The Oregon Clinic 25th Anniversary

(upbeat music) – The Oregon Clinic came together because a bunch of docs
in relatively small groups worked great together in the hospital, we’re very collegial, we worked together, we respected each other clinically. And we knew that if we put our business practices together,
they’d work even better. But if you listen to patients, and you hear the patient and you
care about the patient — those things don’t really matter. Providing the care you
want for your relatives, come to us, we’re pretty big, but we wanna provide the type of care you want your mom to
get when she gets sick. My young partners are amazing. I’d put my life in their hands any day. – If you had told me when
I started, in 25 years, this is what’s gonna happen,
I would not have believed it. What are we gonna do in the next 25 years? It’d be fun to see.

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