Camera is there Director, come here.
food is in front right ? food is in front of you.
No no no no! welcome back to the channel everyone good morning today my day is starts early but usually my day starts early. Its gonna be a good day because I usually do lots of stuff and my day starts early that means me doing more stuff that means me vlogging more! we will do photo shoot of me also.
so this remote control which operate this light has no battery so i’m going to buy the battery. by the way i don’t have to introduce you Junaid because everyone already know who you are but still i have to introduce you lots of people are watching first time.
did you subcribe? then do subscribe. we have lots of work today literally after this photo shoot we have to go back to powai i will tell you, i will update. What so amazing in this 1 hour flight ?
its because that pilot has landed the plan so fast, nobody slept. who ever was sleeping also woke up.
may be it was rapid decent. so because of that rapid decent your ears might hurt right ? slowly decent they do that was totally different. he was like. we are trying to do stop motion but it will not happen here so we go down again.
so what is stop motion aashish so will you explain in your simple language? so for that you need a big place and evenly Lit up place you need. here we have big space but we will find it difficult right?
so here walking space is less here so probably we will try down somewhere Because truth takes you towards good deeds. take a photo i’m coming take it again now wait shanice.
no do like this. one this happen, another should be like this. and the other should be like this.
but you told me to pull like this. yes pull it out now take you didn’t mark the location? actually he bunked the college so this college tiffin your mom see the videos? yeas everyday.
very mischievous boy very mischievous boy now you are growing up. so we are eating his tiffin because i love to tiffins so whats this Roti and ? cluster bean so whatever it is very tasty.
Home cooked food are always good where ever you go Thank you Mehul for not eating your tiffin when i was a kid i used to eat my whole tiffin I called my mom before leaving from college, she was like eat the tiffin and leave. Nikhil has eaten it all. Thank you aunty and nice food and Junaid also ate before this we ate two sandwich also after that there is something like should i eat it or not what mehul will think. should i eat it or not? eat it. eat it mehul will like it. he tries to say the truth.
see what’s in the dessert So Shanice’s photo shoot is complete now I was holding the light, mehul was holding the thermocol we also taken your photos.
no mine will take now. aashish ready ?
lets do my photo shoot now. he clicks some good photos.
camera is also expensive. What’s the cost of your camera? Body is of 2,20,000.
and Lens? now its only 3 lens
only 3. so what’s the cost of those three? 1,50,000.
we are not exaggerating. so we are giving you some informations. What happen to you ? What happen to you ? how all this happen ?
Ola cab has smashed me. Ola cab has smashed me ? did you note down the Ola cab number?
no he hit and Run. by the time i stand up he went already. he went too far. you are also a rider. my gear lever broke. or else i would have catch him. one gear down, whole Ola cab will be behind. long story short, Kaku met with an smalll accident last night he was riding and suddenly Ola cab smash him from side. Actually the Bus driver smash the Ola Cab and he suddenly came towards me.
So mistake was of Bus driver.
Bus driver also Hit and Run. What to do this is Mumbai it happens most of the time. actually the road conditions in Mumbai is very bad now a days that any driver or rider can’t drive or ride properly and this kind of accidents are happening everyday. where should i wear ? i was wearing that turban ok whatever it is. i know you guys will tell him to wear the helmet. if you are nearby i also not wear helmet but if you are on road then you have to wear helmet. sometimes i also become careless and don’t know why people poke me so much. I want the energy of Ranveer Singh in my vlog. which dance he was doing. lets dance everybody Camera is there Director, come here. food is in front right ? food is in front of you.
No no no no! how he do ? like this? no no.
left first. downstairs uncle aunty stays there.
sorry uncle aunty if you are watching this video. it is shaking see this. and we have flush out the coolant and have to put new one if you remember from my nepal video Radiator got gas in it, so Junaid will clean the gas from it and then he will top up it again and flush it out. because if we do it here and there then we have to start the motorcycle many times. which will create noise already society people has problem with me and i don’t to trouble them more. there is some dust in my lens.
oil is little low. we have to flush out the coolant.
and this bolts are loose chain! come here. give me this chain is too loose because of this.
what you call it ? chain pad.
so this chain pad which is broke now.
we have to order it new. upper one is in nice condition still we have to order it. mudguard is loose so we have to tight it. we have ordered the sprocket but it will take more two three weeks. we are ordering a better quality sprocket which will last more unlike this one which last for only 35000 KM so this thing is a magnet.
and it can be this big and why it get this big because if something has fall we can lift it up with this. for example like this as you can see its very strong pull it out junaid.
now what will Junaid do is what mehul has in its pocket is coin which Junaid will remove with this. its looking little weird but its ok. and Junaid remove with his magnet Mehul’s coin you are going ? why are you going ? we have to go now. you have to go.
because college hours ends here. for how much time they can bunk till then they can roam out Mehul not me Its dark night now, you cant really see anything now. and now we took this Baja for head.
Junaid help me to wear it we took this baja for head. why i’m calling this baja because the lights on my Tiger its name is also baja actually its Baha but its BAJA why its called Baha? thats it.
ok whats now why i’m calling this baja because se there you can’t see anything right?
Lights off why are you taking this much time.
now the baja of my head is getting start. see this see this where ever i look its light where ever i look its my hand i can go anywere where ever i look its light oh ho see i found these two humans. you were putting lights on me now take this. now our product is here and Junaid is working. oh ho i can’t see anything on the camera its going like a laser i’m also going to buy the same. Thank you Junaid for contiguously telling me to take this so this is the Airoh.
something fall some case extra they give it because helmet is too expensive now i do touring so obviously i will buy touring helmet. lets wear it its gonna be a enough fit because i got a big skull with a big brain inside. I need it very much because now it should not be copyright claim right ? and ventilation. here is one and other is here. and this here is too tuck it in and out for ventilation now it will be a big problem to mount a Go pro. so now we will do some R&D on it me and Junaid. you know because your visor wont get damage Junaid was totally out. see Junaid’s eyes he slept here on floor like this to wake him up i was feeling bad but what to do he was sleeping on the floor and i was feeling bad He didn’t sleep from last 2 days we will do that tomorrow, so for today will end this we will meet you tomorrow and the helmet is looking something like this. this is just and R & D i will make it better.

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