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what we wanted to experience you know
because most people you stay within the touristy areas all you get is more
America yeah so this is like more Mexican which is good hola from Mexico it is the night of our
anniversary I am like so excited we also have dinner on the beach before that is
going to take a few pictures and I’m so excited because we have never taken
pictures for our wedding day so now we’re getting to make up for that and
I’m so happy I will never bring it up again so this is like a do-over
literally that’s why it is absolutely beautiful everything turn out to be
really nice and so we’re going to go out and have dinner right now
there’s my date putting away the ironing board and he’s looking like he’s gonna
have dinner at the ocean let me see maybe there is better lighting here let me
see you Wow look at that! Showing a little red skin and so this is my dress
I feel absolutely gorgeous oh I love it I wanted to look like a
bride an old bride LOL an old bride! anyway so it’s our 20th anniversary and
I’m so grateful that we’ve been on this journey together for forever
because we’ve known each other 27 and this is our 20th year of
marriage and here’s to us, many more. we are just waiting here for a photographer
and they told us that our waiter is coming And we just gonna wait here
I guess you know there is African time? we found out there is Mexican time it’s actually
maybe 10 20 minutes 10 to 20 minutes late, anyway so we’ll just wait Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife
anyway happy anniversary to my husband we just finished our professional photos
taken and I’m so excited to see them tomorrow. but anyway you can hear the waves crushing right on top of the ocean and it is absolutely beautiful the most romantic
I’ve ever been in my life okay We are going to our dinner now and we’ll see you guys tomorrow when we go snorkeling Hola Mexico, we are in Puerto Morales and we are overlooking Maroma which is really beautiful beach which is where we’ll
stay next time we come to Mexico I don’t know if you can see the moon but right behind left pole is the
moon. It is glistening over the water it is absolutely gorgeous here okay so we just came back from outside
and we just arrived and we found this hmm interesting I don’t even want to
touch it Mr. E: Go ahead Karville! Good morning, I finally recovered from last night we had an absolutely beautiful night right here absolutely beautiful night at
the beach we had our dinner at the beach and now we are going to drive finally to
– this is our little guy hang on we’re This is our little guy. We are going to be driving in Mexico! Ok so we are on our way. I just took a nap cause I’m like so tired. I think I drank too much wine last night. but anyway we are on our way to Tulum. We were supposed to go Coba` but we thought that Coba` was on the same direction as Tulum which we still believe that but it’s a little bit further away. But the GPS was taking us on a different direction. So we were not sure, we said, Tulum is a straight shot we will just go to Tulum. well well we are in a Hacienda. In a Hacienda right? in Mexico! we decided to venture off so we are in a
“Mom & Pop” store. which is absolutely awesome reminds me of back home and
South Africa this is living life on the edge and most people here don’t speak
English so but some do speak English like you know like some
people but I’m surprised how few people speak English Here I am
anyway considering they are next door to America, no considering they are next
door to America, I would have thought anyway so but anyway this is what we
wanted to experience you know because most people you stay within the tourist
areas all you get is more America yeah so this is like more Mexican which is
good we are having our lunch and this is authentically
like base like kinda hot Pina Colada coconut Let me just have a taste. It is good. Let me try it. It is absolutely good. we’re just talking about how the sound
of music that plays the background is Mexican music but it sounds so similar to South African jazz music. Or at least African. I guess this is some sort of a performance
those guys up there I thought but anyway it is hot in Mexico
it is absolutely hot Is that the train or the tourist bus? It must be a tourist bus. Ok, we are still walking to I believe a boat or something a ferry. A ferry is supposed to take us on a tour so I don’t even know we were
supposed to catch it yeah so we’ve been walking out you know
this is very nice actually. This a nice little park here. It is called the Tulum
Park now let’s go that way yeah the stairs are nice to look at access maybe we can we could have taken
the stairs let me take you on a tour of Tulum. This
is more steep than the stairs. LOL Sometimes being lazy does not pay Look at how blue that water is! Turquoise. There’s the ferry we are supposed to take we are gonna get on that ferry we just don’t know how to access it! Don’t worry about it. it looks like people can around here
that’s my concern okay I’m in this thing I have to bend here. It is one of the people are not very tall in Mexico but, ooo look at this. These are the ruins here in Tulum. This is the Yucatan Peninsula. This is where we are supposed to ride a ferry. okay so we gonna see if we can find these ferries because we already paid for them and I don’t know…those guys are from South Africa we just saw that’s the temple right now right there, the
one we wanted to see but the thing is we are supposed to first take a tour. Sweetheart, I think we are going too far. We need to find out from someone we gonna walk here forever the people the tour guides
don’t know anything which is frustrating okay guess what we are the only people
here in this garden at least I feel like that’s that’s that way because
guess what let me use your handkerchief because I’m there one who put it in here anyway. we are sweating and we didn’t
bring any water okay I am studying I feel like my skin is in needles because
I’m very very like I can’t I can take it not this here okay this is way too much
hit and spotting people has become like you know I hope because we
don’t have any water in it’s probably more than hundred degrees here I don’t
know um it’s very humid and it’s very hot
there’s someone I wish I can grab someone’s water and run with it
lol I’m so thirsty guess what I think we are in another dead end here okay so I guess this is are you guys
trying to Where is the ferry? There’s the exit sign. excuse me sir does this go to the beach
where you catch the ferry? Okay thank you. [Xhosa] I’m recording now I wanted you to capture the iguanas. [Sign] They have water here because I am about to [Spanish] Agua? Two, how much? 40 Pesos. How much is 40 Pesos? Those are the boats we are going to be taking to take the tour of the Mayan ruins. From Santa Fe beach. Ok so, so we finally made it to the beach and it is absolutely hot. We found water as well. which was really nice and so we’re taking a break now waiting
for these guys to take us on the tour I’m just worried about my bag and
everything cuz I don’t want to leave it with these people which is yeah but I’m
still worried I just hope it does not get wet there’s so many butterflies here, look at that! There are so many butterflies anyway so look at that I just can’t get
over it okay so we just came back from the beach Santa Fe beach in Tulum and
we are making our way back to the resort
because guess what earlier it was so hot we didn’t have any water and we had to buy
water for two dollars and fifty cents a bottle a bottle and in Mexico in
the water tasted weird and this is what we should have done gotten bikes. Hola! LOL Oh Gosh. My husband, he is such a comedian. At least we are walking in the shade, unlike before. we met the South African couple the girl
was so stuck up she didn’t even want to I heard them speak I think Sotho and
I said hey I hear someone who sounds like they’re from South Africa at first
you could see that they didn’t want to I should say they tried to ignore us and
then I just insisted and finally the guy said I do speak Zulu right, but when we
heard them they were speaking Sotho but anyway but the funny thing is the
girl was so stuck up she didn’t want to say anything to us you could see that we
were like bothering her and you which was a surprise because usually
when we see each other in America we get so excited when we meet someone from
South Africa and so then we started talking to them
and finally the the guy was kind of like warmed up and asked us were we are from and we told
them we’re from South Africa blah blah we live in the United States now and the
girl finally opened up which I thought was so like ridiculous we didn’t even
take their details because within thinking to ourselves these guys were so stuck up especially
the girl and with that were excited to see people from back home and anyway
okay so we lost we’ve been trying to find our car anyway I think we found it
you know one night we stopped for Starbucks and no, everybody’s
trying to sell you something here so when people say I went to Mexico and I
stopped at a Starbucks and had coffee and I met young couple from California and we
had the longest chat and now we are trying to get back and we got lost we
couldn’t find the car but it was absolutely beautiful
overall a productive day wouldn’t you say? yes and so now we are going back
to Puerto Morales and we are here in Tulum Salida=Exit But now we gonna drive we saw the ruins, the temple the old cities
or villages and absolutely productive day! In Mexico, Puerto Morales We are in a French restaurant today the Bourdeax all the restaurants are exquisite here

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