The Night LCD Soundsystem Played a Sex Club in Ibiza | PARTY LEGENDS

Hi, I’m Nancy Whang,
and I play in the bands LCD Soundsystem
and The Juan MacLean. I have a story from tour. ♪♪ This story is from one
of the early days of LCD, one of our first tours. I think, like, even
in our best circumstances, we were still pretty shambolic. It was always a little kind
of rickety and a little punk. The thing that we had
going for us most was that
we were fucking loud. No matter what happened,
like, we could just, like, tear people’s faces off
with just sound. [ Man screams ] We were five people on stage. There was me and James, and then
Phil Mossman played guitar, and then Tyler Pope
was on bass. Pat Mahoney, who plays drums
in LCD usually, but this particular tour, he couldn’t come with us, so we had our friend Jerry come and fill in for us. Jerry was maybe the greatest
drummer that ever lived. He played like a machine. All that tension that was in him
would just kind of, like, slowly get released
when he played. ♪♪ We were doing a tour in Europe,
and our first show was in Ibiza. We used to fly
with all of our gear. We land in Ibiza,
and nothing shows up. We have nothing. There was, like, a mix
between panic and resignation. I guess, luckily, James had
his percussion with him, but I didn’t have
any of my stuff at all. We’d have to try and scramble
to find all this stuff that we need,
and, of course, like, we play, like, weird,
old analogue synthesizers. Trying to find, like,
an old Casio was just, like, impossible. We’re playing at this club
called Space, which is a gigantic super club and the people
who run are really nice. They’ve been there forever,
and, like, their main gig is, like, they do, like,
a live sex show. So, like, the owner
and his wife, like, they’re on stage fucking, and that’s the show…
in the main room, the main attraction,
the headlining act. There’s, like,
a huge stage on one end. There’s, like, palm trees
and neon lights and balloons and pyrotechnics and stuff, but then the room
that we played, off to the side, was this black, empty box. We go to our sound check,
and the best that we could do, for my stuff anyway,
was this Korg Triton, which is this
massive workstation that is just filled
with horrible sounds, like, trance sounds
and all that. I’m looking at this thing,
and I’m, like, trying to program it,
and it’s just — I have no idea what to do. So, we’re all, like, kind of
freaking out a little bit. This was Jerry’s
very first show with us, so he was super nervous, and we were so freaked
out about the show that we just needed
to get as drunk as possible as quickly as possible. This is also the night that
James invented the Irish Cunt, which is his cocktail. He emptied out a water bottle
and poured champagne halfway and then filled the other
half with Jameson, and then he proceeded
to just drink this, like, sports bottle from, like, the squeezy spout
to just, like, drinking it like it was Gatorade
or something like that. It was time for us to play, and
there’s about 30 people in there because, you know, like, nobody knows who we are
or gives a shit. All the people in there,
I think, kind of just ended up, like, in their drugged-out haze, just sort of, like,
wandered through the doorway and found themselves
in our room, and they couldn’t figure out
how to get out. ♪♪ I remember it was
really funny, though, because every time I hit a key
on the keyboard, some crazy,
obnoxious sound came out that didn’t sound anything
like it was supposed to, just really cheesy kind of,
like, ’90s R&B synth sounds or, like,
your basic trance sounds. ♪♪ At some point,
we’re playing a song, and, like, there’s this weird
random percussion happening, and we’re like,
“What is that?” We finally realized.
We look down. There’s a guy in front of Jerry,
like, playing congos, like, on one of the synth drums
that’s just like [imitating congas] And meanwhile, Jerry is drumming
and trying to get him off him, so he’s just, like,
playing like this and, like, trying to whack him
off the drums. [ Man screams ] So, we get through the show. I don’t really remember
what it was like because we were
all just blackout. You know we, like,
break down the show, and then we just, like,
proceed to, like, continue partying. The next room after us,
too many DJs were playing, and, you know,
the room is packed. There’s some guy,
like, shows up, and he starts playing saxophone. The party is like kind
of usual characters come out and, like, just dance. There’s, like, a little person
and, like, giant drag queens, and it’s crazy. So, meanwhile, we’re still
in the other room, like, drunkenly trying
to pack up our gear, and, like, James,
he’s just standing there on the floor cross-legged
and just, like, bleary-eyed trying to put all
this stuff together. And at one point, he just,
like, kind of sits up and, like, turns behind him, and there’s, like a curtain
behind the stage. He pulls the curtain aside
and just, like, proceeds to just puke his guts out, and he thinks that
there’s going to be, like, a drop-off
behind the curtain, but it’s just a brick wall. Then he finishes,
and he finishes, like, putting the gear back together. We end up, like,
staying out until, like, the dawn hours of the morning. So, the rest of the tour, like,
our — We never got our gear. Our gear just kept
chasing us around Europe, and we never ended up
playing with our own gear. That run was only maybe,
like, six or seven shows or something
that he played with us. At the end of that run, Jerry
was really sad to leave us. He was so bummed out,
and, you know, he didn’t really want to let on. You know, we were having
such a good time with him, and we didn’t really
want him to go, so we just told him to stay. So, he just stayed with us,
and when Pat came back, he was just, like, our,
you know, our tour buddy.

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  1. I think this is one of those stories where you think a band is cool and then discover they aren't. Its like they got ripped on as a joke, you guys play the chill out room, suckers! It would have been better if they rallied and played an awesome show.

  2. Dog was like: ahhh, not this story again. Wake me up when you're done.

    Lol. Those drunk drawn figures trying to get out @3:33 😆😆😂

  3. I wonder if she meant the group 2manyDJS or if there was literally too many DJs playing in the same room causing some kind of confusion?


    news at eleven • film at eleven

  5. Wish I could hear a recording of this show! It's hilarious, Korg Triton, an awesome synth in its own right, still the opposite of what LCD Soundsystem is all about, this must have sounded insanely weird!

  6. Jerry from Maserati, one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen live. Dude’s bass foot was heavy and his hands were like a metronome. Super nice guy, R.I.P.

  7. she said cheesy 90's rnb sounds……….wow.. she has no respect lol the KORG triton is a fucking beast!!!! pay homage.

  8. Once I get my time machine working, I'm going back to this show. I'll be the drunk fuck trying to steal that Korg Triton. 🙂

  9. I gotta MicroX that I might be selling that's a lot like a Triton from what I know.

    I kinda love it despite being all about Gameboys or Modulars or Semis. xD

    Fuckin' Triton.

  10. She's talking about Manumission, Mike and Claire – probably at Ku / Privilege rather than Space as I think I know the room she's referring to

  11. great story.. no need to EVER tell it again… and "greatest drummer ever" that nobody ever heard of

  12. Different sounds on the keyboard a few too many drinks, oh yeah and a guy played bongos. Keith moon is rolling over in his grave…

  13. Manumission is actually the club that the owners carried out sex shows at, not space at all.

  14. Ibiza aww how dope fuck the club you’re off coast Barcelona Spain go visit or party at Ibiza the beaches are blue

  15. This is a piss poor presentation and lame story. Sums it up when she cant even recognise the difference between an institution such as Space and Privilege. Unless she's trying to sound cooler by including Space in some pretentious way. Awful.

  16. This is an epic way to visualize the story. So much laughter i got from it! And great artwork! 😄👍🏻🥃🙌🏻

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