying he has never met a woman like you before. 2. Referring to how you make him feel so good about himself- me, me, me and one day you stop doing that and bam he is pissed at you! 3. Making unrealistic promises – I will always be there for you! We can never promise that and nor should we! Trust me once this perfect wedding is over he will switch and become controlling, abusive and she will keep thinking where did that kind, supportive and loving man go. Oh and if it seems perfect, too good to be true- then it is! I can see in her eyes there is something inside her that doesn’t truly trust that this guy is as perfect as he is presenting himself to be! Something in her gut knows!

    Oh and often women at first are really disinterested in their future abuser. Then they pursue you and you end up getting sucked in.

  9. first thing i thought when i saw her smile was "beautiful mess". she has these intense gazes. like, i think she knows when you're lying.

  10. Scary. Scary the intensity and vulnerability, and sentiments we all feel or have felt. But, let's also know that it can all change on a dime. Relationships can go from sweet to bitter. Life happens! (unfortunately)

  11. The only way this relationship would make sense is if the guy is like 6ft 3in or taller. Otherwise there's literally no way I can understand why she's settling for him.

  12. Just stalked the heck out of them on Facebook and she’s a nurse practitioner and I think he works In real estate lmfao…if they see this comment they are prob gonna make their profiles private. I’m sorry Rachel and Kristoph you guys just seemed so perfect o had to find more about your lives lol

  13. Idk….at the end of the day for me, brown eyes on a woman wins my heart hands down. Her brown eyes 👀👀

  14. If this is really what this lady wants to hear, then more power to them, but I've never ever met a woman who likes an extreme buttkisser like this.

  15. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my love. She makes me so happy in every way, and watching videos like these just solidifies that because I see similarities. Watching how happy they make each other and knowing that my love makes me just as happy and seeing them succeed and live their life… it’s good. It really is.

  16. A real man and a real women who could love and be loved forever. Never lose that guys as life throws all sorts of challenges with kids, mortgages,jobs and extended family interfering with the serenity we pursue. Hope you guys have a great life together. Best wishes from somebody who is a husband and a dad.

  17. THIS is so beautiful, so pure and so MUCH more. The way they look each other exudes matches with EVERYTHING they're saying and more. This reminds me of the type of love I'm receiving, which makes one feel so full 💗

  18. I have been FREAKING OUT with the fear that marriage would mean losing my independence, but this just made me realize that the right person won't take away from my life, but instead will add to it.

  19. Watching this made me realise how uncomfortable I am about being so open with someone. I would have trouble being this honest to someone I loved so deeply because of fears of being hurt.

  20. They are like the very nice white couple down the street who always speak to you and they make their 2 year old say “thank you” when you give her a piece of candy.

  21. Does it feel that they got married fast? They don't know and that's just generic. They are saying things which naive couples say.

  22. Wait I’m looking at these comments and can’t to this startling conclusion;

    It’s been a year and I’m just finding out about this? Damn where have this been all my life?

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