The Other Side: Real Time with Bill Maher Anniversary Special (HBO)

I think it’s always more fun
having the conservative guests and having that back and forth. In fact, that’s what makes,
I think, the show work. I agree with you about labels,
but I notice you’re sitting in front of a billboard
that says Runaway Slave. I don’t have time
to go through all of his lies, we only have an hour. -Uh… But let’s–
-(AUDIENCE CHEERS) I can bat them all down. Go. I think you’re a great guy, I really hope you lose
your next election, -because I think you’re wrong
about everything.
-(AUDIENCE CHEERS) I think you’re colossally wrong
on a number of things. -That’s okay.
-But if– Exactly. -We’re allowed to disagree
on things.
-If I banned everyone from my show who I thought
was colossally wrong, I would be talking to myself. S.E. CUPP:
I think it’s important, especially when you think
someone is dangerous, to expose that
to as many people as you can. So giving someone like Milo
or Alex Jones, or Anne Coulter, a platform,
that’s a public service. You said after 9/11
what we should do is attack Muslim countries,
kill their leaders, and convert them
to Christianity. -Yes.
-Do you… Do you still stand -by that moderate position?
-Absolutely fantastic policy,
I haven’t heard a better one. I love people
who stick by their guns, even when the crowd
does not agree. I do think that there’s
an element of racism against white individuals,
I do. -I do see it, I think it’s–
-Well, since I’m a conservative
and not a Trump person, let me just say this. -That’s absurd.
That’s fucking crazy.
made a very strong statement in support of my position
on climate change, not yours. And your position
when you heard that was, hey, let’s leave the science
to the scientists. Okay, first of all,
you’re not doing that. -But second of all…
-I am. You’re not, because 97 percent
of all scientists believe… It’s a bogus number. -It’s so not a bogus number.
-It’s so a bogus number. Okay, yours is, mine is,
yours is, mine is. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) This show, like none other,
provides an opportunity to articulate
deeply held beliefs, cherished ideas,
in the face of people who are radically skeptical
about them. Hold on,
relax, liberal audience. Let him get his bullshit out
before you boo him! -(LAUGHS)
-(AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you for having me
on this show to present the other side, but not every network
does that all the time. This might be
the only place in the world -where we’d ever meet.
-(LAUGHING) Everyone knows that
he gives people room to breathe, and he gives people
their time to talk and make their point, um… and he will give you your space
to do that. But then when you look
at the Democrats, you see who’s up
against this guy, this unbelievably useless,
terrible candidate -of Hillary Clinton.
-(AUDIENCE BOOS) I feel liberated to say
whatever I believe. And some of that
is not very popular, I’ve gotten booed
several times by the audience. BARNEY FRANK: Bill is clearly
someone who’s liberal, but he’s not a party line guy. You don’t do your political
viewpoint party ideology any favors if you assume
they’re always right.

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  1. Hey Bill … ive watched you constanly since I first discovered real time at……. lets just say here on utube… your doing a good job and you make me laugh thank you… can you change the still pic of you trying to look badass with your arms crossed at the of your utube clips your badass enough when your smiling cheers Tim … Brisbane Aust.

  2. The 97% statistic is correct if you stretch the definition of correct. In 2013, Scientific American surveyed nearly 12,000 peer reviewed papers on climate science between 1991 and 2011. Of those, 66.4% stated no position on the existence of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming. So, where do people get 97%? From the percentage of papers that DO take a position on AGW, and some of remaining 3% are uncertain of the cause of global warming, the small remainder do not acknowledge global warming.

    So, while the percentage of peer reviewed papers don't come even close to the 97% Bill's talking about, that number comes from the papers who actually take a position on global warming's existence.

  3. Love him or hate him… You gotta give him credit for letting people with views that differ from his, on his show. Is Bill a good listener? In my opinion no; he has to work on that. Though much like Bill, I believe people can have differing viewpoints but still be friends. Thank you Bill… You are a good man.

  4. Haven't always agreed with him over the years, but I've grown to really respect Bill and find myself aligned with his political viewpoint more than ever these days. Keep up the good work!

  5. Bill Maher thinks it's important to hear out ALL viewpoints, meaning right wing and far right extremists… socialists and the far left, not so much

  6. Yeah, you focus all of your politically correct rhetoric at a small minority of people on the left, when the people on the right, some of whom you have had on your show, are silent as the grave, when people on the left are silenced. You give your platform to any grifter on the right who has 10 views on youtube, (who agree with you) and ignore, voices on the left. First find out what politically correct means, Politically correct is when Trump silences scientists who work for the EPA about climate change. Politically correct is when Rick Scott bans the use of the phrase "climate change" from public officials, that's real political correctness. Your platform has become so establishment it's ridiculous… why not take a risk and feature some real progressive voices, like Kyle Kulinski on your show… or we can go back to business as usual, ignore the voices of the American people and we can have another Trump, or worse Kenye…

  7. Bill Maher is so full of himself. Do we really need a retrospective of a dumb show where he interviews political cons? No, we don't. But it's an excuse to build Maher's ego even more.

  8. I love that Bill has not only lasted 25 years, but come out stronger than ever. One minor criticism: Couldn't he have waited until AFTER the election to do a career retrospective? We need him on the air as much as possible, right up to 11/06 (okay, maybe the following week, so he could react to the election outcome). This was not the time to take a break! Anyway, keep it up, Bill! Here's to 25 more!

  9. Bill Maher is a breath of fresh air in a rather toxic media environment. Thank God for bill and I don't believe in God.

  10. STOP giving microphones to bigotry, fear, greed and corruption defenders that would say anything as their words are sold out and worthless!!

  11. I hate to say this…and this is obviously only my opinion but…if I’ve learned one thing from watching this show it’s how annoying and boring 5 people shouting at each other over politics can sound. I almost always only watch the opening monologue, the one on one interview and then go straight to New Rules…unless someone who is truly entertaining and doesn’t take themselves too seriously…like John Waters…is on the panel. No wonder my kids always leave the room when me, my wife and our friends start going at it.
    Mansplaining, momsplaining, whitesplaining, blacksplaining, liberalsplaining, conservativesplaining…the list is endless and can really be a annoying bore. That why Maher absolutely has to rescue these train wreck discussions with satire comedy bits every 15 minutes,

  12. I think there's less decent, empathetic and compassionate people in America than I thought. Trump has brought that to the forefront. Bringing on people with what I think are dangerous and hateful ideas encourages indecent people and legitimizes and mainstreams their ideas. It puts hateful ideas on the same footing as thoughtful ideas.

  13. As you said, you say what so many of us are thinking! You are inclusive, including criticizing the people/beliefs you agree with when you think they are wrong.

    I disagreed with your firing from ABC as I know that one person’s terrorist is another person’s hero.

    But as you said, you found your realm. I am glad HBO has taken your chains off.

    I also disagreed with Ben Affleck. 20 million is not a fringe movement, and unfortunately I was recently schooled by an aspiring Imam about why jihadists form in the name of Mohammed.

    Inclusivity means creating a safe space to let all opinions be heard! You do your best to do that, despite ratings pressure, and having to walk the line between funny and informative.

    You are making money doing good, which is my ultimate dream!! Haven’t gotten the money part down yet, but strive to make a difference everyday.

    In the meantime, I’ll just keep on learning and laughing along with you.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  14. It’s nice to see a compilation of what Bill Maher is trying to do. Which is of course to bring stupidity to light and there by make the world a better place. One question though, what the fuck was with the last guy right before the video ended?! Is he mentally retarded! Rhetorical. Yes I am making fun of the way he is speaking! It’s fucking hilarious 😆.

  15. I love how this starts with Gavin Newsom saying a debate on the show is the best option. When he has avoided a televised debate against his opponent this entire campaign season. Of course he’s friends with Bill Mahr. More liberal elitists

  16. Libetarian here and I have a lot of respect for Bill… watch him whenever I get the chance… we need more people like this… have both sides sit down and talk

  17. Umm bill has the fact that you are considered the "sane one" (Russia excluded) prehaps made you rethink the new group that hates the neo/libs and the neo/cons ?

  18. Please quit being stupid bill. You can be saved they rule we follow they are war mongers getting rich (people who don't have to worry about a recession) the correct position would be for all the lefties fleeing the Democrats to join the the libertarians.. right now the libertarians are mostly right leaning !!! WHY THE F!!! don't the left leaning libertarians join us so we can fix it … Who do I vote for the war monger or the war monger. We need you lefties because that's the way this works evolution made us 50 50 for a reason THE COMPROMISED POSITION IS THE SMARTEST POSITION .

  19. I'm a liberal and I think Maher is far too supportive of establishment democrats. However, I respect him a lot for bringing a plethora of ideologies together in a civil discussion. It seems to put things in perspective and really highlight the radical tribalism and idiocy of people like Ann Coulter and Tomi Lahren.

  20. I watched one of your old 25 anniversary specials…. Thought it was funny, I'm liking the new you more polished and professional far better. Plus should you strive for politics, the new you will serve you better in the long run….

  21. Yes, WAYYYY back to early 2016 Anne Coulter was booed out of the studio as she predicted Trump would win the RNC. It appears B.M. forgot to add her being correct to his Anniversary montage, that's OK, but it is a great example of WHY WE LISTEN to each other. Including Bernie. Bill, put away your HRC BS, we HAVE HAD enough of how Hillary's DNC gave Trump the election with an HRC bow on it! Got it!?

  22. I can say, with absolute honesty, that I grew up to be a free thinking politically active citizen by watching Bill Maher. Thank you Bill!!!

  23. Bill Maher did what so many other greats dared to do, an anniversary perspective, that can clearly be viewed in one sitting, showing their continued use of hair dye from the very beginning, wane for a while, then start up again keenly in current earnest non-stop. If mine was an ad sponsored blog, I don’t think anyone of the sponsors would be for hair care products since I have railed over the years against hair dye and its effect on the human psychology. Bill Maher’s anniversary special is important since it showed others in hair dye mode over the years, from birth to screen.

  24. What a sad place we have reached in society where simply allowing "both sides" to present themselves is able to be worn as a badge of honor. This should be the minimum expectation of a political talk show, not the gold standard.

  25. Bill Maher is full of $hit. He attacks Islam and Christianity, claiming to be anti religion while supporting the Zionist agenda. He equates Islam to the evil deeds done by despotic regimes in Persian Gulf such as S. Arabia and their terrorists i.e ISIS , Al-NUSRA etc who do not represent Islam. or blaming Christianity for the evil deeds of Pedophile priests but fail to condemn the Apartheid regime in occupied Palestine and the Zionists for all the ills they do through out the world. Zionists such as Bernie Madoff, Weinstein, Netanyahu, Hillary Clinton, and many both in "Democratic" as well as republican party that are Israeli stooges.

  26. I don’t know if you’ll see this comment bill but after watching your anniversary special I am now convinced that the only way to beat trump in 2020 is to run you against him. WE NEED YOU BILL!

  27. I'm proud to be black said the black man
    I'm proud to be Asian said the Asian man
    I'm proud to be white said racist Tomi Lahren

  28. Love this show. Been watching Bill since the Politically Incorrect days. Would love to see him in politics one day but as he said on his show, he knows he wouldn't win and for two reasons. 1: He's anti religious. And 2: He's pro weed, lol.

    I think a lot of people will let the weed bit slide. But not the religious bit. Too many hardcore evangelicals out there for that one.

  29. Last bastion of true free speech! Much like many comments in this section I do not always agree with Bill Maher, the Right or the left, but open discussion is the best way to find comprise and resolve issues. Thank you Mr Maher and team!

  30. I'm surprised this man still believes in the AMERICAN political system. LIBERAL VS. CONSERVATIVE = DEVIDE & CONQUER by those who don't give a shit what happens to the USA.

  31. Bill Maher is truly amazing!!!! I love, love, love his RED SHOES! Plus the cape/dress thing he wears with them! I feel like I'm a better person because I love him so much – just so amazing…..He's a national treasure just like Jimmy Savile was to the UK! He should be knighted!!!!

  32. While Bill is ok at exposing the bad ideas, he is not very good at defending/presenting good ones, or even taking down the bad ones.

    Most are stupid and people see, but some are more nuanced, and the format of the show doesn’t quite allow it.

  33. Hi Bill!
    You have to have Shailene Woodley on your show! Besides being a GREAT actor, she is a GREAT Liberal activist! She puts her feet firmly on the ground when it comes to her activism, and she really knows what she is talking about. She stayed at one protest for WEEKS, just like the thousand or so unknown people did. She stayed with them, ate the same food, drank the same water, and slept on the same cold ground.
    I become a fan when an entertainer has a lot of talent, and a super-fan, when their personal life, goes far beyond that. 🙂
    Dave Smith

  34. He is a party line guy. He’s predictable. He’s somehow blander than Leno got towards the end. And he’s even trying to be edgy.

  35. Getting real people to talk in a real wait isn't just funniest it's also angriest and saddest and the most pure it is an expression of all our human emotions in the way they are meant by Nature to be

  36. Liberals who think Bill is not liberal enough are doing a great job running the Democratic party and their movement into the ground. Need more liberals like him yet the voices of reason are getting drowned out by fringe crazies who are tripping over each other to virtue signal all day on Twitter. I hate Trump but these people are the ones who very much helped put him into the White House and will help keep him there. Unfortunately.

  37. What I love the most about Bill is that he was a huge fan of George Carlin who is my favorite comedian. George told it like it was and never minced words. I love that and I know that Bill does also. Let's just be real here, no lies, no platitudes. Just real simple facts, and why not joke about it at the same time.

  38. What happened 2 bill maher?! Wasn't he supposed 2 b 'politically incorrect', neither 2 liberal nor 2 conservative or at least b logical & reasonable. How & why did he become so soft? Thts tragic.

  39. I can't watch the show today 'cause I'm from Spain but damnit you MUST make overtime LONGER!!! The whole show longer! 24/7 REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER!!!!!!

  40. He rarely has anyone on who is more progressive than him, though. Haven’t seen Cornel West in a dog’s age, and… that’s about it. Get Cenk Uygur on there, Bill! THEN you’ll get a lively conversation ..

  41. I'm not sure I agree with the idea that giving these dangerous wingnuts is a public service. I think in some cases, like Milo, it showed what an empty bucket he is but there are others where it just normalizes them. At lease Bill calls them out when they are wrong or he disagrees but people like Dave Rubin just nod and move on.

  42. I don't agree with many of his opinions, but I do like that he knows how to make good use of his assets to run a successful show. A paid for audience generates a false charisma which keeps him on top and a mix of dumb and smart guests keeps things balanced between entertainment and a proper talk show.

  43. Maher is amazing. I disagree with him a lot but there's no doubt about his respect for different opinions. most of the journalists should be like this but they aren't. what other liberal show does what Real Time does? that's why lots of liberals don't like Maher, as he said a bunch of times, because he invites Republicans in. because he's sane enough to know that having a table full of people angrily agreeing with each other does not mean having a real discussion. so sad to know journalists like Maher are rare!

  44. The plan it was here long before men and God for bid men vanishes or lives on Mars the planet will continue to survive it is nature

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