The New Faces Of The Democratic Party | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Vote Democrat

    The Republican party is NOW the party of liars, pedophiles, hypocrites, women beaters, Murderers and now Kidnappers!!!!!!

  2. This is funny to me. These people are running and are going to be deciding how to spend my money or rather every tax payers money. It's a big deal, and I wish we could afford to offer free collage. But we will still complain that they are not as good as the private collages and we will be going for more and more and more

  3. I remember when MSNBC fired Ed Schultz when he requested to cover the Bernie Sanders campaign. Polls showed Sanders would have beaten Trump. MSNBC and other corporate media decided to focus on Trump, and provide him with endless hours of free publicity. So, it's nice to see decent people like Ocasio-Cortez instead of Obama-Clinton neo-liberals or Nazi-friendly Trumpism on MSNBC.

  4. What Ocasio Cortez is actually suggesting, is a European model of capitalism. Having lived in Europe since I was born, I know what I am talking about. This is NOT socialism, this is NOT communism. It is capitalism that provides state-funded healthcare and education, which is the VERY BASIS of EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY!
    The USA is the richest country in the World, yet the standard of living for the individual is way, way lower for 99% of its inhabitants than it is in even the poorer states of the EU. I live in Slovenia, our GDP is roughly 50% of that of the US, yet our standard of living is way higher. For the vast majority that is, ofc., I am not thinking of the 1%.

  5. Once up on a time Donald Trump at a chocolate cake and made about 1.000 $. he really deser(t) it (thinking about it) Oh and btw. he killed people during that

  6. Article 2 of the DSA's Constitution: "We are socialists because we reject an economic order based on private profit." This is another way saying the public sector will control the means of production. This premise is the premise of communism, and that is not an exaggerated statement. If the DSA's policies were put into place they would cause economic havoc. The entire population would be much worse off. Elon Musk describes himself as fiscal conservative btw. There are practical reasons to be in favor of fiscally conservative policy, namely that it generates wealth like no other economic policy can. If interested I highly recommend checking out the work of Steven Pinker (a self described centrist) on the topic.

  7. Wallace Wimmer
    Every time she speaks will be in GOP campaign ads. For 2018 & 2020. You go GURL.🙄 Trump 2020 MAGA

  8. "She stunned the Democratic establishment, Tuesday night, unseating a ten-term incumbent…"
    Have you seen the video? She was pretty stunned, herself.

  9. This fool will run the Country into the ground. She will be smiling all the way.
    Go ahead , vote her in and suffer the consequences.

  10. Socialism
    Income Who Tax Amount
    $10000 Emp 15% 1500
    100000 Owner 15% 15000
    Business Costs : 5 Emp @ 10000 = 50000 + Rent, Stock, Utilities and we haven't gotten to his living expense yet, (Food, Rent, Clothing plus.) You still want them to pay more.
    They are saying that it was not real socialism. If they didn't get it right in all the tries. Which means they never made it all the way to the idea society and it still failed what makes you think you can just drop socialism and "POOF, ITS ALIVE."

  11. Aside from her stunning beauty and charisma, she is a brilliant rhetorical tactician, able to knock any "curveball" question right out of the park, by cutting through the labels and distractions and bringing the focus back to the essential issues. And she has unimpeachable integrity and authentic compassion. No wonder the Republicans are scared shitless of her! May she thrive, and lead a new generation to regenerate our dying democracy!

  12. God I hate corporate Democrats like the 2 supposed journos. We’re woke and we’re not going back to sleep. These women represent what the people want.

  13. This is so stupid. What happens if u raise taxes and wages on a company. They are going to raise their rates. The housing is going to go skyrocket. Companies will just quit or leave and the money will run out. Thats what happens when u have a kid running for congress. She still doesnt understand economics.

  14. Welfare doesnt do anyone any good. Get a job and learn skills. With your skills you will make more money and you will be able to afford to live. Socialism has never worked. Watch a video of Venezuela.

  15. this guy is a brain-dead efftard. mmm, yeah we DO want more people in prisons– it's called privatized prisons and they demand a minimum number. just one of the abominations brought on us by TRAITOR rescumliKKKlans and their media toadies like this d-bag

  16. Nordic style military is also funded by the United States which makes socialism work there… Because we fund them. Their money comes from us. If we didnt fund them.. like in venezuela.. their defense budget would be prioritized over healthcare, which is probably why there's a crisis over there. Why are sweden and denmark so happy with socialism..?.. because they dont have to worry about a defense budget. Where is our money going to come from if we turn socialist?

  17. We are at full employment and already have to import a huge number of foreign students to fill our universities.

    The chick with the rigged Hispanic Surname-Hispanic Surname ………won her primary with 2.1% of the vote in her district. Nobody voted. She tells you she was outspent 10 to 1…..and she also says that they did it with NO money. What is 10 times nothing? Her opposition just didn't campaign. People making $8 an hour at Jack in the Box don't have FAMILIES….and if they do….they have no business flipping tacos at Jack. We are at FULL EMPLOYMENT. If you don't want a good paying job… don't want one.

  18. this is one smart woman thats way she doing so good.she is a force to be recogninzed.. thats why mitch mcconnell made a comment about her .she is like a new obama just starting to roll they sense the danger.

  19. This thug is Communist Socialist. She's broken the retardation scale. Your all brainwashed by stupidity on a global scale, remember when the bread lines get short, you all will be trampled by almighty gentile and ground to dust under our heels. You'll be so hungry that you'll be eating each other. Listening to this will cause epilepsy and psychological damage.

  20. Socialism only works until you run out of other people's money United States of America is a very rich country Norway is about the size of let's say Oregon very small country if this country is not great then why do so many people want to move here if you don't like it here you can leave as well I hear Venezuela are looking for a couple people Cuban need some people to roll cigars

  21. It’s elementary math, you hand out things to people and people will stop producing(working). That’s why they say socialism does not work(get it).
    I can give you a perfect example, you take a group of salespeople and you put them on commission only and they will hustle and move because if they don’t sale they don’t eat, you take that same group and you give them a salary and they will just sit back and get comfortable because they know they will get paid whether they sell or not, socialism is the same, people lose their hunger, become complacent and lazy because they know that someone will always be there with a handout.
    Socialist governments only have one goal and that’s to make you dependent on the government, once they achieve this they will have you hooked and there is no going back.


  23. Someone in the comment section said Canada is a socialist country I'm going to see my way out.

  24. Finally MSNBC doing journalism, feeling the pressure from a growing Youtube Progressive channels? It's not too late to wake up. People are fed of Corporate Democrats with milk toast, half-measured policies because they're taking bribes from Corporations. Do your jobs, feel the atmosphere, give equal spotlight to Progressives! The people care about policies not Russia and identity politics.

  25. France is falling apart with its taxes and Canada, Germany, and Italy are not that far away from it. Socialism never works

  26. AOC is a legend. She’s going to change the world. First America and then the world will follow. Instead of building prisons and walls. America will soon be building schools and houses. Beautiful.

  27. But she doesn't know we have 3 BRANCHES of government, nor can she NAME them. She think we have 3 chambers of government and could only name 2 "congress and the president". Still couldn't name them. Executive,Legislative and Judicial. You'd think she would have learned basic civics at Boston University. And she never says how she plans to PAY for her free stuff. Also, don't forget she claimed the world will end in 12 years…. If this is your "best", I feel sorry for the Dems.

  28. I hope the Dems recruit more people like this. So easy to defeat!

    Disillusioned White's suffering from white guilt, and people on the system looking to protect their interests… free everything.

    If you're working, I hope you like supporting them. If you're not working , and you can, shame on you, you're not fooling anybody but yourself. You could have been much more

  29. Yes so what are they gonna do for generation X we are the non voters and no one ever says anything about us or for us

    you look, from Atlantic Ocean Coust, to Pacific Ocean Coust. Homeless, Tents, Drugs!

  31. Thank you Congresswoman Alexandria! Finally a human being in congress. Keep up the great work. I pray there are more of you in the woodworks, the more the better. We love you!

  32. Yes, these faces should be the faces of the Democratic party. Un-knowing, ill-experienced, Not giving anything for the people, just for their votes, Loving to use entitlements. See, the known rule is, "Give away to any and all, everything they need with no strings attached, and They Will Vote For YOU!" This is their 
    "Method Of Operation"! The unknown secret that the Democrats don't realize, because they are so loving all the HATE they can muster up, is the more they keep doing what they have been doing for the past 2 1/2 years, they are going to LOSE, BIG TIME, and they are too stupid to realize it. Keep the secret, and We The People will add another 4 years of this prosperity we have enjoyed over the past 2 1/2 years. MUMS the word!!!!!

  33. I want yo be an illegal immigrant get free housing and food and just lay around making babies with some hot Spanish girly like OcrazyO

  34. Gosh shes is brain dead anti american mental patient who should go back to where it…she came from…giving dome behind the bar… at least her mouth would b busy Not talking 😂

  35. Thank you sweetheart for your great ideas of the socialism you are so smart, if we turns to socialist; as a country we will be one more big example. And end as Cuba, Venezuela< Nicaragua, Honduras etc. So Americans will be running hungry and with nothing to other countries. If you really like the socialism you should try to move to North Korea, because the governments really believe and socialism and the 90% of the Koreans they loosing their sight (they can not see anymore) because the bad diet, .


  37. Tum log dirty games khilh rha ho Mari lifh k sath mire zindgi barbd krna m tum log hi ho you killing my lifh your country

  38. And good news last week for Alexandria for next year ::::::: From The NY Post 
    US rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raked in more money for her reelection campaign in the last fundraising quarter than any other house Democrat – including speaker Nancy Pelosi , record show .
    AOC ,  democratic socialist who reps part of the Bronx and Queens , raised $1.42 million between July 1 through  Sept. 39 , followed by House impeachment Czar and US Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) , who nettled $1.26 million , and House Speaker Pelosi (D- Calif.), who received $1.145 million.
    The lion’s share of AOC’s donations , $1.1 million, were under $200
    Political observers told the Post it is unprecedented for a rookie representative in office for less than year to out-raise powerful veteran leaders such as Pelosi and Schiff.

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