Ah… Male MC: Hello!
The husband: Hi! Male MC: How are you?
The husband: I’m fine! And you? Okay! Thank you! And you….(The MC is joking) Male MC: I am Thuan. What’s your name?
The husband: My name’s Gavin! Male MC: Can you speak Vietnamese?
The husband: Yes, I can (say in Vietnamese) So can you say Vietnamese well? The man: Less or more! Enough.
Male MC: Less or more? Both MCs: Enough…Ahhh Let’s give an round of applause to compliment him!
[Applause] Please introduce yourself! My name is Gavin. But in Vietnam, … people call me Vinh! Male MC: Vinh!
The husband: Yeah, Vinh! Because Gavin is quite difficult for Vietnamese people to pronounce! I’m Australian. I turned 48 years old this year! When we got married, I was 44 years old Female MC: So it means that you have been married for 4 years?
Male MC: 4 years? 3 years and a half! See! 3 years and a half! And you? I’m Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen My job is a singing. At the moment, I have two children… one is 2 years old and the other is 1! I’m taking care of them now. Male MC: How old are you?
The wife: I’m 32 I’m 16 years younger than him (her husband) Let me guess! It was when you came to Vietnam. You was quite bored and sad at one night,… you went to a pub to listen to music. Then you met her performing on stage and you were mesmerized by her voice And you found that she was very beautiful, so you decided to pursue her! Is my guess correct? The husband: It’s nearly correct!
Male MC: Wow! [Applause] Actually, we saw each other for the first time on Facebook! Then we set up a date in a diner After having lunch, we went for karaoke! I heard Tuyen’s singing voice and… The husband: I was bewitched since then!
Female MC: Oh! Which song did she sing that made you fall head over heels for her? Many songs! Actually, I don’t remember any of them The husband: But we sang one song together which was ‘Loi lam’ (Mistake)!
Female MC: ‘Loi lam’! Wow! Now, if I want to request… you two sing a part of that song. Is it alright? I don’t know if I can be able to remember the lyrics Male MC singing: ‘After tomorrow, no one is in debt nor love…’ The wife: ‘Is there anytime that you feel sad, you miss me?’
The husband: Ah! The husband singing: ‘Our love is parted and shattered when we’re a nice couple. Why? What did I do wrong?’ Male MC: Wow!
[Applause and cheering] The husband: Your turn!
The wife singing: ‘I’m really sad!… I’ve done nothing wrong to you!… Have you ever given me everything you got?’ [Applause] In fact, we just met one another. There was no mistake at all! The husband: So singing that song was kinda weird, right?
Male MC: Haha! Tuyen’s voice is very beautiful! That was why you fell for her immediately, right? The husband: Correct! – Female MC: When you met him, did you think that he’d become your husband? Yeah, I kinda thought so! Like it was a feeling… I dreamed to get married at the end of 28 years old! He also wanted to get married at the end of that year! We asked each other: When do you want to get married?
Both of us answered at the end of the year! It was already predestined We were about to be ‘FA’ (forever alone)
[Laughing] Male MC: FA, right? So Vinh, before meeting Tuyen, have you set any standard for your ideal girlfriend? Yes, actually, there were many of them! To the extent that I didn’t meet anyone who met those standards! I asked for perfection and finally, after waiting… The husband: over ten years…
Male MC: 44 years! So when I met Tuyen last year, I threw those standards away! [Laughing] Actually, that was a selfish thinking! Who was I to set the standards and others had to meet those? Actually, I want to become a good husband I’m the one should meet the standard (for a good husband), not the one asking others to meet my standards! Both MCs: Ah, brilliant! Male MC: Was it when you realized that you were about to be single forever, you decided to throw those standards away? Maybe! [Laughing]
Female MC: But…Vinh, have you ever thought you would marry a Vietnamese wife? Was ‘marrying a Vietnamese wife’ your aim? Or you met a girl who you felt she was your other half and get married? When I started to live in Vietnam, I developed the love for this country Of course, I’ve been thinking one day, I might marry a Vietnamese girl! Ah, so you wanted to marry a Vietnamese girl! After the karaoke date, how long did it take for you two to start dating each other officially? On the third day, he asked me to be his girlfriend I kinda like him already, but I was cocky so I was like: ‘Let me think about it!’ Then, I said yes and after one week, we discuss getting married Three months later, we were engaged One week later, I saw that he poured his heart out to me He wasn’t confident about this engagement I returned the engagement ring proactively. I respected his opinion Female MC: Why was he not confident?
The husband: I was engaged with a girl in Australia about 13 or 14 years ago Then we changed our minds and didn’t want to get married anymore I saw how much that decision ruined both of our lives! I didn’t want to repeat the same mistake! I thought about it in one week. The more I thought about it, the more afraid I was Finally, Tuyen was the one who proactively said: ‘Until you’re sure about this marriage, take the ring back.’ Honestly, the way Tuyen reacted helped me get my confidence back She was a really strong girl! She didn’t insist me like: ‘Marry me, please marry me!’. It helped me be more confident! Therefore, after one more week, I overcame that fear Female MC: Continue…
The husband: And I told her to continue the journey together Getting married is the biggest decision in our lives ‘Until death does us apart’ Female MC: Oh! Only death does a couple apart! [Applause] Then there was a wedding? We were engaged for the second time in my hometown. A couple of days later, we traveled to Australia and got married there When getting married in Australia, I was on my own. My parents couldn’t be there I made a bride out of me I designed this dress on my own and brought it to Australia According to Western culture, the groom can’t see the wedding dress before the wedding day 2 days before the wedding day, we could neither meet nor text one another In their tradition, on last single days, he would go out, meet his friends, etc. Male MC: Enjoy to the fullest!
The wife, Yeah [Laughing] When we couldn’t contact each other, I’d thought like: ‘So…is this my wedding day?’. I kinda feel lonely! The wife: But…
Female MC: There were differences in the tradition, so you couldn’t get used to it, right? The wife: Yes!
Female MC: You had children afterward? Male MC: How long did you have children? We discussed that we should have children 1 year after the wedding to better our understanding of each other To enjoy each other’s company However, when I saw others had kids, I really enjoy becoming a mother! My husband was also at an old age Male MC: So you got pregnant?
The wife: I decided my pregnancy without telling him Female MC: Don’t use contraceptive method anymore?
The wife: Yes, it was 7 months Female MC: Is your oldest boy or girl?
The wife: I have 2 boys. The oldest is 27 months Female MC: The oldest is 27 months. Then how about the younger one? – The wife: He’s 15 Do your parents support you in taking care of the children or you do it by yourself? My mother sometimes came to our house to help me. Normally, I do it by myself Female MC: Does he a ‘good daddy’?
The wife: Yes! He’s very good at it! You’re good at taking care of babies? Not too good but I tried my best!
[Laughing and applause] The wife: Yeah, he tried Now let me ask about one more difference which is eating… Female MC: Cuisine! Let’s talk about it!
Male MC: Yeah, cuisine! Female MC: What do you like to it? (asking the husband) And also Tuyen’s appetite?
Male MC: Vinh and Tuyen… Both MCs: Do you have the same appetite in food or your appetite are different from one another? Female MC: Do you like Vietnamese food or European food? And does your husband enjoy European, Australian or Vietnamese food? Female MC: Do you like ‘mắm’ (salted fish)? – The wife: You should answer it The husband: Generally, we adapted to each other’s lifestyle so we eat…
Male MC: Now, just say without holding back Male MC: Vietnamese signature food is salted fish!
Female MC: Yeah, so Vinh… Female MC: Do you like ‘salted fish’?
The husband: It depends on which kind of salted fish In Tuyen’s hometown, there was a very special kind of salted fish It was made from the intestine of fish! Right after we got married, Tuyen made the dish with salted intestine left about 2-3 days under the sun till it ‘stank’! [Laughing]
It smelt ‘good’ but he said it stank, I felt hurt after he commented on my dish! My dish is delicious and ‘fragrant’ but he said it stank! The husband: Fish sauce is okay, but…
Male MC: But that kind of salted fish! The kind of salted fish that she likes was considered to be stinky by you! I avenged him by luring him to eating that salted fish! Oh really? So could he eat it? He ate and then I said that was the salted intestine, he was like… (The wife pretends to be her husband) The wife: He was shocked!
Male MC: Stinky! The wife: But it was in his stomach already!
Female MC: Oh, so can he eat it now? Female MC: Does he get used to it?
The wife: Maybe I can’t fool him again! Male MC: Let me ask! After eating that dish, did you let your husband kiss you? After Tuyen ate that dish, I obviously avoided kissing! Plus there was garlic! Whenever I ate garlic, we would need to stay away from each other Male MC: So he can’t eat garlic?
The wife: Only if we eat garlic together. If I eat alone, I can’t be near him Both MCs; Uhm
Female MC: Can Vinh eat durian? – Male MC: Durian! I tried eating it twice. At the second time, I could relatively handle it Generally, it’s hard! Female MC: Hard? You haven’t been able to eat it yet?
The husband: Eating it requires my endurance The husband: Not that I eat it because I like!
Female MC: Do you like eating balut eggs? The husband: Yeah, I can eat those
Male MC: Now let me ask! Can you eat dog meat? [Laughing] I ate it a couple of times. However, the main problem is not the meat itself,… but the shrimp paste (mắm tôm). It’s always served with shrimp paste, right? Female MC: That’s right!
The husband: The shrimp paste is hard to eat! Male MC: Can you eat snails and clams?
The husband: Yes, it’s okay! The wife: Both of us like to eat them! We’re into seafood!
Male MC: Into seafood? How about snails sold on the streets? Male MC: Snails like coconut snails that we need to pluck it of the shell. It’s wonderful!
The wife: There! We ate those! As long as they are snails! [Applause] What’s your most favorite dish that made by your wife? My most favorite’s probably ‘Caramelized pork cooked in the pot’ The husband: That dish is absolutely delicious! – Male MC: Very tasty, right?
The wife: Yeah Now let’s move to the part where you share each other’s bad habits! Right! It’s the chance for exposing his bad side! Male MC: Right?
The wife: Yeah, my husband does have some bad habits But the most particular one is that he doesn’t drink much water. He’s got such a big body but he doesn’t drink water often! Female MC:Are you talking about me? (The MC doesn’t drink water often)
The wife: It’s not food for health! Are you exposing his or my bad habits? [Laughing] The wife: Oh really? Female MC: I rarely drink water
The wife: Whenever I asked: ‘Do you want to drink water, honey?’ If he said: ‘Okay!’ and I was able to give him a glass of water, I would be very glad! Thank you, dear! I’ll try! (Female MC answers as if the wife is suggesting her) [Laughing] Male MC: His bad habit is not drinking water much!
The wife: Anything else? – The husband: Strict! The wife: Ah, he’s strict! Very strict. ‘Cause he’d been single for a long time! The wife: FA for years! Now, it’s Vinh’s turn! What’s Tuyen’s bad habit? Male MC: Can you tell everyone?
The husband: Yeah, there is some. Tuyen’s human after all The husband: Everyone has their own bad habits, right?
The wife: Yeah In general, the way Tuyen deal with conflicts is not really good! Because her method is running away! While I often handle conflicts directly! To solve a problem right away! If one person has any problem, that person should declare their matter to the related people and say: ‘I have a problem and we need to fix it together!’ With Tuyen, she’ll be angry, stay silent and run away from the problem I turn on my silent mode! She hope that I’ll come after her and figure out if she has any problem [The wife giggles] However, that method is not good Eventually, we would argue for a whole day until I got really mad That was when she apologized There! So it’s not good! Actually, we’re learning how to solve the arguments Based on the formula that who feels hurt will come to the other one and say something like: ‘I’m hurt because you said that…’ I’ll say that: ‘I understand your feeling and I’m sorry’ The husband: I’m sorry..and…
The wife: Yeah The husband: That’s a quick way to solve conflicts
The wife: It’s very quick! He only needed 1 second to apologize Then he would pull me to his embrace, stroked my hair. We’d love and understand each other more! Besides, Tuyen has another bad habit which I called ‘The bed pollice’ There are many ‘bed procedures’! Before sleeping, I need to say something sweet to her like: ‘Goodnight, darling!’. Give her a kiss, wish her sweet dreams, etc. [Laughing] If I didn’t do it before going to sleep, I would face a ‘monster’ in the next morning! [Laughing and applause] Both MCs: He was too sleepy and forgot, right? I was angry with him in the next morning I woke up and had no idea what happened! Then you apologized? Female MC: Has Tuyen ever got jealous?
The husband: Yes, she has There was one time Tuyen got angry because she looked at my computer The husband: She saw the pictures of my previous girlfriends in the past
Female MC: Ex-girlfriend? She found some of them. I didn’t really remember those pictures in my computer I searched for one, but there were three ex-girlfriends! Both MCs: Ah! [Laughing] The husband: She wanted to delete them
The wife: I did I was kind of mad! I asked her why she wanted to find reasons to be angry at me Thus, it’s a bad habit! That was when we just got married. I didn’t understand him fully Male MC: Now, not anymore, right?
The wife: Yeah, it doesn’t bother me anymore It was a bad habit from the past! What do want Vinh to change? I just want him to drink more water. Three liters a day! [Laughing] Female MC: Thank you, dear! I’ll drink more water! About my previous requests, I’ve learnt that they are not necessary He takes care of me and the children very well. After getting back from work, his priority is our family He’s never left me to go drinking or hang out with his friends He’s very nice! Truly the man of the family! I really respect and love him! [Applause] Male MC: How about you, Vinh? Is there anything you want to change about your wife? No, she doesn’t need to change a thing. Because Tuyen is becoming more beautiful and amazing day by day There’s no need ask for more! Oh my, we might have to cancel this show! [Laughing] My God, so adorable! So, this couple! After hearing the husband’s expectations in his wife, his wife had to shed tears Tears of happiness! Is there anything you want to say to Vinh? I want to say it’s our happiness. We should try to make it stronger and love each other more! Stay healthy! Sorry that I just got sick quite badly I just went to Australia to get health treatment for problems with my intestine The wife: May I hug you? – Female MC: That’s right!
The husband: Of course! [Applause] We give you a sincere thanks for bringing happiness to a Vietnamese woman The woman named Tuyen On behalf of everyone, we wish that you’re healthy And be Tuyen’s strong man! There! A healthy family which is filled with love! The husband: Yes! Thank you!
The wife: Yeah, thanks! Goodbye! I had a boyfriend already, but my family didn’t allow me to hang out I was sad and bored so I enticed him. Those two people won’t know one another! That person asked: ‘Who’s it?’

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